It’s late, but I wanted to give you folks some things to look at going into Saturday’s games.  Here are the things that I believe right now.

  • There are 14 teams in the tournament.

BU, Notre Dame, Michigan, Denver, Yale, Northeastern, Minn.-Duluth, North Dakota, Vermont, New Hampshire, Cornell, Miami, Bemidji State and the AH winner.

Yale and Cornell clinched with wins today.  The same for Minnesota-Duluth.  Miami also clinches because of the math.  The only teams that can pass Miami are Princeton and Mass.-Lowell, but even so, the RedHawks still get into the tournament.

  • There are 2 spots left.
  • The two easiest paths to these two spots belong to Princeton and UML.  A win and they are in.

If UML wins, it gets one spot, but if it loses, it’s out.

If Princeton wins, it gets one spot, but if it loses, it’s out.

  • The other teams eligible for the final two spots are St. Lawrence, Minnesota and Ohio State.

Of the five teams left, you can not have the combination of St. Lawrence and Princeton getting in, only one or none of these two can get in.  In other words the ECAC will get a maximum of three teams into the field.

  • St. Lawrence can get in, but it needs to win, and then it needs a combo that involves UML and UMD and perhaps Michigan/Notre Dame.

If SLU wins, it basically needs either UML or UMD to lose.  There is a scenario or two where if both win, SLU still gets in, but it depends on the Michigan/Notre Dame game.

  • Minnesota and Ohio State’s best routes to the NCAA are if SLU and UML lost.  If that happens that means that there is one spot left for either of these two teams.

If SLU and UML lose, then things will depend upon all the other games.  There are too many combinations here to go through.

  • The number one seeds are all sewn up.  They will be BU, Notre Dame, Michigan and Denver. 
  • Yale and Northeastern have sewn up number two seeds.
  • North Dakota, New Hampshire, Vermont, Minnesota-Duluth and Cornell will all be two or three seeds.
  • Miami will be a three or four seed.
  • Bemidji State and the AH winner will be number four seeds.
  • If Princeton makes the tourney it can be as high as a three seed.
  • Minnesota, Ohio State, St. Lawrence and UML can only be four seeds.

As always, if you find that my beliefs may be wrong, please let me know.  I’ll add more as I run through more scenarios.

  • Skennys2145

    Team “Cornell”, umm, I mean team Canada,  is really doing well at the MECO CUP.
    Can we have our team back, please?
    Yours truly,

  • Ms London

    I have to say I’m not amazed at the results. This seems typical for top teams right after the winter break. All players are trying to get back in the right mode while the ones that have nothing to lose bring it all. After watching SLU this weekend it made me wonder why was this team so bad on the first half??? Granted, they do not have “exceptional” talent… they have a solid defense, great passing and most importantly great positioning. Great technique overall! With that said, neither BC or  NU gave a great performance. BC players looked like they were still waking up from a nap, like a Van on a NASCAR speedway on a Sunday race… no connection, bad passing all dump and chase to the point of frustration when you start seeing the “I wanna be a hero” behavior from their players to try passing two defenseman on their own and wasting lots of shots when they had open teammates with better chance of scoring. Newsflash birdies, if you keep on shooting right at the goaltender it ain’t going in! How about better aim and some creativity? Like Dru Burns on the winning goal against Clarkson.
    BC and BU are much alike, they have a great overall talent but you never know when they decide to bring it or just show up because they have to. Hence why I agree that Minnesota and Wisconsin should be on top, they actually know the meaning of consistency!
    NU on the other hand.. Esposito was on fire! Two amazing goals (priceless!) even though they lost. You can’t blame Desjardins for the SLU goals.. where was the defense that allowed players completely open in front of the net?
    As for BU, I expected a close win since I knew Poulin would be back but Watchorn and Menard were out on top of Kohanchuk. I expect this team to get back to its powerhouse mode soon.. very soon.
    There is not much to say for the Gophers but the fact that they set their mind to win both games and they didn’t stop hustling till they did! Like I said, mental toughness defines great teams. No D-I hockey player made it there because they didn’t know how to play the game.. but yet they seem to forget quite often. Like the NE Patriots say “Do your job”.
    Take care and play smart hockey!

  • Jmm410

    the latest womens D-1 poll shows what a joke these voters are, UW goes on the road gets 2 points in a shootout win Friday and loses 1-0 Saturday and somehow they lose 12 votes??????? If they had lost both by 2 or more goals I would have no problem with that but that clearly did NOT happen. 

    • Ms London

      Jmm410 : Honestly, the polls mean nothing till the last week. I didn’t watch the game but I’m sure the point they were trying to make was that if you don’t allow the Powerhouse to beat you on regulation on the first game and you beat them on the second this far in the season, then you (Gophers) deserve to be on top. Granted that doesn’t mean that the Badgers can’t come back and win, but as of this week out of those 2 teams that are so closely matched .. the Gophers came out wining.

         On the plus side, this will make the Badgers become stronger and will also give other teams the hopes of a possible win if they work hard. It makes the competition stronger and therefore a better game to watch!

      • Jmm410

        I understand what your saying but it is still a joke how these so-called experts vote. It should not matter how a team got the 2 points, regulation win, ot win or by shoot out. UW got the “win” on the road then lost, that is a split and therefore should make them even. If your number one and go on the road and split 4 points you are still number one. There is no excuse for the way these people vote.

  • Marcus1880

    i have air force with the sweep

  • You give UCONN the sweep yet have AIC as #10. While that is true, you forgot to note that it leaves SH and AIC tied with AIC with the tiebreaker.

  • does anyone seriously care about the AHA lol

    • ritalum

      You’re an idiot. Go away.