A nice headache for all of you out there this morning as Friday’s games have come and gone.

Here’s a stab at it.

East Regional (Bridgeport)

15 RIT vs. 1 Boston University

12 North Dakota vs. 7 Yale

Midwest Regional (Grand Rapids)

16 Bemidji State vs. 2 Notre Dame

9 Princeton vs. 8 Miami

West Regional (Minneapolis)

14 Wisconsin vs. 3 Michigan

10 Cornell vs. 6 Northeastern

Northeast Regional (Manchester)

13 Minnesota-Duluth vs. 4 Vermont

11 New Hampshire vs. 5 Denver

  • Ms London

    It has been way too long since Poulin played last. I can’t wait for her to get back on the ice. I expect the first couple of games to be a little shaky for her but ramp up quickly. Their style of game is very different when Poulin is on the line so that would have to adjust too.
    The Eagles have underestimated talent. Sadly their defense is shaky with too many mistakes that they paid against BU and will definitely pay against any top 5 team. Their clearing zone/passing needs a few tweaks, particularly for the “open” forwards. BC has been lucky that Boyles stood up to the challenge, WAYYYY TOOO MANY breakaways for the opponent. BU cashed in on those and so will any other top 5 team.
    The Lamoureux twins.. all I can say is, watch out for them. They will surprise you when you least expect it. They seriously know how to crash the net. Amazing talent.
    The Badgers winning streak is more of a lack of mental toughness from the opponent than for the Badgers greatness. Granted Rigsby has been much better this season than last, they have made some really bad mistakes. I think there is more than one team out there that can beat them. Rise up to the challenge ladies! Let’s change history!
    Let’s play some HOCKEY!!!

  • Skennys2145

    What happened to Friday’s Cornell at Princeton?
    Let’s not get too excited about Dartmouth just yet- the ONLY reason they beat Cornell was because 4 of the top players in the nation were gone to Sweden.

  • ECACfan

    This is a complete mess. It’s confusing how you only pick a few games. Either pick them all or pick none.