Four players from national champion Boston College and three repeat selections are among 18 players picked for All-USCHO teams for the 2011-12 season.

Eagles defenseman Brian Dumoulin (first team), forward Barry Almeida (second team), goaltender Parker Milner (third team) and defenseman Tommy Cross (third team) were named to the national teams that were selected by USCHO staff members at the Frozen Four.

Minnesota-Duluth forward Jack Connolly and Wisconsin defenseman Justin Schultz, both second-team All-USCHO selections last season, moved up to the first team. Denver forward Drew Shore moved to the second team from a third-team spot last season.

The 2012 All-USCHO first team is:

Goaltender Troy Grosenick, a sophomore from Union
Defenseman Brian Dumoulin, a junior from Boston College
Defenseman Justin Schultz, a junior from Wisconsin
Forward Spencer Abbott, a senior from Maine
Forward Jack Connolly, a senior from Minnesota-Duluth
Forward Austin Smith, a senior from Colgate

The 2012 All-USCHO second team is:

Goaltender Taylor Nelson, a senior from Ferris State
Defenseman Chad Billins, a senior from Ferris State
Defenseman Tim Kirby, a senior from Air Force
Forward Barry Almeida, a senior from Boston College
Forward Drew Shore, a junior from Denver
Forward Jeremy Welsh, a junior from Union

The 2012 All-USCHO third team is:

Goaltender Parker Milner, a junior from Boston College
Defenseman Tommy Cross, a senior from Boston College
Defenseman Torey Krug, a junior from Michigan State
Forward J.T. Brown, a sophomore from Minnesota-Duluth
Forward Alex Killorn, a senior from Harvard
Forward Brian O’Neill, a senior from Yale

National runner-up Ferris State, Frozen Four semifinalist Union and Minnesota-Duluth each had two players selected.

Both Boston College and Ferris State have goaltenders on the list for the second straight season, but the cast is different. Last year it was BC’s John Muse on the second team and Pat Nagle on the third team.

USCHO’s postseason honors also include the season’s top player, coach and rookie, awards that will be unveiled later this week.

  • Bigrefguy90

    Surprised that Reilly Smith isn’t there anywhere.

    • Bob

      Yeah, not sure how you leave out a 30 goal scorer…58 goals over the past two seasons…

  • ECACFan

    I’m perplexed by Almeida over Kreider and O’Neill over Wagner. Seriously.

  • Scpa0305

    What a joke this is!!!

  • Kroger

    No offense intended towards Taylor Nelson, because he was the reason Ferris State did so well in the tournament, but I would have had Hunwick on here somewhere. Parker Milner also played lights out, but was on a very talented team. Hunwick bailed out Michigan so many times.

    Lastly, let’s get it over with..

  • collegehockeyfan

    It’s just another list, who cares.


    I cannot believe Connor Knapp wasn’t on the list.Did they forget to poll Redhawks fans?Ohio is a DUMP!

  • SIOUXFAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nelson from North Dakota? lol….like he cares…Hes in the NHL now and making millions…this website is a joke.

    • Guest

      No he is not in the NHL now.  Never has played a minute in a NHL game, nor does he make millions of dollars!!!! Get your facts right.

      Probly well be playing in the AHL next year to start, and No im not diminishing his skills.  Just facts.

  • Suture

    I agree that there is NO WAY Bjugstad should not have been on the FIRST team!  And, I’m a Sioux fan.  Also, how on earth can Ben Blood not make any of these teams?  Tell me Krug is better than Blood….not even close.  Anyway, these teams go by who wins the most.  If you want to see who the best players are just look at their draft ranking.  Wow, some major screw ups on this list.

  • gopherguy23

    11 out of 18 from the East. Imagine that??? Yes, I am a Gopher fan through and through and I think Bjugstad should probably be 3rd Team here. I will also say this: Patterson was truly the best goalie in college hockey this year. The bad games he had were much like the semifinal game against BC – absolutely NO defense and what he did see were a bunch of shots he had no chance on. Otherwise he was lights out all year.

    Nelson from ND should be here as well – GREAT player and the Sioux will miss him surely. One thing though for Suture: Blood is nothing more than a hack. He was the college hockey equivalent of a goon. The truly sad part is that he CAN play the game.

  • HEFan

    Looks like the WCHA and CCHA fans are out in droves.  Look, Hockey East is the best conference in college hockey – live with it!

    • Guest

      Hockey East had the best team, not conference moron!!!  WCHA was the top conference once again!

  • Jdhockeyboyz

    It would be helpful and maybe explanatory to know what group of experts compiled this team.  Is it similar to to the “All Madden” team?

  • Dogbal12000

    Bjugstad and Patterson are both 2nd team all americans. This is a bit of an oversite. As for settling the best hockey conference, WCHA 31 NCAA Champions vs. Hockey East with 12. In the last 13 years the WCHA has had 7 with 5 teams and Hockey East has had 5 with 2 teams.  Boston College is a great team with a great coach but the WCHA has a lot more teams that get there and win.  Check your numbers the WCHA is the best conference.

    • Lennyak1

      Oh course the WCHA has been around for 60 years and HE for 26.  Both leagues produce outstanding college hockey players!

  • pspoolplayer

    Ever since Blood attacked that player while shaking hands he lost any chance of making all anything!

    • nogofer

      Your opinion means less than nothing…