Seemingly with Yale clinching an at-large berth, that guarantees the ECAC two teams in the tournament.

But, it’s still possible that Hockey East will only have one representative in Boston College.

Here’s how:

CCHA Semifinal #2: Ferris State defeats Northern Michigan

CCHA Semifinal #1: Michigan defeats Miami

CCHA Championship game: Michigan defeats Ferris State

CCHA Consolation game: Northern Michigan defeats Miami

ECAC Semifinal #2: St. Lawrence defeats Union

ECAC Semifinal #1: Brown defeats Cornell

ECAC Championship game: St. Lawrence defeats Brown

ECAC Consolation game: Cornell defeats Union

Hockey East Semifinal #2: Boston University defeats Maine

Hockey East Semifinal #1: Boston College defeats Vermont

Hockey East Championship game: Boston College defeats Boston University

WCHA Play-in #1: North Dakota defeats Minnesota-Duluth

WCHA Semifinal #2: St. Cloud State defeats Wisconsin

WCHA Semifinal #1: North Dakota defeats Denver

WCHA Championship game: North Dakota defeats St. Cloud State

WCHA Consolation game: Denver defeats Wisconsin

Atlantic Hockey Semifinal #2: Air Force defeats Sacred Heart

Atlantic Hockey Semifinal #1: Canisius defeats RIT

Atlantic Hockey Championship game: Canisius defeats Air Force

  • css228

    “They won a big game, but couldn’t follow through with a sound performance… in front of the home crowd… on Senior Night… the following evening.” – This is what’s troubling to us, not that we didn’t win the Cleary. Trust me, if the team makes wins the ECAC tourney, makes a deep run into NCAAs or both, no one’s going to lose any sleep over having been the two seed. What we’re more worried about was that if we had a even held a reasonable portion of 3rd period leads this year, then we’d be a top 5 team no doubt. Its the process, not the results that are worrisome in Ithaca. Given the process of having blown 12 3rd period leads this season, I’d say 2nd is pretty good.

  • 4life4america

    As a UNION Alum who was at the sold-out game, it was clear that the Cornell team has a wealth of youth, talent and speed and size. They have a great home field arena. The game had to be emotionally draining for both teams. Cornell is not easy to beat in Ithaca and Colgate is not easy to beat in Hamilton. An impressive road trip for RPI against all odds. 

  • Hewm12

    as a slu fan i would love to see rpi get hot right now. bc if slu gets past dartmouth we wouldn’t have to play union in the next round :p

  • Dbagcarlos

    Cornell has play up or down to its oposition all year.  Should have beat BU, beat CC, lost to Brown and lost Merceyhurst.

  • Tampa Union

    Clearly more important for Cornell to win ecac tourney than to win the cleary.. union will get into the dance regardless.. Cornell will likely need a win in the tourney

  • Tampa Union

    Wow.. even the Cleary can’t buy Union a headline.. that’s ok when the seals got bin laden they flew at 500ft in the mountains.. like Union on the flight to Tampa…

  • RedandWhite

    This Cornell fan wanted the one seed and doesn’t care about the Cleary.  And I’m far more concerned about what losing to RPI did to our Pairwise chances.  I haven’t been to Lynah in a few years but I don’t recall that we ever hung banners for winning the regular season.  And as far as I remember the trophy didn’t even have a name until 2001.  It has all the meaning as the President’s Trophy in the NHL.