Where, oh where, are they going as of right now?  Here’s my best guess, with one switch based on attendance, Miami and Princeton with a swap.

East Regional (Bridgeport)

16 Bemidji State vs. 1 Boston University

9 Yale vs. 7 Vermont

Midwest Regional (Grand Rapids)

14 Minnesota-Duluth vs. 2 Notre Dame

10 Miami vs. 6 Northeastern

Northeast Regional (Manchester)

15 Air Force vs. 3 Denver

11 Princeton vs. 8 New Hampshire

West Regional (Minneapolis)

13 Minnesota vs. 4 Michigan

12 Cornell vs. 5 North Dakota

Games to look at tonight for bubble purposes:  Ohio State vs. Alaska (Ohio State needs a win to stay in contention.  A loss, Buckeyes are all but done, Colorado College vs. UMD (As easily as UMD came back in, it can come back out with a loss), St. Lawrence vs. Quinnipiac (SLU just needs to keep winning and hope for a date next weekend with Princeton/Yale/Cornell), Cornell vs. Rensselaer (A loss to RPI tonight takes everything out of Cornell’s hands, it can only wait if it loses tonight) and Massachusetts vs. Northeastern (a win by UMA tonight could bring it in as a TUC after tonight, and that would knock someone out.  Will be interesting to see what happens here).  That bubble is crazy right now.

  • ECACFan

    Yeah Jim, because that worked out real well for you the last time you picked a Colgate game. 

  • Thebleedenator

    Jim and Dave picking against NU. Classic. Keep it up boys, those UML fans aren’t the only ones that hope u keep picking against them.

    • Chickens@NU

      Exactly! I love how they keep picking against us!!!

  • NJ2NU

    I think NU should be 0-15 by the brain trust’s estimate.

  • Anonymous

    Oooh, the “writers” are testy all of the sudden….

  • Hank

    I predict that Colgate will blow out Merrimack, and Northeastern will beat ML in overtime.

  • Anonymous

    NU just whipped up on the 2nd ranked team in the country last weekend- 2 games and outscored ND 11-3. i am in the same camp that hopes you guys keep betting against the forever underdog NU Huskies! you guys don’t get paid for doing this column do you? God I hope not. A couple of real chowderheads in my opinion

  • Rich from Lowell

    Lowell will upend BC tonight. Other than last year, for several years before that BC struggled in Lowell. That will continue tonight as me and 6,500 other fans will be telling BC what we think about them and their diva diving team

  • bronxbomberz41

    man unh sucks pretty bad right now

  • Brett Ward

    That BU – UNH game was no where near as close as the score.  BU skated circles around UNH.  It was most apparent when UNH was on a PP. 

    I think UNH is one of the most talented teams but they are so young and inexperienced they are getting killed. However, I think UNH will be a top team next year and one of the best teams in the nation in the 2013 – 2014 season.

  • Northender78

    these guys only pick and write about top ranked programs like bc,bu,unh,umaine,etc. never do they write about small programs like nu,pc,mc. MC was the top ranked team in the nation and these guys at USCHO rather write about BU Charlie Coyle or BC’s Chris Kreider. Come on!! Give some recognition to whom deserves it. NU crushed UND 2/3 in the country at UND and these guys (Jim & Dave) did not even write a decent recap of the games, rather write about the will be hockey east team in 2013… Very dissapointed about their columns and their writing. they should have real fans pick and write their columns

  • Ghostbusted

    Keep up the good work picking against UML. Lowell has a lot more talent than people realize. Hope they realize it now…