Seven coaches have been named finalists for the Spencer Penrose Award, given annually to the NCAA Division I coach of the Year.

The nominees represent any coach who won or shared top coach honors in his conference this past season, along with coaches whose teams have advanced to the NCAA tournament semifinals.

The winner will be announced April 6 at the Frozen Four in Tampa, Fla.

Of this year’s finalists, three were past recipients and two of those were honored at an
institution other than their current home. Boston College coach Jerry York won in 1977 while at Clarkson, Minnesota coach Don Lucia won in 1994 while at Colorado College and Ferris State’s Bob Daniels won
in 2003 while at FSU.

Norm Bazin, Massachusetts-Lowell – Hockey East Coach of the Year
Rick Bennett, Union – ECAC Coach of the Year and NCAA semifinalist
Bob Daniels, Ferris State – CCHA Coach of the Year and NCAA semifinalist *
Don Lucia, Minnesota – NCAA semifinalist *
Mel Pearson, Michigan Tech – WCHA Coach of the Year
Ryan Soderquist, Bentley College – Atlantic Hockey Coach of the Year
Jerry York, Boston College – NCAA semifinalist *

* Past Spencer Penrose Award winner

  • Guest 16

    Very surprised that Sandelin in Duluth is not on this list.  He had the longest (York just tied him) winning streak at 17 for the season.  Lost all of his scoring from last year and was picked middle of the pack in the WCHA.  He went ahead and just reloaded.   

    • Another Guest

      Except he was not WCHA Coach of the Year (I would entertain your argument that he could have been). As the article notes, the finalists are conference coaches of the year and coaches of Frozen Four teams. Sandelin isn’t either of those, so he isn’t eligible for the Penrose Award.

  • Nocalls1993msu

    Give it to Mel Pearson at Tech for the great turnaround up there this year.  Hopefully it will restore their past sucess.  I’m a gopher fan, give someone new a chance, and he only worked under Red Baronson at Michigan for over two decades. He learned to be a winner and do it consistantly. 

  • Bbear94

    Well do not see how anyone other than Norm Bazin gets this award.  UMass Lowell won FIVE games in 2010-11.  Five.  This year they finished 2nd HEA RS and made the NCAAs first time since 1996, with essentially the same roster as last year.  That is truly amazing…

    • unionguy

       as much as I’d like to see Bennett win it as a Union alum, I agree

    • Internet Tough Guy

      yep, UML.  Unbelievable turnaround in one year….

  • Blueline892910

    Bazin hands down…did what no one would have expected…and he did it his way…set NO GOALS,just play and win…Great Job and a Great Story for Hockey East and the College Hockey World…and should pump up UML Hockey.

  • Duluth06ChE

    What’s the deal with the Headline of the article? Why do those three coaches “highlight” the list? I think York and Lucia are two of the guys LEAST likely to win the award. I will be shocked if Bazin does not win.

    • Melrosy77

      Jerry york highlights the list because he is one of the greatest coaches ever.
      Next year at this time he will be the winningest coach ever.

      • patrickolson

        If BC fans don’t murder him for losing to the Gophers! I kid I kid! I’ve always been a huge BC fan so this game is a win – win more situation for me.

  • patrickolson

    It would be really hard to see anyone other than Bazin win. An argument could be made for every coach on that list, but Bazin deserves it for the job he has done this year (Coming from a UMN alum).

  • Philipvanschepen

    Bazin is a great candidate, but Pearson brought Tech from the  20 years in the dregs back to respectability.

    • Rwinter06

      Totally agree.