According to a news release from the NCAA, the annual Frozen Four ticket purchase process will now be conducted beginning Oct. 1 and will no longer involve submitting an application for the opportunity to purchase tickets.

Now, ticket buyers will be invited to purchase tickets, based on their priority level, and select their own seat locations at the time of the order submission.

This new process will become effective with the 2013 Frozen Four to be held in Pittsburgh.

“This new system gives our priority ticket holders something tangible,” said chair of the Division I Men’s Ice Hockey Committee and deputy athletics director at Wisconsin Sean Frazier in a statement. “A lot of people never fully understood what priority status got them. With this new system, it leaves no doubt because they will be able to pick their exact seat location first.”

Each priority level will be given a designated date to begin the ticket purchase process. Individuals with the highest priority level will be invited to purchase tickets starting Oct. 1. Individuals with the next highest priority level will have the opportunity to purchase tickets shortly thereafter. This process will continue until the tickets available been sold. Each priority ticket purchaser is limited to a maximum of four tickets.

All orders must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. EST on Nov. 30. Tickets will be mailed in late February 2013.

  • Abc

    And what priority level will the ticket brokers be?  Seems there were a lot of them selling tickets at the years Frozen Four.

    • chippy

      Don’t think they bought their tickets from the NCAA as they were going for a small fraction of “face” value. It was certainly a buyers market.

  • Tampa

    This year, I was able to obtain two tickets for Thursday and one for Saturday, all for the cost of $7 total.  Yes, it was a buyer’s market.  Know someone trying to sell three tickets for Thursday upper-level outside the rink.  Even scalpers turned him down – they didn’t want them as they were afraid they couldn’t sell them.

  • guest

    I wish they would keep the Frozen Four in the Northern states next to the colleges with hockey programs.

  • CrockOGrimaldi

    duh.  It was on account of all of the tweakers from North Dakota buying up all of the tickets and, once again, the Sue not making it, so they had to dump them

    • Fan Man

       At least we have money to buy them…   You have to starve during lunch just to save up the money your mommy gives you before school every year! LOL

      • UofMGoldenChokers

         They are just jealous of the ND program. They keep talking about it because they want to be just like it.