As the weekend goes on I will be putting down items that I believe to be the case.  Because there are so many possibilities, I hope that you, the faithful reader, will point out any mistakes or things that I believe that I should not to me.

This list will continue throughout the weekend.  It’s early on, so there aren’t many things I believe yet, but there are a few.  Here they are.

– BU and Notre Dame have clinched number one seeds.  I have been unable to knock them out using the PairWise Predictor.

– BU, Notre Dame, Michigan, Denver, North Dakota, Northeastern, Vermont and New Hampshire are in.  Scott Brown also believes this.

– Boston College, St. Lawrence and Wisconsin are the only teams currently not in the tournament that can get into the tournament without winning their tournaments.

– Miami, Ohio State and Minnesota are the only teams not playing anymore that can still get into the tournament.

So that’s the start of the list of things I believe.  We’ll keep it updated as the games go on this weekend.