Here it is, the plain and dirty.

With RIT’s win, Minn.-Duluth and Sacred Heart are elilminated. And Alaska is in.

This leaves two spots for four teams.

Michigan and Maine have to win to get in. If neither win, then Ferris and Vermont get the spots.

The Scenarios:

Michigan loss and Maine loss – Ferris and Vermont get in.

Michigan loss and Maine win – Ferris and Maine get in.

Michigan win and Maine loss – Michigan and Vermont get in.

Michigan win and Maine win – Michigan and Maine get in.

  • Mark W.

    Have a wonderful holiday Paula.  Thanks for all the writing you do: the insight, prognostications, analysis, humor, and…recipes.

    Go ‘Cats!

    • Paula Weston

      You’re very sweet, Mark — thank you, and have a great holiday yourself.  

      Seriously, the cookies are worth it.  And you’re welcome. 

  • Davyd83

    Michigan Tech won 4 games last year. The seniors had 15 wins under their belts coming in to this season, going 4-30-4. 5-30-1 and 6-25-7.

    • Paula Weston

      I’m dopey.  I meant conference wins.  

  • PA Wildcat

    I like thecorrect pick but were is my cookie recipe

    • Paula Weston

      Not sure what happened to the end of the blog …

    • Looks like something got cut off in a follow-up edit. Everything should be in there now.