Here’s one scenario as to how Wisconsin gets in using the PairWise Predictor.  I haven’t found any others.  If you do, please post.

Per what Scott said in the previous post, Wisconsin has to hope Mercyhurst beats RIT tonight.  And also that Mercyhurst beats Air Force tomorrow as well.

Here’s the results to plug into the Predictor.

  • CCHA Semifinal #2: Michigan defeats Alaska
  • CCHA Championship game: Michigan defeats Notre Dame
  • CCHA Consolation game: Northern Michigan defeats Alaska
  • ECAC Semifinal #2: Princeton defeats Cornell
  • ECAC Championship game: Yale defeats Princeton
  • ECAC Consolation game: Cornell defeats St. Lawrence
  • Hockey East Semifinal #2: Mass.-Lowell defeats Northeastern
  • Hockey East Semifinal #1: Boston University defeats Boston College
  • Hockey East Championship game: Boston University defeats Mass.-Lowell
  • WCHA Semifinal #1: North Dakota defeats Minnesota-Duluth
  • WCHA Championship game: North Dakota defeats Denver
  • WCHA Consolation game: Wisconsin defeats Minnesota-Duluth
  • Atlantic Hockey Semifinal #2: Mercyhurst defeats RIT
  • Atlantic Hockey Championship game: Mercyhurst defeats Air Force
    • Anonymous

      I dedicate this upcoming weekend sweep of Michigan Tech to the children.

      • Guest

        And when Minnesota gets swept?

      • BlizzardTheBest

        The poor poor children

      • Anonymous

        I dedicate this upcoming split with Michigan Tech to the children.

    • Philipvanschepen

      As a longtime gopher fan, this is hard to say;
       SWEEP’EM BADGERS!!!!!!!

    • nogofer

      How is that gofer bandwagon doing?

      • Mnrugby33

        There’s still room so jump on while you can!

        • Guest

          Tyler B, You dont happen to be a Gopher do you?

          • xTEDxTHExREDx

            of course he is, both of them are. that’s why they shockingly pick a gopher sweep every weekend and a UMD split. weird.

            • xTEDxTHExREDx

              not that their opinions even matter. i feel like the picks section has been much better in past years.

            • Guest

              Ya no wonder they dont right about Sioux very often and only recap the games the goofers win.  Whata Joke!

    • Mr Hockey

      I once again scoured my cable package. If you live in Minnesota and have Charter Cable like me, here are some games that are televised. Gophers vs Mich Tech on FSN, Bulldogs vs Badgers on Big10 Net, BSU vs Denver on Lakeland Public TV, & Omaha vs Sioux on FSSN. I’ll look for more games as well & post if I find them. It’s Christmas time so I’ll be on my best behavior for a while. So good luck to your favorite team this weekend. Did you hear that Santa? I was nice and not naughty!… LOL 

      • Mr Hockey

        I forgot to mention that Huntsville vs Mankato is on as well, on Charter Extra. That’s 5 games on tonight and people say there is nothing to do in Minnesota, in the Winter time.

      • Provost Peter

        You also can catch the MSU vs Huntsville series on Channel 87 in Charter Markets i think.

    • goons

    • Huskiefan906

      Nice job Huskies

    • Ruger

      Michigan Tech is going to throw these predictions out the window!

    • Dhg109

      Brian, so sorry you picked against the nation’s hottest team.  No 200 win for Eaves