I realized after this week’s Bracketology was published that the way I moved Yale and NMU around wasn’t quite so conventional in some eyes. So I thought I would rewrite it a little and explain it perhaps a little better.

In the 11 and 12 spot there is NMU and UMD. They are both tied for 11th in the PWR. In theory you use the RPI to break the tie and make UMD the 11 and NMU the 12. But you can also look at it as if NMU was the 11 and UMD was the 12. Since they are in the same band and are tied in the PWR, you don’t necessarily have to break that tie.

So in this situation I am saying what is I made NMU as the 11 and UMD as the 12. Therefore, now you have a North Dakota-UMD matchup in BC’s regional, which you have to break up because of the intra-conference matchup. And you also have created the NMU-St. Cloud matchup in Wisconsin’s regional.

So how do you break it? The next choice would be to switch UMD with Yale.

Thus, you have created my brackets that I have in the Bracketology.

Yes, it’s roundabout, it may bend the rules slightly, but it gives me a matchup I like, and one that I think saves the NCAA some pocket money, and increases attendance.