The Tampa Bay Lightning have signed Minnesota-Duluth sophomore forward J.T. Brown to a two-year contract that runs through the 2012-13 season.

“We are pleased to announce J.T.’s signing with the Lightning,” said Tampa Bay GM Steve Yzerman in a statement. “He has all the top characteristics we look for in a player, including high skill and compete levels. We’re glad he chose to play for the Lightning and we look forward to getting him in the lineup as quickly as possible.”

Brown played in 39 games with the Bulldogs this season, recording 24 goals and 47 points. He was the Frozen Four Most Outstanding Player in 2011 as UMD topped Michigan in overtime for the national championship.

Brown will join the Lightning later this week and will most likely see action for the team this season, according to the Tampa Bay news release.

  • GoldyTheGreat

    Horrible news for the Bulldogs. They’re losing 4 of their top five scorers for next season. 

    • Mr Hockey

      Victim of their own success. Welcome to Division 1 hockey Duluth. Now they understand what Minnesota, North Dakota, Denver, Boston U, & Wisconsin have been dealing with for years.

  • SFDog

    @Mr.Hockey :It has also been happening to Duluth for years. See: Garrison, Stalock, Raymond,Bordson, Niskanen, Connolly, Olsen, Oberg, Faulk.

    • Mr Hockey

      Years? I still wouldn’t put them in the catagory of my for mentioned teams. The Gophers, Denver and North Dakota lose more players then anybody. check the stats my friend or do you want me to list all the Gophers who have left early? Vanek, Kessel, Ballard, Gologoski, Okposo, Johnson, Stoa, Ness, Chucko, Taylor, Clymer do I need to continue?

      • Guest 16

        and we will bow to the great gophers…… since the gophers are just so unbelievealbe I am totally surprised that the page is empty…….

        • Mr Hockey

          As you should

      • DSFF


        • Mr Hockey

          Wheeler stayed 4 years. Phoenix lost his rights and he signed free agent deal with Boston.

          • GoldyTheGreat

            If Jordan Schroeder would of stuck around like he promised then he would be a senior this year. Imagine how great the Gophers would be then!

          • Guest 64

            See folks, gtg just demonstrated what the gooooofer fans always do…… WHINE!!!  I just love how the gopher fans whine about would’s and could’s….. I can’t wait to see the non-conference schedule next year.  Do you think that the goooooofs will play any difficult opponent on the road?  Heck, they avoid challenges even at home! 

          • Mr Hockey

            Nobody is whinning just trying to point out the boat load of talent that the Gophers have lost do to the CBA. It’s just the facts, like my 1st post said UMD is a victim of their own success. Who doesn’t wonder, what it would’ve been like if everybodies talent stayed 4yrs across the WCHA? Can you imagine the North Dakota team if Toews, Oshie, and Parise would’ve stayed vs Vanek, Okposo, & Kessel? We live in a society where fantasy sports are king, so this just makes for good discussions.

          • GoldyTheGreat

            Lol.. You should cool it with the negativity bro.. I was just relating how it would of been nice to see Schroeder in this current Gophers lineup that has done so well this season. I’m not really sure why you’re slamming every Gopher fan just because you didn’t like my comment.. The second part of your comment doesn’t even merit a response..

    • Thunder Lips

      It’s the norm at schools like Minnesota, Duluth, and Denver.  There are a handful of examples of it happening to UMD players too, just nowhere near the rate at those other schools.

  • Guest 16

    @SFDog you are right on!!  Many (in fact most) counted the BULLDOGS out after loosing their top scorers from last season (2010 – 2011) but like they did this past season, they will reload and compete again next year.  Typically, the media in the Twin Cities whines loudly when a gopher leaves and they never say anything about other schools loosing players.  Duluth has been doing an outstanding job developing  players over the years for the next level (this is the job of a university isn’t it?). 

    • CasualObserver

      That would be because they are Twin Cities media people, methinks… Nothing wrong with reporting on your local team.  Unless you mean because Duluth is part of the University of Minnesota system, then I kind of get your point.

      • GoldyTheGreat

        Yeah totally agree.. I’m not sure why its necessary for everyone to take shots at the Gophers in almost every comment.. Especially when we’re sympathizing about how it sucks to lose great players when pro money comes calling their names.