Penn State celebrated the official groundbreaking for Pegula Ice Arena on Friday as coaches, fans and dignitaries gathered at the Penn State field hockey complex to mark the occasion.

Penn State president Rodney Erickson, board of trustees vice chairman Karen Peetz, acting director of athletics Dr. Dave Joyner and Terry Pegula, who along with his wife, Kim, donated $88 million in September 2010 for the construction of a new, state-of-the-art facility and the elevation of the hockey programs to the Division I level, were all in attendance.

“I’m proud to officially mark the construction of Pegula Ice Arena,” said Erickson in his opening remarks. “This is truly a momentous day for Penn State, our student-athletes, the local community and ice hockey fans everywhere. Our goal is to make this arena, and the vast array of activities to be held in it, the national model by which all other programs are measured.”

“This groundbreaking is an extraordinary moment in the history of Penn State intercollegiate athletics, and it’s an opportunity to express the gratitude of our students, our fans and the entire Penn State community for Terry and Kim Pegula’s generosity and vision,” added Joyner. “The Pegula Ice Arena is impressive, not just for what it will be, but for what it will do.”

Following the individual remarks, the group then joined Kim Pegula, associate athletic director for ice arena and hockey development Joe Battista, head hockey coaches Josh Brandwene (women) and Guy Gadowsky (men), senior vice president for development and alumni relations Rod Kirsch and Buffalo Sabres chief development officer Cliff Benson for the ceremonial dig.

Pegula Ice Arena will be located near the corner of University Drive and Curtin Road, across from the Bryce Jordan Center and will be completed in time for the 2013-14 season, coinciding with the men’s and women’s hockey teams’ second year at the varsity level. The men’s team will join the Big Ten for the 2013-14 season, while the women’s squad will begin its second year as a member of College Hockey America.

  • collegehockeyfan

    Proud to have another team coming into college hockey, I hope several follow Penn State into the sport.  Too bad their conference is all about $.

    • Lakes18

      What business isn’t about money?   Stop crying about the Big Ten, its done with and not changing!

      • collegehockeyfan

        very good point, maybe I’m just sketpical for a little change

        • Lakes18

          Believe me being  a Gopher fan and season ticket holder, not happy about losing are tradition. 

          I think the Big Ten is a bad idea for hockey untill you can get the other schools to add hockey, not just Penn State!

          • nogofer

            “Are tradition”?  Do you mean “our tradition”?  Surely you did attend mn…  I question your (the correct your, btw) being a season ticket holder as well, unless mommy bought ’em for you…

          • Freddie

            Ewe kneed two fynd batter weighs too maik you’re pointe then jest beeing a grammer nazi.  Ewe cum off sonding lyke a asswhole.

    • Yooperhockey

      I can’t. wait till the new WCHA makes a ton a money because eight teams will be leaving the other four out in the dust.

      Can’t wait to hear,”We welcome Penn State to college but we have to say goodbye to few college hockey programs because they are in the red.”

      The Big programs aren’t going to survive without the little programs, they need each other, without any traditions, it is like starting with an empty slate.

      I hope the left-overs like Ferris keep ending up in the championships while the money teams are looking fromt the outside in.

      • Sueh8ter

        which one of your small division two schools is going to generate the kind of $$$$ that the big schools do???  answer: NONE!!!!!!

        • Yooperhockey

          All of the Division two schools are going to generate $$$$.

          You know why? They play in the best league in the country, WCHA.

          The NCHC doesn’t even have a website or even a hockey guy in charge.

          I will take an established league over a league starting from scratch.

          Remember the CHA.

          • Lakes18

            Your not going into an established league!  

            Its a new league with different teams, they were just to dumb and lazy to come up with a new name!

            Their is no tradition after next year!

          • Yooperhockey

            Long live the WCHA.

            The top half of the New WCHA will be better then the bottom half of the NCHC.

            National championships– LSSU-3, MTU-3, NMU-1 and Bowling Green-1.

            NCHC national championships. UNO-0, St Cloud-0, WMU-0! And Maimi-0

            Big Ten. NC. OSU-0

          • Lakes18

            Means nothing!

          • jcc

            lol i would bet my left nut that bottom half will kick the Shi@ out of that top half

      • Lakes18

        You keep thinking the ” New WCHA ” will be so good.   There is only one true WCHA and that will be gone next next year.

        If the new league was smart, they would have picked a new name.  You will never have the tradition the WCHA has now! 

        Atleast the other true WCHA teams were smart when the formed a new conference and came up with a new name!

      • BulldogFan

        If….When your wrong with this pipe dream will you stop posting your insane comments?????

        • Yooperhockey

          The Bulldogs will be reapplying for the WCHA within five years.

  • Hockeyfan

    I heard they looked closely at UM-Duluth’s Amsoil arena for a similar design…just hope they actually sat in the seats around the rink because whoever designed Amsoil did not take the ticket-holders seating view into consideration as crazy as it sounds. The old rink had 10 times better sight lines than the new one. Sucks to spend 70 million on a rink that most people complain about their view

    • BulldogFan

       I have season ticket to Amsoil and have been at every game and have never heard anyone complain about the sight lines not even rodent fans.  I suppose if your in the first four or five rows you may not see the entire sheet but there is no way around that.  

    • Philipvanschepen

      I’ve been to Amsoil several times, the only problem is the concourses are too small. The sight lines are great.

  • LionofNittany

    The real question is who will win a championship first? Penn State or North Dakota?  I bet it’s at least 10 years before the Nittany Lions win one, but they’ll still get it before the academic ineligibles and their built on gambling money arena

    • Yooperhockey

      Penn State is going to go further then any of the NCHC teams.

      PSU has big $$$$$ a guarante to finish ahead the rest.

      • nogofer

        The National’s teams are hockey schools, hockey is the big draw and the school’s primary athletic focus.  The BiG TeN’s hockey teams will be good, no doubt, but hockey is not a driving force at some of those institutions. The WCHA will be fine.  The problem may arise in inter-league scheduling as leagues with many teams may have few openings to play the BiG SiX.  That just leaves them playing with each other…

        • Yooperhockey

          When I think Western Michigan Broncos the first thing I think is what a great hockey program.

          Kalmazoo is a hockey first community that’s why they had to develop a website to beg to get into the National.

    • MPLS Sioux

      Penn State has no room to talk in the way of ethics within college athletics… cough Sandusky cough 

    • Coreymdouglas

       Really? I’m a bulldog fan and have no love for UND.  But fans of Penn State should be the last fan base to take shots at ANY schools off ice issues.  Wow!

    • J_ott

      This is the best post I have ever seen!! A Penn ST hockey fan chirping already… Wow… Do u know the names Paterno or Sandusky.. Hmmmmm