Mike Hastings is going from one Mavericks’ team to another.

Associate head coach at Nebraska-Omaha since 2009-10, Hastings was announced Saturday as the new head coach at Minnesota State and will begin his new role April 16.

Hastings replaces Troy Jutting, who was relieved of his duties earlier this month after 12 years behind the Minnesota State bench.

“I am extremely excited to have been selected as head coach of the Minnesota State men’s hockey program,” said Hastings in a news release. “During this process, I’ve been struck by the university’s commitment and expectations for excellence and those will be our tenets moving forward. I believe we can win here and we’re thrilled to get started with this new era of Maverick hockey.”

A 1993 graduate of St. Cloud State, Hastings played two years for the Huskies before an injury ended his career.

Minnesota State athletic director Kevin Buisman said that Hasting’s contract would be for four years at a salary of $225,000 per year with a portion of that funded privately.

“There is a tremendous opportunity at hand for Maverick hockey and that was evident by the level of interest that others demonstrated in this position,” Buisman added in the news release. “Coach Hastings emerged from a highly competitive process as the individual we believed was most qualified to take us in the direction we want to go with in terms of fan interest, attendance, recruiting and overall competitiveness. Throughout this process, president [Dr. Richard] Davenport has demonstrated a renewed commitment to the future success of Maverick hockey and has set a solid foundation for our boosters, donors, alumni and community supporters to rally around.

“We need to embrace this change in a positive way, seize the moment, and begin to chart a course where excellence in our hockey program becomes the standard.”

  • Thefightingman

    Go Mavs, no matter the coach.

  • Philipvanschepen

    Hastings would be a good choice. More importantly this means Blais is staying at Omaha for a long time. If there was a chance he was planning to leave in a few years Hastings would be heir apparent in a city he likes and has lived in for several years.

    • Fan Man

       Blais is set to retire in 2-3 years.  I believe it was announced at a supper at the Ralph before the “real” Mavs played the the Sioux.  He is not going anywhere. 

      • Yooperhockey

        Heard Blais in line for the MTU job when Pearson goes to Michigan.

        • Fan Man

          You are just hilarious with your lack of knowledge and crazy ideas…. 
           Enjoy what?   You are passing the dumbest ideas Ive almost ever heard on this site!    And dont worry, I wont mind playing in arena’s that sell more than a couple thousand tickets a game in the NCHA.  I will miss the WCHA though just to clarify for you.  I am not a big fan of this whole conference realignment crap but am hoping for the best iguess

    • Lakes18

      He will go back to Omaha if the chance comes along.  Way better place to coach then Minnesota State Mankato!

  • Fricker88

    Mike Hastings is a good man, fine coach, and a complete package………Mankato State will be very fortunate tohave him as coach!


    Hey wait, everyone says Blais is taking over the Gophs…

    • collegehockeyfan

      anything would be better than lucia..

      • SIOUXFAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

         lol…..honestly, how can you say that? hes won 2 national championships and has done better than most coaches previous to him…..

      • GOGOFS

        You must be one of those guys who claims to be a fan and then complains every goal, loss, less than national championship season.  You’re not a fan, you are a whiner!

      • chickenstrip6

        In case you didn’t notice, the gophers were the regular season champs and made it to the frozen four for a team picked to finish 6th in the league

  • Mr Hockey

    Still a tough place to attract high end talent.  

    • Yooperhockey

      The WCHA is the top league in the country, so getting talent will not be a problem. Mankato is nice hockey place and so is Houghton, Michigan.

      Minnesota is more of a hockey state then Nebraska.

      • BulldogFan

         The WCHA is the top league in the country for one more year.  Then the NCHC becomes the power conference regardless of what any big ten fan thinks. 

        • Yooperhockey

          The WCHA wiill always be the number one hockey conference in college hockey.

          Ferris and MTU have already set the tone for the new WCHA.

          • BulldogFan

             How has MTU set the tone? by not making the NCAA tourney and finishing 7th in a 12 team league.  Come on they didn’t even get home ice.  Did they improve…sure but they had no where to go but up.  hey better hope the head coaching job at Michigan doesn’t open up because your fooling yourself if you think Pearson doesn’t go back. 

          • Yooperhockey

            MTU was two points from third place. And twenty point improvement from the previous season.

            Also, the future home of the mcGnaughtan cup, forever.

            The NCHA has four teams that have NEVER won a National Championship and it only going to be downward spiral for some programs because somebody has to lose.

          • Fan Man

             Yooper, hahahahahahahaha!  Please stop making me laugh

          • nogofer

            I laughed so hard I wet myself…

          • BulldogFan

             You may want to check the standings MTU finish 10 points out of third not 3.  Nice try.  Not sure want the mcGnaughtan cup is?  Pretty sure UMD will win a second NC and Miami and western will win their first NC before LSSU, NMU or Tech win another NC.  

          • Yooperhockey

            Yes it wii be nice when Miami, WMU, UMD and St Cloud are sitting at the bottom of the NCHC.

            While MTU, NMU, and LSSU are at the top of the New WCHA and playing in the NCAAs every year. Also, winning some hardware in the WCHA.

            The only hardware in the NCHA will be the defunct CCHA Ron Mason Cup. Enjoy your new trophies while playing your championship in Nebraska.

            The WCHA will still have it’s traditions and trophies. The only thing different will be the teams playing for the hardware.

          • Yooperhockey

            Fan Man


          • BUfan25

            Noone is going to give two hoots about “WCHA hardware” when everyone significant leaves. The teams that make up a conference define it, not the name.

          • Scpa0305

            You have lost it buddy!

        • Soundvision909

          I was nervous that Guentzle was going to try and go 5 in 5, but glad-as of now-he is staying behind the UM bench.

          As for the “premier conference” pretty tough when one conference will have quite the load of hardware, no offense to NoDak and Denver, but the rest will need to start pulling a lot more weight…literally.

          • nogofer

            That hardware argument is meritless:  That is history. 
            The near future will show BiG JoKe hockey teams having games tape-delayed and re-played in the wee hours of the morning as other BIG sports such as bball get prime-time priority.  Recruits will observe this.
            The teams of The National have a hockey focus:  Recruits know this.

          • Yooperhockey

            The recruits cant wait to play in great hockey places like Kalmazoo, Omaha, Grand Forks, Duluth, Oxford, OH, Denver, and Colorado Springs.

            When they can play great places like UP(Marquette,Soo,and Houghton), Alaska(Ankorage and Fairbanks), Minnesota((Mankato and Bemdji) and FSU and Bowling Green.

            Does a player want to be a little guy in a big city or a big guy in a little city?

            The bottom line is the WCHA is going to get the harder working players and the Big10 and NCHA will get the kids that are given the silver platter to them.

            Do you want the farm kid or the city kid?

          • Soundvision909

            Your argument is all over the place. Of course talent wants to go where they can be seen. They also go where they can win what? Hardware! Titles are what most players want, only one person can be hobey but a team can win it all. Players that go to the big ten have that shot.

          • nogofer

            You both miss the point:  The National schools are hockey first, and bigtime hockey first.  The BiG schools view hockey as an after-thought.  The remaining WCHA schools don’t have the visibility to attract top end talent…

          • Lakes18

            Your comment is so assine!  Yeah im sure Minnesota, Michigan, Michigan St, and Wisconsin wont get any elite level players.

            And games won’t be taped delay.  It will be just like football, with all games on live and the Big Ten Network.

            Also Minnesota has a deal with FSN north as well!

          • nogofer

            All bball/hockey telecast conflicts will be resolved by delaying the hockey telecast.  Our sport is a niche-sport.  The Big Ten Network would rather have the hockey fans pissed and watching delayed at 2AM than have bball fans pissed and not watching at all…

          • Guest

            Your wrong.  Big Ten for one does not play conference Basketball games on Friday night.

            Second…. there is more then one channel for Big Ten sports, that is why you can watch every football game on Saturday at the same time live! 

            Third… most Saturday Basketball games are played in the afternoon.  You don’t know anything about the Big Ten and its network over in North Dakota.

          • nogofer

            You are correct about not knowing about big ten in ND, like most of the rest of the country WE DON’T CARE.  And as far your multi-channel argument goes you may not be aware of the CBS and Sioux contracts that will show NCHC and Fighting Sioux Hockey across the country.

            When your (the correct use of the term, btw) hockey teams are delayed behind cheerleading, chess and tiddly winks then you’ll understand.  BIG ten considers hockey an insignificant sport.

            The National’s teams are primarily hockey schools.  Figure it out…

          • Guest

            Just another dumb North Dakota fan that know’s nothing about anything outside of North Dakota.

            You keep fighting for a nickname that know one else cares about, and pretend your a big time University. 

            Without the help of Minnesota ( a Big Ten University ) and Canada, you wouldn’t have a hockey program.

            So rely on the rest of us to help North Dakota be relevant in one sport….. Your Welcome!

          • nogofer

            Do you need a grammar lession?

          • Yooperhockey

            In the nWCHA hockey will be he only big name in town.

            I hpe the leftovers recruit overage Canadiens to fill the rosters.

        • Lakes18

          Your statement is such crap.  With the Big Ten teams gone, the NCHC will miss the money and TV exposure.

          Sorry I wish it wasn’t happening, but don’t be so blind in being objective.

          • guest

            NCHC has an exclusive national four year deal with CBS Sports Network that includes the Conference Championship tourney just as an FYI.  TV exposure is not an issue.  18 games a season minumum on a national network. 

          • Lakes18

            And that deal comes nothing close to what the Big Ten network will provide.  Also with no more Final Five at the Xcel Energy Center after next year, your conference championship will not provide the same interest and money that the current WCHA Final Five does or what the Big TEn Conference Tournament will provide.

            Just reality now, and were all going to miss the WCHA!

          • nogofer

            That “interest and money” was us SIOUX fans.  When and where we go so does the money.

          • Lakes18

            Yeah good one…

            You were no shows at the regionals at the Xcel.  Keep dreaming and wishing you could host a Postseason Tournament or NCAA regional.

            But you can’t because North Dakota has nothing to offer and that’s why you always have to come to Minnesoota and the Xcel Energy Center!

        • chickenstrip6

          The big ten has 23 championships among 6 teams, while the nchc has 17 amongst 8 teams. Ohio state and michigan state were also really good last year and improving.  Penn state won’t be bad either.

          • Yooperhockey

            But Upper Michigan has more National Championships than the whole State od Minnesota. MTU-3 titles, LSSU-3 titles, and NMU-1 title.

            Yooper Hockey=7 titles

          • chickenstrip6

             Irrelevant, and i wouldnt say 1 more title is even significant

          • Jaturenne

            Chickenstrip you may be the only one that actually stated facts….thank you.

        • Jaturenne

          Guess again dimwit…just because your in it doesnt make it the top conference. It will be at the top along with Hockey East, and the Big Ten. Man and I thought only North Dakota fans were delusional, must be why you crawled off to Colorado with the criminals from No Dak.

          • nogofer

            Were those the same “criminals” that trashed DinkyTown when the rodents last won the NC?  You must be so proud.  mn leads the hockey world in delusions…

          • Guest

            Yet you idiots are still fighting for a nickname…..  Nothing better to do is their?  You lost and accept it. 

            Your only hurting the student athletes more!  Good luck with that

          • nogofer

            Your teachers and parents must be so proud:  You employed the wrong “there”.   In an earlier you employed the wrong “you’re”.

            Come back when you graduate junior high…

          • Guest

            Best you have is grammar patrol… Nice

          • nogofer

            I like to know I am not bantering with a child.  OK, boy, off to your school bus…

      • Lakes18

        Mankato is not a nice place to play.  He will not get top end talent to go to Mankato!  

        They get the leftovers from Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, UMD, St. Cloud St., Denver, Colorado College, and then so on…..

  • Damon Whitcomb

    Just got word…its Official.  Start date is 4/16/2012

  • cthompson1983

    I personally think Minnesota State-Mankato will do very well in the new WCHA.  Mike Guentzel is a very good Coach.  It takes time to build a program and recruit the players you want in your program.  I think Coach Guentzel will be able to do that at Minnesota State-Mankato and his team will do very well in the new WCHA.  You never know though that is why they play the games.

    • Guest

      Guentzel isn’t coaching Minnesota State Mankato….  It’s Mike Hastings!


    The NCHC and Big Ten will both have power house hockey teams. Problem with big tem is only 6 teams so only one will be able to move on to the tourney that matters. The new wcha will have BSU and Ferris State other than those two teams it will be a crap shoot who places third and once they play out of conference teams it will be the same story get swept over the weekend to teams like UND, UofM, UMD, Michigan and Michigan State. Plus the wcha will have to hold the tourney at a high school arena after next year the X has already said that the Big Ten and NCHC has first shot. They wont wanna hold a tourney for a couple thousand fans at most when you can fill the building with schools that travel well and bring multi-thousands of dollars to St. Paul. I love the way the WCHA was but if you think its going to stay at the top you are dreaming. There is rumors already of teams in the WCHA looking how to get invited into the NCHC or another conference.If BSU can improve on selling out and a couple years of taking the WCHA trophies home they will jump ship to the NCHC.

    • Lakes18

      Only one team can move on the the NCAA tourny?  Where did you get that information?

      So if 4 of the 6 teams in the Big Ten finish in the top 15 of the pariwise, your saying only ONE will be invited to the NCAA tourny?

      Are you that much of a moron? 

      • nogofer

        Hey LakesBison, cut the insults:  The point is only one team is guaranteeed in.  The others must rank high enough in the PW.  MN and WI will go regularly, the remainder of the big joke conference will watch on tv from home frequently.

        • Lakes18

          Im pretty sure Michigan and Michigan St. will go regularly as well.  Every conference is guaurnteed only ONE AUTOMATIC SPOT each year!

          If you knew hockey so well in North Dakota, you wouldn’t post such uninformed posts!

          • nogofer

            I said one team is guaranteed.  That is fact.  The remainder are SELECTED.  Another fact.  Which part didn’t you understand? 

          • Lakes18

            Maybe you should re-read your post …  ” the remainder of the big joke conference will watch on tv from home frequently “. 

            That is your quote sir….  So what you said is Michigan will be watching from home all the time.  I’m pretty sure Michigan and Michigan St. were in the NCAA hockey tourny this year.

            Also Minnesota, Michigan State, and Wisconsin have all won a NCAA championship more recently then North Dakota.

            But hey you just signed Hakstol to an extension, so 7 more years of not winning the NCAA title.

          • nogofer

            If you don’t understand by now, I can’t help you.