Jeremy Welsh is leaving Union after three seasons, signing a free-agent contract with the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes just hours after the Dutchmen’s Frozen Four loss Thursday.

Welsh scored 23 goals in 40 games for Union, which lost to Ferris State in the Frozen Four semifinals.

“Of all of the college free agents available, we identified Jeremy as the one who most fit our organizational needs,” Hurricanes director of hockey operations Ron Francis said in a statement. “He provides another big body for us down the middle, and is a player who has shown character and leadership at the college level, in addition to scoring ability.”

Welsh will make $832,500 at the NHL level and $70,000 at the AHL level, with a $92,500 signing bonus. He’s scheduled to join Carolina in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., for the team’s final game of the regular season.

He scored 53 goals and 100 points in 119 collegiate games.

  • U bet

    Congrats, can’t pass that up homey! Only to the left

  • Congrats to Jeremy Welsh, loved watching him when he played for Oakville (OJHL).  

  • Leggs2

    Congratulations to Mr. Welsh.  Thanks for your efforts at Union, and may U have a long and successful pro career.
    But…having said that, not sure how I feel about these players signing within hours of their last college game.  Obviously, this deal was done and all but signed WELL before yesterday’s faceoff. I certainly can’t say, but was Welsh’s head and heart 100% in that game?  Maybe.  Maybe not. Was he studying how best to beat the Ferris goalie, about moves to make on their defensemen?  Or was he thinking about not getting injured, about what kind of car he is going to buy, where he is going to live in Carolina, or about his new teamates?  Some will say I’m wrong, that this was all worked out in the 4 hours or so following the game.  I don’t buy it.  If that is true, did he not consider the possibility of offers from other teams? Why the big rush to sign?  To play in maybe 2 games for a non-playoff team?  Can’t wait a few days or weeks?  Seems a little disrespectful to their schools in my opinion.
    But, as they say, money talks and losers walk.

    This issue of college to pros is a subject of discussion in all the major sports (Kentucky with their group of “won and done” players for example).  I’m not criticizing what is done, more HOW it is done. 
    Just my 2 cents.

    • Dev8ved

       What about the issue of almost pro to college as a 21 year old freshman?

      • nogofer

        It is not an issue…

    • Greenbaum

      Why can’t a guy like Welsh who has worked his entire life to reach a dream like winning the NCAA National Championship and then move onto a NHL career? A kid like Welsh started his reach for this goal at an early age. He played indoors and outdoors, he played nights, days and early mornings, whenever he could get icetime. He played on traveling team sometimes games are 6 hour drives away from home. He plays with friends and friends go elsewhere and he makes new friends. It is NOT easy trying to reach the pros. Ask anyone who has made it to the NHL the road was not easy. So don’t say he should wait. WAIT for what?? He’s waited all his young adult life to attain this. He is not sitting on the ice day dreaming about what you think he wants as “toys” he is thinking one thing and one thing only; how to get his team to the NCAA National Championship. So buzz off and let the kid have his day he earned.

      • Leggs2

        No problem with him turning pro.  You missed my point.  I just don’t think it should have been done 4 hours or less after the game.
        Can’t wait until the next day; maybe next week? Carolina is done tomorrow.
        What’s the big rush?

      • Lakes18

        Because he won’t have a long NHL career.  He will be a AHL player from here on out!

  • Jimmycrackedcorn

    Oh well,  there goes another college kid signing too early.  Would have liked him to play another year and work on his skating. I fear he’s too slow for the next level.

  • collegehockeyfan

    I don’t see him doing well at the next level. If he wanted a shot he needed another year to develop his skating and puck skills… Just another lost ncaa player lost to a short ahl career

  • MD Dutchman ’89

    Congrats Jeremy.  Thank you for giving U  your heart and soul for three years.  Best of luck in pro hockey – prove all the doubters wrong, again.  And promise to come back, finish your studies, and get your degree from the U.  Don’t ever give up on that.