So a few years ago when Holy Cross might have gotten in as an at-large team if it did not win the AHA Championship, some called it the “Doomsday Scenario”.

So now with Niagara defeating Bemidji State in the CHA Semifinals, it is looking like Bemidji State will get in as an at-large and Niagara or UAH will get the auto bid from the CHA.

So does this qualify as “Doomsday”?

Yes, there can be an argument made that the CHA should not have had their autobid extended to this season, but, the Championship Committee thought it was best for the game. So that’s where the argument should lie. Not whether or not Niagara, UAH or Bemidji deserve to be in the tournament, but whether or not, in the best interests of college hockey, that the Championship Committee should have recommended that the CHA keep the autobid with only four teams in the league.

I can’t wait for Bracketology this week.