Jim: Well, Todd, the field is now set for the NCAA tournament and the 16 remaining teams all have one focus: to capture that national title! I think each bracket varies in terms of difficulty but I really believe that the St. Paul regional may be the bracket of death. You have two tournament champions in North Dakota and Western Michigan facing off while host Minnesota will play a Boston University team that is hungry after playing poorly in the Hockey East semifinals. Do you agree that this is the toughest bracket of the four?

Todd: It’s either that one or the Northeast Regional, in my mind. It’s hard to overlook that bracket, which features the defending national champion (Minnesota-Duluth) and a team that has won 15 in a row (Boston College). Not to mention a Maine team that is 17-6-1 since the break and an Air Force team that has given No. 1 seeds fits in past years, including blanking Michigan in 2009.

I really think that bracket might provide the best games of the coming weekend, but you’re right — it’s hard to overlook a regional with Minnesota and North Dakota, being played in St. Paul. Western Michigan came on strong last weekend, and you don’t want to rule out BU.

Jim: I think that the East Regional bracket in Bridgeport, Conn., might be the softest of brackets. Most people I’ve seen are picking Union there, but I think that this should be Miami’s region to lose. They will play a Massachusetts-Lowell team with zero NCAA experience and then face the winner of Union and Michigan State, a team that barely backed into the tournament. And yes, I’m realistic to the fact that all four of these clubs are solid but I believe there are few people out there who believe the national champion will come from this region.

Todd: Looking at it a different way, this looks like a great opportunity for ECAC Hockey to get a team to the Frozen Four for the first time since Cornell in 2003. OK, maybe I also thought that last season when both Union and Yale were in the East Regional, but this Union team has lost just twice in 2012. Say what you want about the schedule it plays, but winning games develops a certain confidence level that might not be quite as high with the other three teams in that bracket — two of whom weren’t playing last weekend.

Jim: I think it would be a good step for the ECAC to get a team back to the Frozen Four. Given the fact that every league (including the defunct CHA) has had a more recent visit that the ECAC is not a good statement.
Putting the regionals on the back burner for a second, let’s talk about the hockey that was played in the conference tournaments this past weekend. A number of surprises, I think, particularly seeing Harvard get to the finals and Bowling Green nearly getting to the CCHA finals. Also, the fact that the WCHA final was comprised of two teams that had to play three games each was pretty impressive. What stood out to you from the conference tournaments?

Todd: I think what I’ll look back on is the turning of events that we saw at the WCHA Final Five. Denver was up 3-0 in its semifinal game, then Minnesota-Duluth rallied to make it 3-3 and forced double overtime, which may have contributed to the Pioneers’ championship game loss to North Dakota. Minnesota led North Dakota 3-0 in front of a loud crowd but the Sioux scored the last six goals to win that game.

Wait, can we still call them the Sioux? I guess we can call them whatever we want, but for the NCAA’s purposes this weekend, they’re North Dakota, without a nickname or logo. An interesting side note there for the West Regional. What stood out to you from last weekend?

Jim: I think what stood out to me on the weekend was how dominant BC continues to be. The Eagles admittedly didn’t even play a good game Friday and still handled Providence 4-2. Then the following night in a 4-1 win over Maine, BC made it look easy.

One note about Maine is that Spencer Abbott was injured pretty significantly on Friday when his head hit the boards on a borderline hit. The Black Bears certainly missed him in Saturday’s final and his status for the regionals is unknown.

That said, his Hobey Baker Award candidacy could be at risk as the voting will take place next Monday. Certainly a bad break for Abbott.

Todd: It’s especially a bad break considering that I think the award is still out there to be won. Eight of the 10 finalists’ teams are playing in the regionals this weekend, giving those players one last chance to stand out in the eyes of the voters. Abbott is certainly in the mix, but I wonder how much missing the regionals — if that’s what ends up happening — would cost him in the voting.

Jim: There is one school of thought if none of the candidates playing this weekend does much, could Abbott get a sympathy vote when the votes are cast on Monday? Hard to say and, I should note, we may be premature in saying that Abbott won’t play.
Now, you just said that it is a wide-open Hobey race. But I’ll put you on the spot here: Who is your top three today?

Todd: With the caveat that I plan on getting much deeper into the players’ statistics (i.e., seeing whether they’ve done enough against the top teams they’ve played) before making a final call, I’d go with Minnesota-Duluth’s Jack Connolly, Abbott and Colgate’s Austin Smith. To me, Connolly is the right mix of talent, tenacity and leadership for a team that has been right in the conversation as one of the nation’s best all season.

But I did leave the door open, and it’s because Connolly hasn’t yet won it in my eyes. To clinch it, he can take the Northeast Regional by force this weekend and get his team to Tampa. I’m not saying he wouldn’t be my pick if that doesn’t happen, but it would certainly give someone else the opportunity.

Jim: Well, we have a consensus between you and me. Those are my top three as well and, I agree, no clue which of the three deserves it the most. Connolly could prove some more. Abbott may not get another chance. And while Smith’s numbers are incredible, his season is done and he was invisible in the ECAC tournament.
OK, one last chance to put you on the spot. Who is your final four? I’ll be fair and start with mine: I have BC, Massachusetts-Lowell, North Dakota and Michigan. I think Lowell is really my only upset pick but I just feel that bracket is wide open.

Todd: That is putting me on the spot. I usually wait until the last possible moment to make my picks, waiting for some moment of clarity that usually doesn’t arrive. I think Boston College is just too tough in the Northeast, so I’ll agree with you there, even though I don’t want to discount Minnesota-Duluth. And I think North Dakota is right behind BC in terms of teams playing the best at this moment, so I’ll also take it from the West.

I don’t know why, but I’m not sold on Michigan getting through the Midwest. The Wolverines definitely look like the strongest team and they have the experience that everyone wants at this point of the season, but I just have a feeling that Cornell, Ferris State or Denver is going to knock them out. Injury concerns to Jason Zucker have me leery on Denver, so I’m going to take Ferris State as a No. 2 seed coming out of that regional.

And you’re right — the East is a tossup. I’m going with Miami, even though I think it would be a great story for Union to go through. Again, just a hunch.

Whatever happens, we should have some fun this weekend. Hope everyone’s along for the ride.

  • bluetell

    I’m not sold on Michigan making it to Tampa either. We can be world-destroyers some nights and then the next night sleepwalk through 3/4 of the game. If Hunwick plays like he can (and like he has been), then I think Michigan should be ok

    • KAW

      NoDak seems to thrive in the post-season every year, and this year is no exception, but here’s why WMU could surprise them: they have one of the best defenses in the country against an offense that really only has one productive line, and you can bet Andy Murray will exploit that. They also have one of the best special-teams units around right now, which may come in handy depending on how tight the game is called.

      I think Ferris/Denver will be too tired from playing each other to knock off the wolverines, so Michigan makes the trip to Tampa.

      The only thing that will stop BC is if they get lazy, or if UMD or Maine get hungry and play the game of their lives.

      Regular-season Miami would make it out of their regional easily, but post-season Miami may have a hard time. I’m giving that one to Union.

      • MPLS Sioux

        WMU does have a good defense and are holding their opponents to the least amount of shots/game in the nation but the thing that will help the Sioux is they have started to get goals out of their other lines and guys like Rowney, Parks, and Pattyn.  We need this to happen in order to get to Tampa.

        Go Sioux!!

        • Guest

          I agree the Sioux looked a lot better in the 2nd half of Friday’s game and all of Saturday’s game than I expected.  It seemed like everything they put on net was going in.

          I’m hoping to see a Gopher vs. Sioux rematch on Sunday and hope the Goph’s don’t choke again.  Tampa here we come!

          • MPLS Sioux

            Yeah the guy I was sitting next to at the X for the championship game was surprised when the 1st shot on goal didn’t go in Saturday vs. Denver haha

      • Scpa0305

        Actually the Rowney/Parks/MacMillan line has went bonkers since Christmas so you might want to watch out there and their third line has been nice too.  One thing holding the Sioux back is their short bench; last weekend I noticed they were double shifting either Brock N. or Corban K. on that line. 

        I think the only way WMU wins is if UND gets in penalty trouble early and WMU is able to get their PP working.  Otherwise the Canadian style of hockey (NHL style actually) that UND plays can screw up some of those teams that are not used to it. As far as that I mean throwing the puck at the net from odd angles and crashing for rebounds.

        • MPLS Sioux

          Yes, the penalties are going to be a huge factor.  I know the NCAA calls it tighter I just pray that we don’t get any calls for checks that are TOO good.  We need to play right on that edge without going over it.

          As for the short bench, it hasn’t caught up to them yet.  I just hope they can make it 4 more games!

          • Fan Man

             Reason I think the Sioux will take the Regional: In Mario I (starting to) trust!

          • Mississippi

            North Dakota will probably get NCAA issued bench minors for all the “Sioux” chants, and it will be loud.

          • Guest

            Keep crying North Dakota ??????  Wait you don’t have a nickname, so quit crying…..

      • Guest 64

        I think BC is going to get knocked off by Air Force.  BC boys are likely reading the clippings and planning for Tampa and before then know if they’ll be on bus heading back to campus with sad faces.  Sorry but Air Force is going to make an example out of them……

  • UMLRiverhawkAlum

    Let’s go Riverhawks!  A true worst to first scenario!!  All of 5 wins last year and Frozen Four this year??  The stars are aligned.  Just have to put a couple in the net and jump on Carr’s back!  Early loss to PC might prove helpful with some extra rest and healing.  Cherry on top of an already amazing run!  Can’t wait to go to Bridgeport!!…..(and maybe Tampa???)  Play hard and see what happens! GOOD LUCK BOYS!

  • HockeyEastFan

    Also, wouldn’t mind seeing what most of the Hockey East final four should have looked like… BC, BU, UML in frozen four??  Turn Tampa into the Garden South!!

  • blackbear19

    I agree on your top 3 hobey finalists, and I just dont get why ESPNU didnt want that UMaine/Minn-Duluth game on national tv, since you’ll have 2 of the 3 finalist(pending if Abbott plays)…..either way, I think its between those two, team that wins has the Hobey award……sad, because I think if Abbott wasnt playing this yr, you wouldnt see Maine in this tournament…….leading scorer in the country says it all.   Go Black Bears!

  • Helg56

    I agree, I see Mich, BC, Union, and the West Regional kind of being a toss up, but I’m hoping for my Gophers! :)

    • Fan Man

      I agree with you on everything but Union.  I see they did take down Michigan earlier in the year and they are playing strong hockey right now, but I also see loses to CC and Denver later in the year that make me wonder if their strength of schedule might finally catch up with them….   We all have our upset picks, so I am taking Miami out of that region and I dont know if I would even go as far to say that is a big upset.  Thoughts on the most difficult bracket to predict?

      • Helg56

        I think the toughest to predict bracket is the West Regional, but I think the overall bracket with the best teams in it is the Northeast Regional. I just cant see BC not winning that regional, while anyone I feel can get out of the West.

  • Jdhockeyboyz

    I read all the comments in Bracketology the last few weeks about the injustice of Minn hosting the West Regional and the advantage of being the de facto home team.  Look what they wound up with: the region of death.  On media coverage, I’m elated that FSN will cover Minn, UMD, and UND.  A pax on the house of ESPN for relagating the tourney to ESPNU.

  • Mike

    I Think North Dakota makes it to Tampa! The Broncos Might have some good Defense but I do not think it matches the Defense of Blood, Macwilliam, Simpson, Mattson, Forbort. When those guys are on they are the best Defensive pairings in the Nation!  And as far as producing goes North Dakotas 2nd line produces more points then WMU’s 1st line… the Broncos have 2 players in the double digits as far as goal scoring goes with 14 goals and 12 goals… The Sioux have Brock Nelson who is on fire and scored more goals himself then the 2 top scorers of WMU combined. North Dakota also has 18 goals from both Danny Kristo and Carter Rowney followed up with Corbin Knight at 15 goals and Michael Parks with 11. The Sioux by far have depth on the WMU Bronco’s and I am going to say a better defense!

  • Mike

     The Sioux have scored 130 goals this season and allowed 102 while the Broncos have scored 91 and allowed 80. The Broncos Have not faced anyone with a High powered offense besides Minnesota-Duluth. They have only played a handful of Teams you could count as decent. The Sioux have played Higher-Caliber teams all year and have more games under their belt with one less loss but 11 more wins. The Sioux will dominate this team as I dont see the Broncos scoring on Aaron Dell 4-0 Sioux!

    • CIS

      Keep underestimating Western, just like then #1 Ferris did, then like Miami and their 8-straight wins did, then like Michigan who is now 1-3 in their last 4 against WMU.  They feed off that, the Giounxs had better be ready.

      And the CCHA was tougher than the WCHA this year.  Anyone coming out of that conference can skate with anyone.

      • Suture

        CIS, I’m a Sioux and I don’t underestimate
        Western…..believe you me!  The Sioux
        have greatly overachieved this year so for anyone, Sioux fan or not, to think
        that the Sioux will walk over anybody is not dealing in reality.  I will say I am extremely proud of this
        team.  UND lost half their team to
        graduation, lost Miller and another recruit (forgot his name) and then the only
        highly drafted player ended up playing about 3-4 periods total this year.  My point is that this team does not have a
        plethora of talent so what they have done is really quite amazing.  They still have some great individual players
        but the team talent is definitely down this year.  Anyway, I am very glad to see Western in the
        playoffs (I thought they could have won their first game last year) as well as
        Miami.  The “National” may not
        be as great without Notre Dame but there will still be some great hockey played
        in the conference.  This will be a nice
        “how do you do” game so I think this is a great first round opponent
        for both teams.  Good luck this weekend

        • CIS

          Well said Suture. I look forward to many battles with your team. UND is a benchmark to evaluate how far mine has come.

      • Darb0114

        I don’t think anyone in the CCHA underestimates Western. I know I don’t. Other conferences, most likely yes.

        As far as CCHA being the toughest conference THIS year, I agree. Take a look at SOS, the CCHA has 7 teams in the top 10 for SOS, that has to say something about the conference. They also have 5 teams in the NCAA tourney. A couple of which I don’t agree with, but that must also have something to do with their SOS.

      • Mike

         Trust me the Sioux are more than ready and you cannot compare Ferris State and Miami to UND…  The Sioux are a stronger team than both of them. The Sioux have a deep team throughout and have a higher scoring offense then both Miami and Ferris State which are 2 teams that might of been in the middle of the pack if they where in the WCHA…

      • Mike

         And 1 more thing. The Sioux were 12th coming in to the WCHA Final Five. The Broncos were 14th coming in to the CCHA Finals. They both won. UND Jumped 8 spots to the top 4 where all the league tournament champs are besides WMU . WMU only jumped 2 spots to 12th. That means something!!

    • WMUalumn13

      Alright, I’m not here to talk trash, but I feel if somebody else is
      going to throw the Broncos under the bus I should at least set the
      record straight on some things.

      1. WMU scored 113 goals this season and allowed 89, not the 91 scored and 80 allowed as stated.

      2. The Broncos played 16 games against teams that are in the tournament
      and have an SOS of 10 and 5 respectively according to the RPI and
      KRACH.  Hardly ‘a handful of teams that you could count as decent’.  By
      comparison UND played 14 games against teams in the tournament and had
      an SOS of 12 and 18 according to the RPI and KRACH. 

      3.  WMU has 4 players with double digits in goals scored Walters – 16,
      Balisy – 13, Tennyson – 11, and Berschbach – 10.  The Broncos don’t have
      guys with big goal scoring numbers due to a number of reasons.  They
      are a defense minded team.  They spread the wealth; their top 4 goal
      scorers account for just 44% of the teams total goals, conversely UND’s
      top 4 goal scorers account for 60% of the teams total goals.  Andy
      Murray has a philosophy that he doesn’t have a top line and continually
      rolls with 4 lines all game long.  Also, this season was the year of the
      goalie in the CCHA.  The conference had 3 goalies in the top 10 in the
      nation in GAA.  The WCHA had 0.

      The hallmark for success for WMU has been the following: 

      1.Superior special teams play, the Broncos have a very good penalty kill
      and an above average power play.  In the last 6 games WMU has given up
      just 1 goal in 21 penalty kills, 95.2%.  In that same time span the
      power play is 9 for 28, 32.1%.  On the year WMU ranked 9th in the nation
      on the penalty kill and 16th on the power play.

      2. Frank Slubowski has been stellar in net.  Slubowski has a GAA of 2.03
      and a save % of .910 on the year.  He was also named MVP of the CCHA
      playoffs.  Luckily for everybody in the tournament this year they get to
      play him now when he is still a freshmen and still somewhat human.

      3. WMU is a good 1st period team and rarely surrenders early leads.  The
      Broncos have outscored their oppenents 38-19 in the first period.  They
      are 18-6-2 when scoring first and 15-2-2 when taking a lead into the
      first intermission.

      4.  Andy Murray has a wealth of knowledge from all that experience.  His
      goal in his words is to make WMU ‘a miserable’ team to play against. 
      He finds ways for the Broncos to frustrate teams out our of their game
      and into the WMU brand of hockey. 

      I don’t know if WMU will win on Saturday, but I do know that they will
      come to play.  There will not be any laying down, getting shut out, or
      blowouts this Saturday.  It will be 60 minutes (or more) of great
      competitive hockey that will probably come down to the final minutes of
      the game.

      • 00Average

        I have to admit I’ve followed WMU a little this year, largely because we’ll be in the NCHC together soon enough.  (That double one-timer against N Dame was pretty sick, and anyone who beats Michigan is okay in my book.)

        I was planning on cheering for y’all in the tourney for a few games, (Pff…  what are the chances of UND vs WMU first game?) but as a Sioux fan, I can’t do it now, because my loyalties lie with a bunch of green guys from Grand Forks. 
        Region of death-  Had to laugh, and agree.

        Go Sioux, respect the Broncos, and finish strong this year. 

      • Sioux4Life

        I am a Sioux fan and I bleed green, but I have nothing but respect for WMU. This is one of the most level headed, well written responses I’ve seen in years. Not only does WMU have a great hockey program, but some of the most knowledgeable and passionate fans in college hockey. I couldn’t be happier that the Sioux are soon going to be sharing the NCHC with such a classy organization as WMU. I know most of the country hates North Dakota, but we’re kind of an underdog state when it comes to national sports, so yes we love our Sioux with a zealous passion and follow them our entire lives, but like all of you, we also just love college hockey as a whole cause it’s a thing of beauty and an underdog sport in the NCAA realm.
        I’m looking forward to the weekend and twelve great hockey games.
        Go Sioux, let’s win a couple in Tampa this year.

        • 81GRRBRONCO

          I too am looking forward to the WEST Regional and playing our future National Conference opponent.  North Dakota’s got a great tradition without the Arrogant AA. fans of our current CCHA opponent. 

          Last year the success in the post-season was new to the Broncos and their belief that they belonged there wasn’t as strong as it is in 2012.  They KNOW they belong there now.

          Go Broncos!!

      • Mike

         I was looking at just their Conference stats sorry. But I was not throwing them under the bus, Did I bad mouth them once!?!? NO! I was stating how I believe the Sioux will win this game. I have watched this team play. Both this season in a regular season game and last year during their regional with Denver. I didn’t see much against Denver. Denver couldn’t put anything in, in the first 2 periods and prevailed by scoring 2 in the 3rd when they stepped it up. They went to 2 overtimes which Denver dominated and Denver ended up scoring in the 2nd OT. So I have seen this team and I am not just going off of guess. I just know the Sioux have speed this year and strength and I dont see the Broncos taking out the Sioux…

      • Maddogcaptain

        I think the Broncos vs Sioux winner wins the tourney IF someone knocks of BC in their region. I live in Las Vegas and bet the Broncos @ 30-1 to win the tourney. kind of remind me of my Michigan State team back in 2007. I WILL however bet enough on NDU in that 1st game to cover that bet.

    • SIOUXFAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

       lol, you obviously don’t know hockey. I see a good game about to unfold.

      • Mike

         How do I not know about hockey you moron!! I stated all facts from what I have seen this year!?! You are an idiot! The Sioux have only 3 more losses than last years team that was supposed to win it all. They are are not just a fluke team. They can beat anyone right now and out of anyone WMU is not going to get in their way. I was at the regionals last year and watched them go to 2 OT’s against Denver and I have to admit it was Denver sleeping that led to the 2 OT’s which Denver then won… I have played hockey my whole life and followed many teams this year, but of course I followed My Sioux the most as I went to over half of the home games this year. I know MY HOCKEY thanks…

        • Fire17

          And North Dakota can be beat by anyone right now as well.  Take off the green colored glasses and have some unbias dialouge. 

          That is the problem with Sioux fans, it doesn’t matter how good other teams are, you just think your so superior then everyone else, and that’s why fans do not like you….

          And its not your Sioux, you do not play for the team, you are a fan and that is all.

          • Mike

             Ok FIRE! I Am pretty sure I pay to see the Sioux play which goes to their funding and I pay for all of their merchandise which also goes to them… I can say whatever I want about the team. In all reality I pay out money to support them. Yeah the Sioux are on fire and I don’t see WMU extinguishing that fire. When have I ever stated that I KNOW the Sioux are going to win these are predictions moron! I have faith in the team I cheer on, yes MY TEAM, The Fighting Sioux. So mind your mouth and get lost!

          • Fan Man

             MY team too!  Comon share Mike LOL

          • Mike

            Oh yeah!!! All the Sioux Fans put soo much into being a Sioux Fan we all share the team!!

      • Mike

         HAHA and what kind of Sioux Fan are you by the way!? The one that goes to the Ralph just for a social gathering and gets wasted off of their bottom!?

  • BBear94

    The hosting-team-stays-home thing is played out.  There is no reason why the leagues cannot host the regionals with no preference for the hosting leagues’ teams.  There is too much at stake and really the home-ice advantage for teams is too great.

    Better way to do it is by keeping the #1 and #2 seeds as close to home as possible while having the #3 and #4 teams travel.  That way you would only have possible inter-league matchups in the Regional Final.

    • Suture

      I totally agree with Big Bear, great idea BBear…..this totally works.  Does anyone see a problem with this kind of arrangment. Best teams stay home….ensuring a pretty decent crowd.  Lower ranked teams have to travel. This is their penalty for sucking all year….j/k…:)   Furthermore, it will allow a given conference to potentially get more than 1 team to the FF if that conference possibly has 2 or 3 top teams in the country.  This would get rid of the argument I see on here that there are some good teams in one conference that are better than the top teams from another conference…..but are not allowed to go to the FF due to tournament architecture we have currently.

      Bravo Big Bear!  By the way, is Maine going to beat BC?  Man, I hope so.  Maine killed the Sioux last year and then fell off the radar…what’s up with that? 

       I thought the West was the toughest bracket….but I don’t know…Maine, B/C, UMD and AF…..I don’t know…lot of power there.  Remember, UMD seems to play well come tournament time and sometimes this means more than how “great” a team was during the year.  It’s all good….should be exciting…!!  Good luck to everyone.

    • Hockey God

      Because the NCAA is all about MONEY!!


    The Sioux  may not be allowed to have the logo on the ice, but the logo will be everywhere in the stands and it will be heard throughout the building and on television (the fans not announcers). I would like it if they were able to humilate Minnesota again in the second round.
    Its unfortunate that these games are being shown by ESPNU and ESPN3. I do not have these stations and the last place I want to watch a game is in a Buffalo Wild Wings or some other sports bar. The games are usually on mute and people seem more interested in distracting me than letting me watch the games.

     Hopefully a local radio station has the Sioux games and I can sit in my garage with some beer and a cigar or two and enjoy the games that way. Anyway go SIOUX!!!!

    • The team with no name

      Believe it when I say Minnesota wants UND again. They out played the SUE 3 of 4 games this season and for nearly 2 full periods last weekend. This weekend will be different. Minnesota is deeper and more talented up front and boast a solid defensive corp that isn’t flashy but solid at moving the puck up ice. The no names may think they’re going to Tampa but Hackstol has a way of choking this time of year.  In fact, he has a knack for it!

      • DG

        A gopher fan talking about a knack for choking…

        • MPLS Sioux

          I don’t think any gopher fan should be throwing any cheap shots about choking.  Letting up a 3-0 lead deep into the 3rd period and letting in 6 UNANSWERED GOALS in a Final Five they have been absent from since 2009.  The sad part is that the Gophers haven’t even been good enough to get in a position to choke the last several years.  They’ve choked their entire season away.

      • Fan Man

         I can hardly say the Gophers outplayed the Sioux all year.  Losing 2-0 and then a heartbreak loss with seconds to play on saturday (3-2) does not constitute anything of which you are saying there bud! And like anyone who knows anything about hockey knows that regular season games and who you won or lost to do NOT matter this time a year and it’s anybody games…   And don’t think for a second the Sioux don’t want another match-up with the Goofs come Sunday   ~Go Sioux~

    • DG

      Fox sports north is picking up UND, UMD, and BU first round games


        Thanks a lot DG that makes my day!

      • Mike


        • Guest

          Typical response from a ND fan…  That’s why you get no respect.

    • Guest

      Buy a ticket if your such a Sioux Fan, instead of relying on TV…. 


        Im a graduate student. I’m broke I don’t have money. Give it a few years and I’ll buy all the tickets in the world….

        • Guest

          Have fun in Denver watching…  Remember the NCHA will have their playoff tournament in Colorado, no longer at the Xcel and and easy drive.

  • Nyquist77

    I just hope Spencer Abbott is healthy & can play on Saturday.

    Only ESPN could decide to not show a game with 2 Hobey Baker finalists & arguably the top 2 offensive lines in all of hockey

    Silly ESPN

  • Sioux4thewin!

    Nelson has grown so much physically and mentally as a hockey player in
    just the last year for UND. I hope Coach Hak can finally get that elusive NCAA
    Championship, but they have a tough draw. I think it’s a little ridiculous that UND remained the 4 seed and they get stuck with the winner of the CCHA, along with the winner of two talented teams in BU and Minn. When was the last time Minnesota had to hold their own out east in the first rounds? UND has been sent that way numerous times. I think it should go to conferences host. UND will keep the streak going behind some hot goaltending from Aaron Dell, and should things go south Eidsness is no slouch. The Sioux have won 7 straight, they’ve only lost 1 game in their last 11 played, and have only lost 4 games since the season picked back up on Dec. 30. Watch out folks, UND is clicking on all cylinders. A lot of confidence coming into the weekend, and production coming from all 3 lines of forwards and D!

    • Fire17

      Minnesota is staying home because they are a host team.  If they were not the host they may have well been put out east.

      Don’t blame host teams for staying home, blame the NCAA, because they don’t want to spend the money to have teams traveling.  Just look at the NCAA baseball Regionals and Super Regionals….  Always same teams hosting, because that is where the money is.

      If you want North Dakota or UMD or Denver or CC or UMASS-Lowell to host then have them submit a bid to host and they can play home as well.

      The rules are the same for every team in NCAA hockey.  Every team is allowed to bid and host an NCAA regional if awarded.

      Step up and make the bid!

  • Chippy

    West region the toughest? You have the lowest rated no. 1 seed in ND (albeit who is playing very well), the lowest rated no. 2 seed in Minnesota who has been overated all season, and a no. 3 seed in BU who is missing its top 3 forwards. UMD has played itself into a tough position. Hopefully, the two that will make money playing the game yet this year will have the fire needed so my Easter vacation in Tampa may have some real magic, not the artificial variety found at the Magic Kingdom. Go Dawgs!

  • GeauxSioux

    The amount of generally positive camaraderie on this board is appalling. I love it! Best of luck to everyone. SIOUX YEAH YEAH

  • Guest 64

    I think that Air Force is going to upset BC this weekend….. just a feeling!

  • Jackson

    I’m sorry, but that front page image of the players in the net is screaming for a funniest caption contest.

  • Maddogcaptain

    forget Miami-Ohio in the East Regional bracket. Enrico Blasi’s “Choakhawks” ALWAYS screw it up in the tourney. U Mass-Lowell will knock them off 1st round.

    and Air Force is always a “dangerous dog” in the tourney. they are 1-3 in their 4 trips BUT those 3 losses were all by 1 goal with two those going to OT all against top seeds. VERY under-rated program because of their conference and being perceived as “it’s a military academy”