In two straight weekends Yale defeats Cornell and Princeton, and with everything else going on, moves all the way to 11 in the PWR.  Keith Allain and the boys in New Haven, keep it going.  Wouldn’t Wayne Dean love to be chairman of the committee right about now.

And then you have Maine, who was an at-large team just two weeks ago.  Now the Black Bears aren’t even in the Top 25. 

And now you have St. Lawrence sitting in almost the same position that Yale was last week.  Defeating Cornell on a Friday night and jumping back into the PWR at 17.

Craziness abounds in the PWR after Friday night with four teams tied for number 3.  But two of them have two comparison wins over the other three, and the other two have just one.  So Vermont and Cornell get the nod as members of the first-seed band.

Here’s what I think at the moment:

Northeast Regional (Manchester)

16 Niagara vs. 1 Boston University

10 New Hampshire vs. 8 Miami

Midwest Regional (Grand Rapids)

15 Air Force vs. 2 Notre Dame

9 Denver vs. 7 Northeastern

West Regional (Minneapolis)

14 Ohio State vs. 3 Vermont

12 Princeton vs. 6 Minnesota

East Regional (Bridgeport)

13 Boston College vs. 4 Cornell

11 Yale vs. 5 Michigan

Catamount fans, don’t be upset with me.  It basically boiled down to this.  Since Minnesota is locked in, Michigan goes to the East Regional.  Since Yale is locked in as co-host of the Bridgeport Regional, it is locked in, so Princeton goes to Minneapolis. 

What’s left are matchups between BC-Cornell and Ohio State-Vermont.  Which draws better in which location?  BC-Cornell draws very, very, very well in Bridgeport, while OSU-Vermont only draws very well.  That’s the turning point.

What to look out for on Saturday night?

It seems like the WCHA grouping of North Dakota, Wisconsin, Minn.-Duluth and St. Cloud (and you might even toss in CC here), are just in a total bubble situation.  Wins and losses against each other, who knows what will happen?  Does NoDak come back to split with SCSU and the same for UMD?  They’ll still all be just there after this weekend.

Yale, Cornell and Princeton have to keep it going.  Steve Hagwell is one happy man after Friday night.

Notre Dame-Michigan once again tonight as well.  Can Michigan move to the first band?  And then Ohio State can’t afford to get swept against Alaska.  Especially since it’s TUC mark is 1-5-1 right now and they will get to that magic number of 10 TUC games soon.  And Alaska is a TUC right now and may stay one as the season goes on.

And then of course there’s the Beanpot on Monday.  Northeastern-BC in round one, with BU awaiting one of them the next weekend.  These games have implications.

See you on Wednesday.