Thanks to Brass Bonanza, we have to take UNH out of the “in” column and put UNH on the bubble.

Here’s what Brass Bonanza came up with:

Atlantic Hockey
Semifinal #2: Air Force defeats Holy Cross
Semifinal #1: RIT defeats Connecticut
Championship game: RIT defeats Air Force
Semifinal #2: Miami defeats Notre Dame
Semifinal #1: Western Michigan defeats Michigan
Championship game: Western Michigan defeats Miami
Consolation game: Notre Dame defeats Michigan
Semifinal #2: Dartmouth defeats Cornell
Semifinal #1: Yale defeats Colgate
Championship game: Dartmouth defeats Yale
Consolation game: Colgate defeats Cornell
Hockey East
Semifinal #2: Merrimack defeats New Hampshire
Semifinal #1: Northeastern defeats Boston College
Championship game: Northeastern defeats Merrimack
Play-in #2: Bemidji State defeats Minnesota-Duluth
Play-in #1: Colorado College defeats Alaska-Anchorage
Semifinal #2: Bemidji State defeats Denver
Semifinal #1: Colorado College defeats North Dakota
Championship game: Bemidji State defeats Colorado College

Thanks for the effort!
  • Anonymous

    The above scenario is a ‘snow-in-July’ one, most would agree. The CCHA, WCHA, and Hockey East outcomes ALL have to occur the way they’re drawn up; not just one or two of them. It falls under the ‘mathematically possible’ category, not the ‘realistically possible’ one.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve seen snow in July. Then again, I was at altitude.

      • bashful

        I regularly see snow in July at sea level….

  • Brodyjackson

    Well. My heart stopped for a brief moment.

  • Justin

    why even waste time figuring out this nonsense.

  • Realistically, ND and UNH are in. Mathematically, they can be eliminated.

    Between the 11 teams that are in and the AHA Champ, there are 12 spots taken. Cornell, Colgate, UAA, BSU and Northeastern all need autobids. Seven teams are eligible; three are playing and four are waiting. CC, Dartmouth and Western Michigan can play their way in or out. RPI, BU, Maine and UNO are waiting to see if they get an invite.

  • Brian the Brain

    Is Maine on the bubble? I can’t come up with a scenario where they get in.

    • Nick

      Yes they are

      • There are actually several scenarios in which Maine gets in. To help you find one, I’ll give you these hints:

        1. Title matchup MUST BE Yale vs. Cornell. It’s not impossible for Maine to get in with a Cornell title, but it is much, much easier if Yale wins it all. (Likely)

        2. Northeastern MUST BEAT BC and then MUST LOSE the title game. (Hard to say. Northeastern is playing for their lives and is playing damn good hockey, but BC is BC.)

        3. Bemidji State can win their next game, but MUST NOT ADVANCE to the title game. (Probable.)
        4. Alaska-Anchorage MUST BEAT Colorado College, and while the can advance to the title game they MUST NOT win it. (They aren’t a danger for the title, but I worry about how they match up against CC.)

        5. Western Michigan must lose BOTH their semifinal AND the consolation game. Not even a tie. (Possible. Easier for them to lose the first game than the second, though.)

        Have fun kids, Maine doesn’t care who does what here.

        Maine has a good chance to be in at #15 for five Hockey East teams in the NCAA tournament (I haven’t found a way to make Maine #15 without also making BU #14.)

        It is possible for Maine to rank as high as #13 (it’s actually not nearly as tall an order as it would be to knock out UNH, but is still really specific).

  • Irish Spectre

    NU is very dangerous lately, there’s no doubt about it, but, to give some perspective, thier record over their past 10 games is a modest 4-4-2, admitting that the opposiion in all of them has been the HE iron. Still, BC over their last 10 is 8-1-1, with the loss and tie (plus their BP win) coming at NU’s hands. Still, it’s a little bold to pick NU over BC this Fri. night.

  • Stal102

    I still have no idea why they’re on the bubble. No way the committee would deny a host team even if they were not in the top 16. Plus they are top ten in the polls

  • crazywhat

    Someone either has no life or is really upset that they were swept by Merrimack last weekend.

    • There’s no reason it couldn’t be both, but in truth it’s just the latter.

      I figured this out in 10 minutes. There’s nothing really arcane or time-consuming about the pairwise predictor; A caveman could do it.

  • streaker

    Not only are the Wolverines struggling this season, but they do not fare well against teams with “Boston” in their names. I would be shocked if Michigan were to win this. Pick: BC 4-2I can’t say that we’re not shocked either, but Michigan fans have said from the jump that talent has not been the issue this season. BC played right into their hands with odd man rushes and penalties. The 2nd period was symptomatic of the struggles Michigan has had this season, but they overcame it. Great to see guys finish their chances (although Kevin Lynch is still snakebitten on breakaways and penalty shots.)  BTW- that’s three straight over that particular team from Boston, Paula. 

    • Paula Weston

      I know, Streaker.  I was thinking historically.  I’m still shocked — and certainly less that the Wolverines took advantage of their chances than that the Eagles gave them so many chances.  You know I’m not unhappy with the outcome.  I didn’t expect an all-CCHA GLI title game, but I’m delighted by it.

  • David Marvez

    You would be correct!  Let’s see if that ‘good feeling’ continues this afternoon.