After a much needed night’s sleep, let’s take a look at some of the other things that we’ll look at tonight and maybe boil it down to a few simple things.

The first thing we should all pay attention to is the 4:00 EDT ECAC Third Place Game between Princeton and St. Lawrence.

As I mentioned down below in the previous blog entry, there are two spots left in the NCAA Tournament, and this game can produce one spot being taken.

That is definitely the case here if Princeton wins this game.  It is pretty simple for the Tigers, win or tie and you’re in. 

If Princeton wins or ties, it takes a spot, St. Lawrence is eliminated from NCAA contention and there is one spot left for Mass.-Lowell, Minnesota or Ohio State.  That is the bottom line.

Now if St. Lawrence wins, there is a very good chance that it gets a spot, but other things need to happen.  So I am comfortable in saying:

If St. Lawrence wins, Princeton is eliminated from NCAA contention and the Saints are looking very good for an NCAA berth, but some things do need to happen.

So we’ll know a lot more around 6:15 EDT when the ECAC Third Place Game is concluded.

The next thing to look at it pretty obvious, the Hockey East Championship Game.

If Mass.-Lowell wins, it gets the automatic bid from Hockey East.

So if you take a look at it, the only two teams that outright control their own destinies are Princeton and Mass.-Lowell.  If both win, the NCAA field is finalized.

The final thing we’ll look at in this entry is what are the possibilities for the night session, meaning the championship games.

We basically have three scenarios going into the night session — a Princeton win or a St. Lawrence win or a Princeton-St. Lawrence tie.  For all intents and purposes, a tie is the same as a Princeton win, so there really are only two scenarios.

First scenario – A Princeton win or tie

This takes up one spot and leaves one open.  As we mentioned before a Princeton win or tie eliminates St. Lawrence leaving that one spot open for Mass.-Lowell, Minnesota or Ohio State.

Now we have two options – a UML win or a UML loss.

A UML win gives the final spot to UML, while a UML loss gives the final spot to either Minnesota or Ohio State.

We’ll go into more detail into whether it’s Minnesota or Ohio State later on in the day.

Second scenario – A St. Lawrence win

This does not necessarily give St. Lawrence a spot, there is still work to be done.

There are two options once again after this result, a UML win or a UML loss.  A UML win obviously takes up one spot and leaves one spot available for St. Lawrence, Minnesota or Ohio State.

A UML loss leaves two spots open for St. Lawrence, Minnesota or Ohio State.

We’ll explore that more as the afternoon progresses.

Next up, we’ll take a look at this second scenario in a little more detail.

  • dear brian since i find your picks shaky at best, and have no respect for them, i decided that i should challenge you to compare our brackets for the upcoming ncaa tourney. We’ll tell our picks for the regionals and frozen four by this friday, and we will see who is better. my bracket vs your bracket pal

  • Bradbsstt

    The EAST selection comittee managed to put it to the WCHA once again by making sure one of the top two WCHA teams gets eliminated in the 1st round. Bring on”Geo. Bush U”, UND or Denver will rip them a new arse hole.

  • The Unsilent Majority

    I’m sorry.  But did you just UML an A- and then say Merrimack with their B+ “came closer than any team to earning an A+”????????

  • Anonymous

    Connelly are you joking?  NO ONE up in orono had high expectations for this team. We all expected to be near the bottom of the conference this year and it’s proving right. Where do you get high expectations?

    • The Unsilent Majority

      Revisionist history.  A lot of Maine yahoos thought the Blackbears were going to be great this year.

      • Anonymous

        Uh, no we didn’t. The only Yahoo who thought so was Whitehead.  Because he’s completely lost touch with reality.

        And it’s Black Bears, not “Blackbears”. You should know this, Mrs. Whitehead.

  • Anonymous

    No one expected Maine to being at best a .500 Team…and they will be hard pressed to do that…with 6 wins they’ll be lucky to match that total after the Florida Classic…change is needed up at Orono…Whitehead needs to be Fired or Bought out and the rebuilding will begin come 2012-13 season….hopefully.

  • 18secondsbeforesunrise

    No slight to Brian Flynn, but Spencer Abbott is having a better year numbers-wise for Maine. He is POTY-worthy. He, Flynn, and Diamond need a lot more help putting up some points or the second half of the season will mimic the first half of the season.

  • Anonymous

    Frankly. I’m surprised that Maine has even 6 wins at this point.  And, with 6 straight games against BC BU UNH coming up in mid-January, we’ve probably seen the best of this team.  Again.

    • After Further Review

      Should be a real thriller at Fenway… yawn… cold, dark and UNH/Maine.  At first, I was kicking myself for not going, now I am so happy I didn’t buy tickets.  I’ll be up north enjoying the weekend and with any luck, maybe the cable/satellite will go out so none of the bars will be able to show the game!  Good Luck, BBear94 and I do enjoy the posts from Maine fans, just shows how passionate you are for your team, would like to see more from UNH fans, but since we are 6-9-2, I guess people have just given up!
      On another note, Grayson Downing has had a great first half… not even a mention for rookie of the year?

  • Anonymous

    Check out the cover story at collegehockeynews dotcom. Finally a write who at least attempts to address the real issues….