Well, I hit it pretty much on the head in the Final Bracketology when I said that the committee would move Minnesota-Duluth to Minneapolis for attendance purposes.

My downfall for the perfect bracket?

The committee swapped the entire matchup, not just UMD and Northeastern.  So they also swapped Cornell and Princeton to keep the matchup the same.

And that’s it.  It’s pretty straightforward from there.

  • Ms London

    First and foremost, Poulin is not coming back any time soon. Neither is Kohanchuk. If BU makes it to the playoffs, maybe you’ll see Poulin then. I think they reached a big low last night losing to UNH. Which makes me believe that UVM has a chance on this one. Not only they have great goaltending but they do have power.. if more than 12 players actually dress up.
    I’m with Candace on this one, Saints all the way!
    I haven’t watched PC lately, hopefully I will tonight. If they have a better “defense” than BU, no doubt they’ll have that game against Maine.  
    Cornell needs to beat Dartmouth period! You can’t allow a team that almost everyone below you has beaten to sweep you again.  Unless the Big Green is the Big Red man’s Kryptonite..
    UCONN is one of those teams I get puzzled by. Garcia is one my favorite GK in the league but she has no one on that team to match up her talent. Transfer maybe? Harvard can certainly use you!