Make it seven.

Seven consecutive years in the NCAA tournament and seven consecutive seasons ended at the hands of a Hockey East opponent. That’s how the Miami resume reads after Friday’s 4-3 overtime loss to Massachusetts-Lowell in the East Regional semifinals.

March 24, 2006 — Boston College 5, Miami 0

March 25, 2007 — Boston College 4, Miami 0

March 30, 2008 — Boston College 4, Miami 3, OT

April 11, 2009 — Boston University 4, Miami 3, OT

April 8, 2010 — Boston College 7, Miami 1

March 26, 2011 — New Hampshire 3, Miami 1

March 23, 2012 — Massachusetts-Lowell 4, Miami 3, OT

All signs suggest that Miami coach Rico Blasi has a perennial contender in Oxford, Ohio, but this trend is starting to border on ridiculous. Can we still call it a coincidence? An aberration? Maybe it’s just another certainty in life: death, taxes and a heartbreaking end to the Miami season.

Heartbreaking was an understatement for Friday night’s game. Tears were fresh in the eyes of Miami’s players when they walked into the news conference room. They had erased a three-goal deficit in the third period only to come a crossbar away from a shot at the Frozen Four.

It played like the ultimate hockey cliche. Crossbar for Miami turns to game-winner for Lowell.

Multiply this result by seven and you start to glimpse what Blasi, Miami and their fans have suffered through over the past seven years. Suffice it to say, Miami’s meteoric rise in the college hockey hierarchy has certainly seen its share of painful crashes back to Earth.

Miami has had the misfortune to run into eventual champions, but the numbers are astounding. Friday’s 4-3 overtime loss also marks the third time in seven years that Miami has lost an NCAA tournament game to a Hockey East foe in overtime by that same exact score.

  • Mikedunbarbc

    Another loss to HE by Miami followed by a loss to Cornell. The CCHA is off to a to a tough start.

  • Leggs2

    A team named “Miami” playing ice hockey in Ohio just doesn’t work.  No Miami in Tampa…

    • eagle68

      Gee what a surprise!

  • Union Tampa

    The obvious takeway from the game (as I moved to various seats within the stadium – including behind the both goals next to the guy with the switch) is the following:

    Both teams (miami & UML) didn’t play a complete period game.  UML was overpowering in the first period and looked like they had a extra attacker.  The I moved behind the UML goal for the third period and watch Miami take the game into another gear scoring two goals in 1 minute and smothering Carr with shot after shot before a third goal was scored.  If there was another 5 minutes left in the 3r period Miami would have won easily.  Instead the period ended, UML regrouped, and won.  It should be noted that Miami almost won with a shot off the inside of the crossbar 1 minute into OT – hard to believe that shot stayed out.

    Bottom line:  You can’t beat Union unless you play the whole game.  We’ll see what happens tonight.


  • Butch

    Appears Miami made right choice to join NCHC instead of HEA.  In my mind, this was THEIR year (similar season to BC a couple of years ago). The stars were lined up… On a roll, playing well, comfortable regional, and no BC until Frozen Four final. They’re now an elite program, but they really blew it… again. 

  • Tedp

    coaching mistake of changing lines in periods 1 and 2 (fourth year of doing it) lost the game.   Too bad the Miami team got thrown under the bus by their own coaches