A special Valentine’s Day edition for you folks.

North Dakota is now the WCHA leader based on percentage.  Niagara is now the CHA leader based on percentage.

 And the new bracket?

East Regional (Bridgeport)

16 Niagara vs. 1 Boston University

9 Yale vs. 8 Miami

Midwest Regional (Grand Rapids)

15 Air Force vs. 2 Notre Dame

10 Denver vs. 7 Cornell

West Regional (Minneapolis)

13 North Dakota vs. 3 Michigan (What, again?)

11 Minnesota-Duluth vs. 5 Northeastern

Northeast Regional (Manchester)

14 Ohio State vs. 4 Vermont

12 New Hampshire vs. 6 Princeton

Switched out Northeastern and Princeton to avoid Northeastern-UNH in Manchester.

Switched out Ohio State and North Dakota to avoid Ohio State-Michigan in Minneapolis.

Otherwise it falls nicely once you decide to put BU in Bridgeport instead of Manchester.  You get the best bracket integrity of all.

Alrighty, time to get to my Valentine.  See you on Wednesday.