Let’s see, NMU has won and Wisconsin will win.  Things not looking good for Minnesota if Princeton continues to lead SLU.  It’s 2-1 in the third right now.  Gopher fans are rooting very hard for SLU to win this game.

  • Ms London

    One again, well said Arlan.. well said overall but, I think the Dutchwoman can possibly pull the Tigers on Crimson.. granted they don’t have exceptional talent but let’s face it, neither will the Crimson in that game. What the Dutchman will have in their advantage is nothing to lose plus exceptional leadership from one of the best players that have ever worn (wears) the blue jersey. I’ve seen how much Julie has improved this squad and the impact she has on the players. This might be a key.. to beat her alma mater?
    I also don’t think PC can beat NU because the Huskies are hungry for a win particularly in HEA, this will count for the top spot. And well, SLU just fueled that last weekend. But who knows, they might be caught thinking about the future like you said.
    You know, I was expecting UVM to be a strong team this year since Pelkey was joining the squad but I guess they needed way more than that.