Of course it will be different 24 hours from now, but Saturday morning brings some headaches.  Especially where to place teams.

In the past few weeks it’s been all about the Eastern teams as number one seeds.  Now all of a sudden, it’s the Western teams as number one seeds.

Here’s my stab at it.

Northeast Regional (Manchester)

16 Bemidji State vs. 1 Boston University

10 Princeton vs. 8 New Hampshire

(this was the easiest bracket to forecast)

West Regional (Minneapolis)

14 Ohio State vs. 2 Denver

9 North Dakota vs. 6 Vermont

East Regional (Bridgeport)

15 RIT vs. 3 Notre Dame

12 Miami vs. 7 Yale

Midwest Regional (Grand Rapids)

13 Minn.-Duluth vs. 4 Michigan

11 Cornell vs. 5 Northeastern

Yes, it will all change by the end of tonight anyway.  Let’s hope it’s easier come actual selection time.

  • Bill

    MTU will sweep….there will be no jet lag….they spent the week in Chicago practicing.  Also, Flanagan is out for St. Lawrence.  You guys should read the newsgroups before making predictions.

    • Mr Hockey

      It’s tough to get good jounalism these days. I do my own research and form my opinions, from the games I watch and stats I breakdown. But then again following hockey is a lifestyle for me, not a hobby. I guess I married the right lady, for my wife lets me travel 8 months of the year to watch hockey. I think it was in our wedding vows.

  • Hewm12

    flanagan with no team behind him.  are you kidding? carey drewiske essery hughes…plus wenninger in net (top 4 in every one of your lists on your own site) still writing them off based on there start this season..tisk tisk