Every year when we start looking at the PairWise comparisons, we get a few questions and one comes up more than any others. It has come up this year again.

A reader wrote to us and asked, “I think that the PairWise has a bug. Miami and Bemidji State should be tied in Comparison Points, 2-2. The criteria in question is the TUC criteria, in which Miami has a better percentage. So they should win this comparison and the comparison should be 2-2, not 2-1 in favor of Bemidji State.”

Let’s take a look at this a little more closely.

As of January 29th’s games, Miami’s record against TUCs is 9-1-5, .7667. Bemidji State’s is 3-1-0, .7500.

So the reader is right. No, the reader is not.

From the NCAA Division I Men’s Ice Hockey Handbook:

“This category is only used only if the two teams being compared have played a minimum of ten games versus ‘teams under consideration’.”

In every day terms, if a team hasn’t played ten games against TUCs, then that criteria is not used to compare two teams.

Translated back to our PairWise comparisons, it means that for any comparison involving Bemidji State as one of the two teams, the TUC criteria is not used.