It is a very simple Saturday morning in the bracket prediction.  Straightforward, especially since three of the third banded teams have to go to those regionals since they are hosting.

Northeast Regional (Manchester)

16 Bemidji State vs. 1 Boston University

11 New Hampshire vs. 8 Denver

Midwest Regional (Grand Rapids)

15 Air Force vs. 2 Notre Dame

9 Princeton vs. 7 Miami

East Regional (Bridgeport)

14 Minnesota-Duluth vs. 3 Vermont

12 Yale vs. 6 Michigan

West Regional (Minneapolis)

13 North Dakota vs. 4 Cornell

10 Minnesota vs. 5 Northeastern

  • Paula Weston

    Hey kids. I’ll be back to check in on this later — off to day job stuff. I proofread twice, but you know my old eyes…

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    Happy Friday!

  • Jimjamesak

    Error noted: UAA hasn’t ended their WCHA, they play Minnesota State next weekend. Well that and you picked them to get swept.

  • Ghadhlig

    UAA/UAF Governor’s Cup is a home and home series. Friday night in Fairbanks, Saturday night in Anchorage.

  • Paula Weston

    Thanks, guys. Got the corrections. I knew that UAA-UAF is home-and-home (hence the “vs.” not the “at”), but I put Fairbanks there both nights anyway. And I am sorry that I just completely glossed over that series with Minnesota State. AARP is knocking on my door — obviously. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • ganafu

    Michigan is going to finish either first or second since they own the tiebreaker with Miami, and Miami is locked into third place.

  • Joshsko

    hey Paula ganafu is right, there is no way Miami can take 2nd in the ccha. Miami is locked into third. Michigan will finish 2nd or first depending on tonight’s results. I think you should look into AARP…

  • Craigjolly

    There are so many inaccuracies here I don’t know where to begin.

  • Tomwarns

    for Saturday’s UMass-Lowell vs BC game, Jim picked BC to win, but said “difficult to pick against the River Hawks.” Guess you meant Eagles?

  • Phoenixfyre1313

    Pretty much onboard with your picks again this week, although it is hard to imagine UMD losing another 2 at home.   I am thinking split there.

  • Thefightingman

    Wrong.  Go real WCHA Mavs!

  • Jaturenne

    Wow how does the Shephard family keeps thier jobs….Someone need sto tell me what they have on Mcleod. Oh yeah Mcleod is equally incompetent. 

  • Johnny1212

    At the top of your picks column you should divulge your season record.  For Fun!