Minnesota State has reassigned coach Troy Jutting within the athletic department until his contract expires and will look for a new coach, the school announced Sunday night.

Jutting, a former player and assistant coach with the Mavericks, was about to enter the final year of his contract, which expires June 30, 2013.

“This is the right time to make a change, and we’re committed to taking our men’s hockey program to new heights,” school president Richard Davenport said in a statement. “Part of our emerging national prominence as a university is raising our level of competitiveness in men’s hockey and all of our sports.”

Jutting had a 184-224-55 record in 12 seasons as head coach, which followed 10 seasons as an assistant.

The Mavericks have had four straight losing seasons, with a 12-24-2 record in 2011-12. They had three winning seasons in Jutting’s tenure — 2000-01, 2002-03 and 2007-08.

Jutting won the WCHA’s coach of the year award in 2003 and 2008. Minnesota State played in the NCAA tournament in 2003.

Davenport and Minnesota State athletic director Kevin Buisman will begin a coaching search immediately, the school announced.

“I commend Coach Jutting’s loyalty, service and commitment to the program,” Buisman said in a statement. “He went about his business with a steadfast determination, as he worked very hard to make his teams competitive in what is currently one of the best college hockey conferences in the country. His character and professional integrity were unwavering and the welfare and personal development of his players were always a top priority.”

Jutting, who played for Minnesota State, will be a special assistant to the president, potentially being involved in fundraising, marketing, program development, capital projects and community relations, according to the school.

“I am excited about beginning a different set of duties and responsibilities and look forward to the new challenges they will offer,” Jutting said in a statement. “This community and Minnesota State has meant a lot to me over the years. I appreciate the opportunity to have worked with so many outstanding young men and with the other coaches and staff members within Maverick Athletics.

“I leave this position with a lot of great memories and am extremely proud of the work we’ve done in ensuring that our student-athletes have earned degrees, have become successful professionally and are serving as community leaders. We’ve accomplished a lot in the last 12 years with the game of hockey in creating an environment in which the program went to the NCAA Division I postseason for the first time and our players have had a chance to achieve their goals of playing the game at its highest levels professionally.”

There was no immediate word about the status of associate head coach Darren Blue and assistant coach Todd Knott.

  • Yooperhockey

    How about mr mike Guetzal as a great candidate.!,!!!

    • Nathan

      I like the idea of Mike Guentzel as a head coach at Minnesota State… And perhaps perfect timing with his son, Jake going into his Senior year of High School uncommited?

      Another guy I’d be curious about is Derek Lalonde, who served as assistant coach at Denver University for a handful of years before becoming the winningest first-year head coach in USHL history in Green Bay this year.

      I’m curious to find out who the candidates might actually be.

      • Phoenixfyre1313

         Guentzel is a great candidate, but very unlikely to take the job.  He bounced around quite a bit the last several years and seems happy back at Minnesota.

    • Mr Hockey

      You’re out of your mind, if you think Guentzel is leaving Minnesota to go to Mankato. Find another assistant, try Mike Hastings at Omaha.

      • Mr Hockey

        My other candidate would be Steve Johnson asst @ St Cloud St. He was a National Champion @  North Dakota in 1987, was an All American and Hobey Baker finalist. Former Head Coach of the Fargo Force as well.

        • Yooperhockey

          Eric Rud
          Brian Renfrew
          Ron Fogerty

      • Guest

        Its going to be a tough sell for any coach coming into Minnesota State.  The facilities are not very good and the fans and city don’t support the team. Always a bunch of empty seats even when the top teams in the WCHA come to town.

        Its to bad for supporters of the program, but Jutting should have been let go 2 or 3 years ago.  Good luck trying to find a top notch coach turning it around in Mankato.  

        And as of now the new WCHA is not very good.

        • Mr Hockey

          I agree with all your points. It is too bad the city doesn’t show up for the MSU games. It will be a tough sell to any potential coach. I honestly believe HAstings will stay at Omaha and take over when Blais leaves. I do think an assistant coach in the current WCHA would take the job. I’m guessing potential coaches will probably come from programs like Bemidji or St. Cloud.

          • Thefightingman

            Funny, but Miami of Ohio, the darlings of the new league, has an arena capacity of 3,200.  Last year in a real down year, more than that were averaged for the entire season.  This is also considering that MSU had a terrible schedule in which almost every weekend had basketball games going on at the same time and better than average hang-outside weather.  Also, most of the league games that did not compete with MSU basketball had holidays near or on the same date.  Hopefully a new coach and better play can start bringing them back again and get that average back toward the 4,000 mark.  It would help a lot if they can avoid the terrible starts they have had the last bunch of seasons.  I don’t doubt that with the economy coming around, that it can certainly come back again.

          • BulldogFan

             You lost all credibility when you mentioned a DII basketball program.  And who ever called Miami the darlings of the new league?

        • Yooperhockey

          Herb Brooks went to St Cloud when they were Division three.

          Anything can happen.

        • Thefightingman

          The facilities could be better if the legislature decided to give them money like the U of M, St. Cloud, Bemidji, and Duluth all received.  Mankato decided to pay for it themselves instead of going to the state legislature.  Now they are asking for some money to fix the place up, and for about 6 years straight, they have been denied.  So much for being fiscally responsible.  Then this idiot who took over for the cheating Republican lady refused to even put it on the same bonding bill as St. Cloud and Rochester Civic Centers (SCSU does not play there).  Funny how the two big wig Republicans in the House were from those two places.  People had to scream bloody murder to get on the bill, and they really low balled it so far.  You want to blame anyone on this, you go after them.  Take a look at MSU’s facilities on campus for basketball, softball, and indoor track and field.  They are probably in the top 5% of all D-2, so they are not afraid to spend the money.  They are also not just getting rid of other sports like St. Cloud or hoping into the D-1 vacuum of no return like NoDak and Omaha.  It is within 2 hours of over 3 million people, in a beautiful area, and have 2 professional sports team practice on campus.  I don’t think it is as hard of a sell as many do.  Plus, the Republicans may be in big trouble next election, so the arena will then be improved.

          • Guest

            That is the point.  You have one Division I sport and you don’t support it!  That is all you are is a Division II school and know one cares.

            Do even try to compare Minnesota State to St. Cloud and MN-Duluth when it comes to hockey programs.  Their Cities and students support their teams, fans show up to all games.

            Minnesota State can’t get fans to show up for the best teams in the WCHA!  That is a simple fact.

          • Thefightingman

            I guess Mankato understands there is more to sports than just hockey.  Something that St. Cloud has failed to do, which is too bad as they had an excellent basketball and football team, now football will be gone soon.  Seems to me St. Cloud, and area with three times the population and more than 1000 more students, is not outdrawing MSU in any sports by that amount.

      • RBTGT

        Hastings has been designated the “Head Coach in Waiting” in Omaha for when Blais retires so I don’t think he’s going anywhere. Certainly not Mankato, anyway. He’d have to be offered a better job than UNO to leave here and Mankato isn’t. Sorry, Purple Cows.

      • Scpa0305

        To be a head coach rather than an assistant?  I would say it’s not the craziest thing I have heard.

  • Yooperhockey

    UAA Seawolves might have to follow Mankatos actions.

    • alaskabear

      Boy, are you ever right Yooper!!  :-O

  • Truth Squad

    Fire Frank Anzalone, he’s a proven winner and will bring you a NCAA championship!

    • Yooperhockey

      Frank would be good for the Mankato junior hockey program. Mite,Squirts, Pee Wees, if you know what I mean.

  • Ms4ever

    Hard to recruit with the Mankato high school rink they play in.  And they will be in the “new” WCHA soon.  Another tough sell.  I’m sure there is a USHL coach willing to take the job.

    • Guest

      The women play in the high school rink,not the men.

      • Scpa0305

        I think he was saying their rink is terrible. Haha

    • Thefightingman

      The arena is okay, but they kind of hit the New Commiskey Park problem – built a couple of years too early before the nice looking place revolution.  I still wonder who thought that blue and red seats were a good idea, but whatever.  The problem is that Mankato is not a Republican town.  Pawlenty and his buddies made sure the Civic Center did not get any money, and his buddies in the legislature today still think places like Rochester and St. Cloud Civic Centers need more money for non-hockey related purposes.  I guess they need  a place to watch their favorite goat-roping singers instead.

  • zak

    How about NHL Wes Walz

  • UpNorthHockey

    All depends on what Mankato wants to spend.  All cellar dweller teams say they want to build a nationally competitive program, but few put their money where their mouth is.  For decades Tech brought in bargain head coaches and it showed.  Those with any aptitude left quickly.  They finally put up the big bucks for Pearson and now seem to be moving in the right direction.  That said, hockey is the only game in town in Houghton and the area has been hockey crazy for over 100 years. I honestly don’t see Mankato pulling off the same kind of change.  They don’t have a strong college hockey culture yet, despite trying to cultivate one.  They’ll need to get lucky with a cinderella playoff run to bring new energy to the program.  I don’t see them spending the big bucks on a marquis coach.   

    • Yooperhockey

      The new WCHA needs Minnesota State to pick up a big name coach to help market the New WCHA.

      I hope the alumni dig in the pocket books to help save the future “bush league.”

      Big name coaches, small towns, small schools, older Canadian players, and league with a great tradition.

      Fans in the future WCHA have passion.

    • Thefightingman

      MSU has never been in the cellar of the WCHA, by the way.  

  • Guest

    Don Granato

    • Yooperhockey

      Yes, Granato would be good and Danton Cole….

  • Maverick Alum

    Southern MN has never been much of a Hockey Hotbed.  If it was me I’d chase down Shattucks Tom Ward.  Big time hockey knowledge.  Great contacts within AAA hockey community.  Knows how to run a program.  The city of Mankato is a bigger version of Fairbault.  

  • Yooperhockey

    Cary Eades is on the prowel to be the next Maverick coach.