Boston College, Michigan, Union and North Dakota got the No. 1 seeds in the four regionals when the brackets for the 2012 Division I men’s tournament were released on Sunday.

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The CCHA led the tournament with five teams in the field (Michigan, Miami, Ferris State, Western Michigan, Michigan State), with four for Hockey East (Boston College, Massachusetts-Lowell, Maine, Boston University) and the WCHA (North Dakota, Minnesota-Duluth, Minnesota, Denver).

Union and Cornell represent ECAC Hockey, while Air Force earned Atlantic Hockey’s automatic bid.

Boston College returns to Worcester, Mass., from where it made the Frozen Four in 2006, 2008 and 2010.

“We’re excited to be close to home, but definitely four really strong teams in our bracket,” Eagles captain Tommy Cross said. “Obviously, Duluth won it last year, Maine, we found out last night has a really strong hockey team, Air Force, we were really impressed with at Grand Forks in the beginning of the year and they’ve only gotten better since then.”

The Eagles take a 15-game winning streak into the regional.

“We’re proud of [the 15-game win streak] because it means we’re playing good hockey,” Boston College coach Jerry York said. “A lot of the games have been tightly contested games so we’ve had to make good plays to win them and that builds your confidence. But now we’re starting from scratch and everyone’s 0-0.”

Massachusetts-Lowell is making its first NCAA tournament appearance since 1996.

“Sixteen years is much too long,” Massachusetts-Lowell coach Norm Bazin said. “These guys have earned this. Now we have to make sure Barry Melrose knows who we are when we leave Bridgeport.

“I’m excited for the guys. They put in a great body of work this year and they’ve been rewarded today.”

The River Hawks made the tournament in Bazin’s first season as coach.

“Everybody plays to win the national championship at the start of every season,” Bazin said. “We didn’t set a win total goal or a goal of making the NCAAs. We just wanted to play Lowell-style hockey and reestablish our identity. I think we did that.”

Air Force is in the tournament field for the second straight season, and coach Frank Serratore had no issues with being selected to face top overall seed Boston College.

“It’s beautiful. We have a lot of respect for BC,” Serratore said. “Their history, their tradition, how they play. We’re going to the national tournament and there’s no easy draws. But in the [Atlantic Hockey] tournament there’s no easy draws. We almost lost to Connecticut.”

Air Force lost to Yale in overtime in the first round last season and was an overtime goal away from the Frozen Four in 2009 after beating Michigan in the first round.

“Smaller-level schools have the opportunity to get old and deep,” Serratore said. “Look at college basketball. It’s the same thing with players leaving early. The top is down and the bottom is up. There’s more good players that can fill the 58 division I rosters.”

He added: “We’ve played No. 1 seeds every time. We beat one team. And the ones we lost to, I think we took a lot out of them. I’m sure I’m going to be in a fetal position tossing and turning next Friday and Saturday … but we’re going to take our swings. We’re playing with the house money.”

Boston University is back in the NCAA tournament for the first time since winning it in 2009. It plays West Regional host Minnesota in the first round.

“There will be no question that it will be a big house for whoever we play,” Terriers coach Jack Parker said. “There will be a packed house for Minnesota, but there will be a packed house of North Dakota fans, too — and they might be rooting for us. I think it’s great; it’s an NCAA championship final atmosphere. It’s a big building with a packed house, so we’re excited to go there.”

Boston University captain Chris Connolly returns to his home state of Minnesota, while his brother, Minnesota-Duluth captain Jack Connolly, heads to Massachusetts to play Maine in the Northeast Regional.

“I think the only other thing I was reading about was the possibility of playing against him in Worcester, and that was a little nerve-racking,” Chris Connolly said. “I know it’s a potential possibility of meeting him at some point; I just didn’t know if it was going to be potentially this early, but they’ve got a good hockey team and every opportunity to do well and succeed out in Worcester. And for me it’s an opportunity to play at home.”

The full tournament schedule with TV listings follows:

East Regional (Friday, March 23-Saturday, March 24)
Webster Bank Arena at Harbor Yard, Bridgeport, Conn.

• No. 1 Union (24-7-7) vs. No. 4 Michigan State (19-15-4), 3 p.m. EDT Friday, ESPNU
• No. 2 Miami (24-12-2) vs. No. 3 Massachusetts-Lowell (23-12-1), 6:30 p.m. EDT Friday, ESPNU
• Semifinal winners, 6:30 p.m. EDT Saturday, ESPNU

Midwest Regional (Friday, March 23-Saturday, March 24)
Resch Center, Green Bay, Wis.

• No. 2 Ferris State (23-11-5) vs. No. 3 Denver (25-13-4), 4:30 p.m. CDT Friday, ESPN Syndication (ESPNU, 10:30 p.m. Friday)
• No. 1 Michigan (24-12-4) vs. No. 4 Cornell (18-8-7), 8 p.m. CDT Friday, ESPNU
• Semifinal winners, 8 p.m. CDT Saturday, ESPNU

West Regional (Saturday, March 24-Sunday, March 25)
Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, Minn.

• No. 1 North Dakota (25-12-3) vs. No. 4 Western Michigan (21-13-6), 12:30 p.m. CDT Saturday, ESPN Syndication: FSN (ESPNU, 11:30 a.m. Sunday)
• No. 2 Minnesota (26-13-1) vs. No. 3 Boston University (23-14-1), 4 p.m. CDT Saturday, ESPN Syndication: FSN (ESPNU, 2 p.m. CDT Sunday)
• Semifinal winners, 4:30 p.m. CDT Sunday, ESPNU

Northeast Regional (Saturday, March 24-Sunday, March 25)
DCU Center, Worcester, Mass.

• No. 1 Boston College (29-10-1) vs. No. 4 Air Force (21-10-7), 4 p.m. EDT Saturday, ESPNU
• No. 2 Minnesota-Duluth (24-9-6) vs. No. 3 Maine (23-13-3), 7:30 p.m. EDT Saturday, ESPN Syndication: FSN (ESPNU, 11:30 p.m. EDT Saturday)
• Semifinal winners, 8 p.m. EDT Sunday, ESPNU

Games that are listed as being aired live on ESPN Syndication can be picked up by local and regional channels. All games are also available on

  • Mitch Gwere

    Once again WCHA gets the short end.  Have 3 of the best 4 teams in the country and get 1 number 1 seed.  

    • SiouxAlumDenver

      Actually, only North Dakota is one of the top 4 teams in the country.  Pairwise shows that.  WCHA didn’t get screwed.  In fact, I like all of the pairings.  This looks like a very deep field.

      • Ebpyle

         The only surprise I saw was Michigan retaining their #2 slot after losing last night.  Otherwise nothing else is shocking.  I would love to see three WCHA teams make the frozen 4 and prove they’re top teams.

        • UM09

          If you messed with the pairwise predictors at all before last night, you had to know that Michigan had solidified their position as the #2 overall seed. And its well deserved IMO. 

          Knowing their position was locked up and coming off a 2OT game, I’m not surprised that WMU was able to squeak out the victory. 

          • LockItUp

            Most people here have no clue how the pairwise works.  They think it is like the polls and that every win or loss should bounce you up and down.

          • Jackson

            Your comment reminds me of a guy I worked with once who thought it was stupid that our company wasn’t called “A Inc” because that would always put the company at the top of Google search results.

      • StoneySIOUX

        This is the most wide open tournament I have seen in a long time. Realistically, I look at 11 teams that could win this tournament (sorry that I leave out Maine, Air Force, Cornell, Mass-Lowell and Michigan State…. just my opinion, WMU is borderline, but I like their speed) that could win this tournament. It’s fun not having a dominant team out there. The parody has been fun all year and I feel like this tournament could yield some big upsets.

        • Broncobri79

          I agree. I should be a fun tournament. There was a lot of parody this year in college hockey all season. The tournament should be no exception. Good luck on Saturday. Looking forward to 2013-2014 when we are able to play North Dakota on a regular basis.

          • Clark17

            WMU fan I assume.  Good luck to you.  I’m a Sioux fan but also an Andy Murray fan.  I always thought D1 would be a great fit for him.  I wish these two didn’t have to meet so soon. 

          • WMUBroncoAlumnus02

            I think this will be one of the best opening round games, both teams have been playing their best hockey as of late.  The Sioux are a well-deserved #1 seed and WMU is about as tough of a #4 seed as you’ll ever find.  I don’t know what UND’s weakness is, but if they have one I’m sure Andy Murray will find a way to attack it.  I can easily see this one being an OT thriller.

        • blackbear19

          Can I ask why you feel Maine cant win?  Especially if Abbott comes back to play….kinda curious.   We’ve beat BC twice, sure it was before they got on the roll they are on now, but we do have the best powerplay team left in the NCAA’s….defensive were better then we were 2 and half months ago.   

          • Joe C

            I agree with BlackBear. If Stoney can include BU as potentially winning a title, how on earth can one exclude Maine. BC has been a steam-roller for the past two months. BC’s only tough games (other than a couple of sleep-walks in the first period against far inferior teams) have been the Beanpot final OT win over BU and the Hockey East final over Maine.

            As a BU fan, I think Maine and Lowell have a better shot at winning the NCAA than BU. However, given the fact the Parker Millner went from being a sieve to being a premier goaltender just before the Beanpot, it honestly is BC against the field.

            Forgive me if I root for BU, then Maine and then the field.

      • Vinotintojoe

        not all of us gopher fans are whiners… only problem i have is that we are in the same bracket as UND…playing at xcel…not a good history against them in that rink…

    • ToldYa

      WCHA is full of whiners year after year,

      • Bulldog Fan

         And Defending National Champions

        • WhineAndCheese

          WCHA fans whine all the time, regardless of whether the defending champ is a WCHA team.  Don’t see too many Duluth whiners, though.  They mainly come from Minnesota and North Dakota.

          • Bunt69

             Minnesota fans are the largest group of elitist whiners on the planet.

            UMD fan here, trust me I know from experience.  Heck we are defending national champs, and get placed out east with BC and Maine.

            No problem in my book.  

          • Jason

            Lol wow are you kidding me? I live in Duluth and am a gopher fan, they whine all the time! All I listened to was whining about being swept by the gophers, about how gopher fans always whine, about Minnesota is overrated blah blah blah. I have to listen to that crap all the time.

      • jdhockeyboyz

        Only UMD and Minn are really full strength at this point of the season.  Denver is banged up and clearly exhausted after last night.  UND has no additional bodies to fill in for potential injuries.  But I’m not whining.  I’d like to see the WCHA teams distributed one to region.  I think 2 of them reach the final four.

        • Chokers

          Minnesota is NOT at full strength. They have a full roster but they have not played to their full potential for a couple months. I bet they roll over and die, the minnesota sports way. 

    • Wppjr27

      who is your number three in the top 4?

  • Butch

    Good grief.

  • uhh what?

    maine beats merrimack and bu in the he tourney and gets rewarded with a worse matchup than they were projected for before….lovely

    • Joe C

      Maine gets to stay east and play in Worcester, in front of legions of Maine fans being loud desiring a potential rematch with the Eagles.

      BU goes to Minnesota to play Minnesota. Yes, I remember that Maine does well out there, but all things being equal, it is much better to play UMD in DCU than Minnesota in Xcel.

      I hope Maine gets to the Frozen Four. Maybe a nice 1996 rematch.

  • dusty bronco

    I think WMU kind of got screwed being a #4 seed against ND. WMU wins the CCHA tourney, finished 2nd in the regular season, and out of five teams that get in they get what amounts to the lowest ranking of any.

    • stonecoldwolv

      They might not have gotten in if they didnt beat Michigan. Be grateful you got in.

      • dusty bronco

        show me a pairwise scenario where they don’t get in. I think they were stuck at 14 no matter what. If you can show me one, I will publicly retract

        • stonecoldwolv

          If they had lost and Harvard won then MSU and Harvard would have gotten in. Here are past articles from USCHO

          Western Michigan
          A win by your team. That guarantees the autobid and doesn’t leave anything else to chance. If that doesn’t work and your team loses, then you’re rooting for Union. Why? Because then Harvard is knocked out and Western can finish no lower than 15th in the PairWise, thus guaranteeing an at-large bid.

          Harvard win, WMU win – Harvard and WMU in
          Harvard win, WMU loss – Harvard and Michigan State in
          Harvard loss, WMU win – WMU and Michigan State in
          Harvard loss, WMU loss – WMU and Michigan State inWhat is interesting is if WMU had lost to Miami and tied BG MSU and Nothern would have gotten in and Western would be on the outside. I was following WMU because I could not grasp how they could be left out of the tourney but Northern and MSU could be in. Not beating Michigan you were not locked into the field.

          • dusty bronco

            Ok thank you, but with Harvard losing, we did not need to win. I too have trouble grasping how WMU almost got left out. Whats more the West region has the CCHA and WCHA champions playing each other and WCHA regular season champs. This bracket seems very loaded, and I would say whoever wins this one, is likely to advance to the title game if not win. 

          • Stonecoldwolv

            But you did not know Harvard had lost when western and Michigan were playing. That game was at the same time as ours. In a single elimnation tourney anything can happen and will happen. IMO BC and UND bracket are the two hardest regions. The way the wcha tourney shook out it changed somethings around.

    • WMUBroncoAlumnus02

      It is what it is, that’s the pairwise system.  We went winless against Union, Michigan St., St. Cloud and Minnesota Duluth.  The regular season has to count for something and if we have just one win anywhere in there we probably wouldn’t be in this situation.  The bright side is that we’re playing our best hockey right now (unfortunately so is UND).  The only way in which I would say we got screwed is that the game is on ESPN3.

      • Agreed, although the Pairwise system really does punish teams for their non-conference record, something where Western was going to have problems with, between a new coach and a team laden with freshmen.

        That being said, they’re playing their best hockey now, so we’re likely to see a good first-round game with North Dakota.  Bit of a shame that they have to play a team that powerful to start while Ferris, Miami, and Michigan have lesser opponents, but those are the breaks when you use a ranking system as fundamentally flawed as Pairwise.

      • Brandon Boetcher

         Its a good way to start a new rivalry. 

    • cis

      Totally screwed.  Western went 5-0-1 to finish the season, with 3 wins over then top-5 teams.  They moved up two spots in the Pairwise.  Math is math but I think it’s flawed if that’s the reward.  Frankly, finishing tied for second in the CCHA should have been enough to get them in regardless.

      I thought they’d have Union, which is a much easier task than a smoking-hot Dakota team.  WMU went 2-0-2 against Union the last two years.

      • DG

        Remember: to be the best, you have to beat the best! WMU just beat Michigan, you really shouldn’t be scared of any team. A hot underdog is a winning combination in college sports. Just look at Duluth last year and UND and WMU this weekend. Good luck, looking forward to a great game! 

  • stonecoldwolv

    I dont know who cries more SEC fan or WCHA fan.

    • yup

      by cry do you mean win?

      • WhiningCollegiateHockeyAssoc

        No, he meant cry.  WCHA fans whine far more than they win.

        • Scott Reed

          54 of the 59 years the WCHA has been a conference a WCHA team has played in the national title game, and I believe its won it 34 times, but your right thats not winning very much…

          • SIOUXFAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          • Jon

            I’m a WCHA fan and I have to say you’re an idiot. Check the history of the title game again. Your numbers are way off. 


            Actually it’s 46 years. You have to remember Michigan and state were a part of the wcha until 81. Northern was as well from 84-97. I could be off a game or two but it’s not 54. I respect the wcha but I don’t respect some of their fans. I think some of you guys know what am talking. It’s funny how some work. we all get hockey is all you guys got but some are just goof balls.

          • Fire17

            And when you said don’t respect the WCHA fans, you should be talking about North Dakota fans…

            Check WCHA blogs and you will see why the rest of the WCHA fans don’t respect North Dakota fans as well.  They give all of the WCHA a bad rap..

          • DG

            You say we give the WCHA a bad rap after you post your “jealous of greatness” comment haha. We play good hockey, that’s what it’s about

          • Scott Reed

            Your right  The WCHA has won it 37 times not 34, thanks for your help with that.  And this is the 60th year not the 59th.  I was recalling those numbers from memory and now as I read it, it looks like the WCHA’s page is off on their math a little so I am not sure about the 54 of the 60 years, but its not way off.  

            But thanks for proving your an idiot!

        • Fire17

          And all you non WCHA fans come on here and take shots at the WCHA because your jealous of greatness…

    • Scpa0305

      You guys must be UM fans

      • SIOUXFAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

         no, SIOUX FANS!!! SIOUX YEAH YEAH!!!!!!!

  • Suture

    Here we go again.  Enough already with the “we are better than you” comments. All these teams deserve to be here. Does it really matter who or where you play?  The best 4 teams will make it to the FF….end of story.  Every fan can make an argument as to why their team was not seated fairly. But, can we all agree that every team just needs to play their best hockey and let the chips fall where they may?  Good luck to everyone and let’s get off this boring and annual….”we got ripped off” commentary.

    • GoodGrief

      Totally agreed. And from the conference who’s won more than anybody no less.

    • B.D.

      Concur:  My only minor gripe is that they did not break out the four WCHA teams amongst the four brackets allowing for an all WCHA final four.

      We can dream right?

      • CommAve

        Happens all the time.  Like it would have been sweet to have BC/BU on opposite sides of bracket.  Though all HE Frozen Four is possible.

        • Jfkelley

          Under selection rules , first phrase is the commitee should not put two teams in the same bracket from the same league unless 5 or more teams are involved.Why is Maine in Worcester instead of Denver ? Can’t they read ?  Jim Kelley

      • Bruce

        It is possible, however, for an all NCHC Frozen Four:
        East = Miami
        Midwest = Denver
        West = North Dakota or Western Michigan
        Northeast = Minnesota – Duluth

    • CommAve

      So I guess we should just get rid of the comments platform all together?  Get over it man.  It’s the purpose of having this function and ability.

      • Suture

        Comm, you are telling me there is nothing else to talk about
        other than arguing where your team was placed and why you got scrwed?  Come on buddy, I know you can do better than
        this.  I guess I am looking for slightly
        more intelligible conversation and commentary. 
        Unfortunately, people of minimal insight into college hockey will be
        stuck in the same old, hackneyed argument of “we are better than
        you”. It looks like the responses on here would agree that we need to get
        beyond this ridiculous debate and spend time talking/comparing/debating other
        finer points of their team and/or other teams. 
        You can stick to your childish arguments if you like pal….but maybe it
        is time for you to grow up just a tad?

    • brandon

      I would argue that the “best 4 teams” rarely, if ever, all make it to the frozen four. Tis the story of one-and-done playoff college hockey

  • bluetell

    To everyone whining about their seeding and who they have to play: There’s this thing we have called a “Pairwise Ranking”, maybe look into it sometime

  • SoCal Sioux Fan

     Sioux – Gopher matchup is a little surprising, but the brackets overall look pretty good, and I say that as a WCHA/Sioux Fan.  The only surprising seed has to be Union.  Check out the KRACH rankings compared to Pairwise.  That’s an early Christmas present for Michigan State.

    • Irish Fighter

       Right….. so you don’t follow college hockey much I guess?   Teams are normally just lining up to play the number one goaltender in the country? 

      • Butch

        Right… And your infamous KRACH would have put a very mediocre N. Michigan in. Great justification in that.

        • Then again, according to KRACH, Northern is mediocre only due to playing in a brutally tough CCHA conference.

    • AZ Sioux Fan

      No one wants to face Union.  You change a system to hold a top line down but it is heard to gear up for a goalie that never gives up a rebound.

      • Scpa0305

        I’m calling Mich st beats Union…first game.  If Mich st comes out of that regional I will puke.

        • Uhock

          I don’t think that will happen.  Union is coming in so hot right now that its gonna be hard for mich st to come into Bridgeport and beat them.  But you know what they play the game for a reason so we will definitely see.

  • JH Eagle99

    The game schedule sucks.  Why on earth is the Northeast region final at 8 PM on Sunday.  One of the Central time zone games should be the late game on Sunday.  

    • Joe C

      So they do not compete in the Northeast markets with NCAA basketball.

  • TK48states

    seated? parody? somebody is skipping classes.

  • hater

    Wcha team’s play the toughest schedule out of any conference which is why they are banged up.  

  • Dlippiello

    As a Union fan I am euphoric today, but also realistic. It’s great to read the respectful, non-ecac bashing comments. Honestly though, as a rabid ECAC fan, I do believe that the level of ECAC play is below that of the “big three” conferences and do struggle seeing Union as a #1 seed. I know all about the pairwise but I also know about history. The ECAC has not won a title since 89. That is a long time. Until an ECAC team breaks through to the frozen four at least two or three times and wins a championship, we do not belong in the conversation of the elite in college hockey, the very good maybe, but not elite. I feel Union is a very good team, I bleed garnet. Yet this is a very challenging mountain facing the Dutchmen, regardless of seeding. Maybe this Union team will prove to be the exception, I do not know? I do know that I am looking forward to a great, hopefully injury free tourney for all. Good luck to all teams from all leagues. I have a ton of respect for the WCHA, CCHA, and HE leagues. I am hoping for the ECAC to earn some of their own in 2012z

    • Tbirdgal17

      I am an ECAC fan as well, but not a Union fan. However, Union has a good team. I don’t think they will win, but I do think they will do better than last year. The only teams in the ECAC to win the national title are RPI and Cornell. Can Union be the third? Maybe. We shall see.

      • Joe C

        Harvard won the NCAA in Minnesota, I think it was 1989. Harvard is still part of the ECAC, even if they have had several down years.

        Boston U and Boston College both won titles as part of ECAC and then later won titles as part of Hockey East. Well, I am not positive about BC’s first title, it may have predated the ECAC.

    • Leggs2

      Well stated, I couldn’t agree more. It is fun to be involved with the big boys, after years of misery.
      GO GARNET!!

  • atlsioux

    Based on their history of winning NCs the bracket strenghts are in this order: West, Midwest, Northeast, East.

    West: 3 of the 4 teams have won at least one NC and in fact all three teams have at least 5 (UND 7, BU 5, Minn 5). In the last 20 years it’s almost the same – same 3 teams (UND 2, BU 2, Minn 2).

    Midwest: 3 of 4 with at least one NC. BC 4, Maine 2, Duluth 1. In the last 20 years – BC 3, Maine 2, Duluth 1.

    Northeast: 2 of 4 teams with at least one NC. Mich 9, Denver 7. In the last 20 years – Mich 2, Denver 2.

    East: Only 1 team has ever won a NC – MSU 3 with one of those in the last 20 years.

    This also indicates the road is much tougher on the left side of the bracket (Midwest/West). 24 NCs from 6 teams ever (12 NCs from same 6 in the last 20 years). Right side of bracket (Northeast/East): 19 NCs from 3 teams ever (5 NCs from the same 3 in the last 20 years).

    For the most part this history matches up pretty well with the relative strenght of the current teams.

    • atlsioux

      Sorry, missed Cornell in 1970. So add 1 team and 1 NC to the Northeast bracket, but no change to the last 20 years.

  • atlsioux

    Based on their history of winning NCs the bracket strenghts are in this order: West, Northeast, Midwest, East. West: 3 of the 4 teams have won at least one NC and in fact all three teams have at least 5 (UND 7, BU 5, Minn 5). In the last 20 years it’s almost the same – same 3 teams (UND 2, BU 2, Minn 2).Northeast: 3 of 4 with at least one NC. BC 4, Maine 2, Duluth 1. In the last 20 years – BC 3, Maine 2, Duluth 1.Midwest : 3 of 4 teams with at least one NC. Mich 9, Cornell 1, Denver 7. In the last 20 years – Mich 2, Denver 2.East: Only 1 team has ever won a NC – MSU 3 with one of those in the last 20 years.This also indicates the road is much tougher on the left side of the bracket (Midwest/West). 24 NCs from 6 teams ever (12 NCs from same 6 in the last 20 years). Right side of bracket (Northeast/East): 20 NCs from 4 teams ever (5 NCs from 3 in the last 20 years).For the most part this history matches up pretty well with the relative strenght of the current teams.
               Note: Ignore my last post and correction to that if it’s still in here. I had missed Cornell’s 1970 NC and the printed bracket had the Midwest and Northeast swapped in error.

  • Don Barcome, Jr

    If MN wasn’t a host, the brackets would have worked out very well.  I am disappointed that UMD isn’t in Green Bay; as defending Nat  Champ and a regional draw, the UMD team & their Fans deseved better.  Glad to see only 1 WCHA double-up, but wondering which Gopher team shows up (& which Ken Paterson!). 

    Still do not like PWC, and think that KRACH has refined to a better level  But, with the Regional hosts, I really do not think it will get much better than what we see this year. 

    With the Big 10 & NCHA starting in 2 years, that should make things get very interesting!

    • DG

      It shouldn’t make any difference in what a team did last year. Duluth had a great season and a good chance to be a number 1 seed, but they blew it with a shaky end to the season and a terrible start against Denver last weekend in the Final Five. It will definitely be interesting to see how things shape up. I’m curious to see if Union is the real deal.

      • Don Barcome, Jr

        GB is a short drive from Duluth/Superior, the NCAA should have put UMD at the GB Regional – whatever the rationale! They could have sent Ferris State (another #2), somewhere else, same with Denver. Denver was flying no matter what!

  • atlsioux

    But since we are talking right now about who makes it out of the regionals and into the FF, here’s a look at who in the field has done that in the past.

    Ever: West (3 Teams, 59 FFs), Midwest (3 Teams, 46 FFs), Northeast (3 Teams, 36 FFs), and East (2 Teams, 13 FFs).

    1990s and 2000s: West (3 Teams, 21 FFs), Northeast (3 Teams, 20 FFs), Midwest (3 Teams, 14 FFs), and East (2 Teams, 6 FFs).

    2000s only: Northeast (3 Teams, 13 FFs), West (3 Teams, 11 FFs), Midwest (3 Teams, 8 FFs), and East (2 Teams, 4 FFs).

    All things considered, based on FF Appearances I have to rank the brackets in this order: West, Northeast, Midwest, East.

  • Can’t Watch the 1st round

    What kind of tv coverage is this?  What a joke!!

  • atlsioux

    In terms of getting to Frozen Fours the following teams dominated by decade (sort of):

    2000s: UND (7), BC (6), Maine (5), Michigan (5)
    1990s: BU (7), Michigan (6), Maine (4), BC (3)
    1980s: Minnesota (6), UND (4), Michigan State (4)
    1970s: BU (7), Minnesota (5), Cornell (3), Denver (3)
    1960s: Denver (7), UND (4), BC (3), BU (3), Cornell (3)
    1948 to 1959: Michigan (10), BC (6), BU (3)

    • Don Barcome, Jr

      North Dakota

      Should be 4 for the 1990’s & 8 for the 2000’s

      • atlsioux

        Per the USCHO NCAA Championships page:

        2011: Mich 2 UND 0 Semi
        2008: BC 6 UND 1 Semi
        2007: BC 6 UND 4 Semi
        2006: BC 6 UND 5 Semi
        2005: DU 4 UND 1 Final
        2001: BC 3 UND 2 Final
        2000: UND 4 BC 2 Final
        1997: UND 6 BU 4 Final
        1987: UND 5 MSU 3 Final
        1984: UMD 2 UND 1 Semi
        1982: UND 5 Wisc 2 Final
        1980: UND 5 Northern Mich 2 Final
        1979: Minn 4 UND 3 Final
        1968: DU 4 UND 0 Final
        1967: Cornell 1 UND 0 Semi
        1965: BC 4 UND 3 Semi
        1963: UND 6 DU 5 Final
        1959: UND 4 MSU 3 Final
        1958: DU 6 UND 2 Final

        That’s 7 in the 2000s, 1 in the 1990s.

        1990: Colgate, BU, Wisc, BC
        1998: Mich, UNH, BC, OSU
        1999: Maine, BC, UNH, MSU
        2003: UNH, Cornell, Minn, Mich
        2004: DU, UMD, Maine, BC
        2010: Wisc, RIT, BC, Miami

        We lost in the regionals in each of the above six years that you had listed. Didn’t make it to the FF.

        • Don Barcome, Jr

          Thanks – I see where I read the table wrong. 

  • Don Barcome, Jr

    of the 16 teams in the field, only 4 have a Standard Deviation from their average ranking (PWR, KRACH, USCHO & USA-Today) poll ranking over 3.  Of the remaing 12 teams, only 4 are above 1,1 (Minnesota at 1.8 the highest) & the other 8 ranging from 0 (3 teams) to 1.1.  The bottom line for me is that just isn’t right!

    Avg Rank
    Std Dev



    Air Force

    West Mich

  • Don Barcome, Jr

    FSN steps-up!!! Sioux – Western Michigan game on main channel & Gopher & Bulldogs on FSN Plus! A triple header of great hockey! Thanks Fox Sports North!!!

  • BracketMAN

    The NCAA rule on maximizing profits clearly trumped bracket intgegrity.

    The west regional will make the most money and, if you swapped BC for BU, could be a better FF than the eventual FF.  You have WCHA champ Minny, WCHA playoff champ UND, CCHA playoff champ WM and BU.  Easily the toughest bracket in the tournament.  The Union bracket is a joke.  Not much better in the Micihigan bracket.