As you all know, it is me, and me alone that decides the NCAA Tournament.  So here is what I have decided as of right now.

East Regional (Bridgeport)

15 Air Force vs. 1 Boston University

9 Yale vs. 6 Vermont

West Regional (Minneapolis)

16 Bemidji State vs. 2 Notre Dame

11 Miami vs. 7 North Dakota

Northeast Regional (Manchester)

13 St. Lawrence vs. 3 Denver

10 Cornell vs. 8 New Hampshire

Midwest Regional (Grand Rapids)

13 Minnesota-Duluth vs. 4 Michigan

12 Princeton vs. 5 Northeastern

Definitely some “give and take” on my part to decide the brackets, but it all works out for me.

  • Anonymous

    BU fan here–just came from the game. Billet played very well tonight. We didn’t challenge him as much as I would have liked, especially early, but if I’m Jerry York I’m definitely thinking about giving him some more starts. Kid has a good future.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t this kid Billet from Brunswick?  Wonder why he didn’t go to Orono.  Oh yeah, I forgot.  UMO has great goaltending already.  And coaching too.  Good grief.

    • Loukin

      Yup,Maine is too busy pounding Sweden and Canada,and they overlook the stars we have in our own back yard.

  • Prpjck

    Friday’s and Saturday’s game were the exact opposite–and not just on the ice. BC sold out Kelley Rink and the their fans cheered loudly until the end. Agganis was silent for most of the night and didn’t even sell out.

    • Anonymous

      Wrong. Agganis did sell out last night. And I went to the BU-BC game in November at Conte which did not sell out, and let me tell you, you could hear a pindrop in the building that day. The students at Agganis were boisterous to the end compared to the BC “superfans” who must have had to leave to study or say prayers or something when their team was getting blanked 5-0.

    • Guest

      Wrong, wrong, wrong.  I was at both games and Conte was sold out but nearly empty/dead silent on friday following the empty netter and even leading up to that it was pretty tame.  Agganis was not (but almost was) sold out and MANY more stayed for the whole game compared to friday night.

      • HuskyHockey1986

        NU fan here… I’d just like to point out some trends I’ve noticed about games at both Agganis and Conte. 

        Sometimes BU will claim a sell out but the arena will be a quarter empty…
        About a quarter of the fans at Conte are little kids…
        You can get beer at BU, and the crowds are usually louder (connected?)…
        BC’s security doesn’t flip out when rival fans cheer (BU’s does)…

  • 94eagle

    BC season ticket holder here and while I enjoy a beer or 2 I don’t want it sold in my homerink.  It’s a great family atmosphere and affordable for most people.  I can always go to the garden if I want to hear F-bombs being tossed around like young boys in the penn St. locker room.
    BC sells out maybe 1 game a year at Kelley rink (usually the last reg. season home game when the league title is up for grabs)