I’ve gotten asked a few times why we do Bracketology.  After all, it’s a pretty stupid idea isn’t it, getting people’s hopes up with so many games left to play and it won’t wind up that way, etc., etc.

Well, here’s why we do it.  It’s not about saying we’re right, we got the right bracket (though it is nice to be able to say that once in awhile), or that we nailed it on the head.  It is about helping the fan to understand why the teams are chosen the way they are and why the teams end up where they are.

So while you read a bracketology every week, there may be different things that make you say, huh? It’s because we’re trying to make you think that there could be a myriad of possibilities out there in terms of thinking how to place teams and perhaps, just perhaps, this is the way that they will think this year.

I am not saying that the way we do it is the exact way the committee does it, but it is possibly one way that the committee may do it.

That’s the bottom line.

 So now, let’s figure out who is in, who is out, let’s have some fun and enjoy the games.

  • Jeffffyb

    If Denver beats CC, they will win the Gold Pan for the year.

  • Anonymous

    I know the Gophers stink on Friday nights… But there’s no way they don’t sweep this series.

    • Anonymous

      No way? As the article points out, they haven’t won against the Mavericks at Mariuchi in 3 years. Split, Friday to the Mavs.

      • Anonymous

        Ha.. When did you start having this dream Icelund? The article also points out that the Mavericks stink and that the Gophers are doing pretty good so far.

        • Guest

          Define “stink”. At least minn. fans know what stink means the last few years.

        • Fan Man

          Goldy, it appears as tho your other partner in crime stopped commenting with you as soon as the goofers started going down hill.  Now, what kind of fan is that?  Smart, Cowardly or just …….

  • Just A Thought

    Is the “annual Sioux second half surge” still inevitable if there are no Sioux in the second half of the year?

    • Fan Man

      It will be when they are wearing their old jerseys under neith the new Nodak ones.  It wont change a thing.  UND will always play SIOUX hockey!!!!! ;)

  • Jagroh

    Ummm, might want to rethink those UAH UNO predictions…lol

  • Anonymous

    Haha! I’m on here every week supporting my team so i’m not sure what you mean about partner in crime.. And down hill? We are in first in WCHA and 5th in the nation..The Gophers have a record of 70-63-24 from 07/08 season to the 10/11 season. That is a complete disgrace for our program but a record many teams would be very content with.. Including the Mavericks. Is that what you mean by stink?

    • Fan Man

      Just saying, you lost alot of supporters when the goofs stared dropping games…  And they will not be number one agian!  Ironically they had to beat the Sioux twice to get there and we all know that wont happen again in Grand Forks so……    Funny how they get ranked #1 because of that tight played series but yet the Sioux completely drop of the radar.  How does that work?  No matter, things are starting to click and the Sioux will eventually EARN their ranking (which also doesnt matter btw) unlike some of those gypsy teams out there!