USA Hockey announced Monday the creation of the first-ever All-American Prospects Game that will be played on Sept. 29, 2012, at the First Niagara Center in Buffalo, N.Y.

The All-American Prospects Game will include 40 of the top American-born prospects eligible for the 2013 NHL draft, including players already in college, junior players, and those playing high school and prep school hockey.

“It’s a concept we’ve been talking about for a couple of years and we’re excited to bring it to life in partnership with the Buffalo Sabres,” said USA Hockey executive director Dave Ogrean in a statement. “The talent level on the First Niagara Center ice on Sept. 29 will be exceptional. We view this game as an opportunity to gain additional exposure for hockey and help influence growth of the sport through showcasing the future stars of the game.”

The players selected to compete in the game will be announced in late June or early July.

More information will be forthcoming, including how the teams will be divided, coaches and ticket information.

  • Guest

    I’ll be interested to see how many times this game continues to be played after the first season-ending or career-ending injury takes place.

    • YuppieScum

      Why would it be more injury-prone than any other youth hockey game?

      • Jeeptrail

        It wouldn’t be MORE injury prone, but once a high school or college coach loses a player for an entire season due to an injury suffered in this game questions will be raised about the purpose of this game being played. High school and college teams stand to gain little from such a game and the losses each could suffer are significant.

        • Guest

          Jeep, I agree. A team could lose a player in this game for a lengthy period of time. Players are scouted in high school, USHL and college games at present. Adding a single game won’t do much to raise a player’s ability to secure a college scholarship or  convince an NHL team to spend a draft pick on him. Again, in this proposed game the possibility of losing a player to a season ending injury outweighs the advantage of such a game being staged. You and poster Lakes18 are correct in saying this game is a bad idea from the start.

      • Lakes18

        why would college players be playing high school kids in the first place…  Bad idea all around

  • Cpp5

    Give me a break about the problem of injuries.  They are hockey players who want all the chances they can  to impress scouts and further their careers (those who don’t want to can refuse to play).  I simply have to ask:  When did we hockey fans  become like baseball and basketball fans and use the excuse of possible injury excuse to limit games?