Colorado College sophomore forward Jaden Schwartz signed with the NHL’s St. Louis Blues Monday and will forgo his last two years of NCAA eligibility.

Schwartz will join the Blues in Chicago and could make his pro debut Tuesday night against the Blackhawks.

“Jaden had an excellent college career and we are excited that he is ready to make the jump to the NHL,” said Blues GM Doug Armstrong in a statement. “He will add depth to the skill level on our team and give us some options as we begin this stretch drive.”

“It’s been a dream of mine to play in the NHL and I’m excited to be able to do it as a St. Louis Blue,” added Schwartz. “The Blues are having a terrific season and I will do whatever they need me to do just to help out.”

According to a report in the Colorado Springs Gazette on Monday, Schwartz’s older brother, Rylan, a junior with the Tigers, may also sign a pro deal and leave school.

Jaden Schwartz was the Blues’ first-round pick in 2010 and tallied 32 goals and 56 assists in 60 games the past two seasons with Colorado College, leading the team in scoring both seasons. He also captained Canada at the 2012 World Junior Championship.

  • The Collective WCHA

    thank god

    • Saundecr

      On behalf of Miami and the other future NCHC conference teams, thank goodness.

  • Scpa0305

    Good luck to the Schwartz bros!  Man they were good!  I have no idea how CC was not better.  Jaden Schwartz was the best player I saw in the last two years (and yes I am a Sioux fan not a CC fan).

    • Suture

      Better than Frattin?  I don’t think so. Fratt’s was the best player in college hockey last year hands down.  Those brothers are very good and I think this will really hurt CC’s team next year.  Unless they bring in a stud class this year they could have a very rough go of it next year.  Good for the two brothers…..bad for  CC.

      • Scpa0305

        It’s hard for me to say it but yes, he was better than Frattin.  I followed Frattin in juniors and he was a beast.  He kind of lost his way when he came to UND (which as been well documented) but then killed it his last year.  I am a huge Frattin fan, but, Schwartz is, and has been, a much better prospect than Frattin ever was.  Schwartz will be a full time NHLer right from the get go.  Frattin was a really nice college player but has to pick his game up now in the pros; I think he is star struck.

        All in all though, Frattin was real nice.

        • MPLS Sioux

          I just think Frattin’s physical domination of players outweighed Schwartz plus that shot, My God!

          As to who will be better in the pros, only time will tell

          • Scpa0305

            True true.  Go check out Schwartz’s stats though through his first two years…..pretty ridiculous I might say.  I am guessing if he stayed until his senior year they would be video game type stats.

          • SieveCheese

            Physical domination is not Jaden’s game so you can’t really compare the two.  Based purely on points Jaden is a more prolific college player.

          • Scpa0305

            Yup, and a better prospect.  That’s all I was saying; Frattin is nice.  Jaden will play in the NHL from the get go and Frattin will have to work hard to stay there.  Again, I am a UND fan so I am not biased in this convo.

          • MPLS Sioux

            @SieveCheese: I don’t remember Jaden scoring 36 goals in a season… Just sayin’.  Obviously they’re both talented players but I seem to remember Frattin getting a few points as well and he was a tough guy to take off his skates.

            @Scpa0305: Yes I do believe they would have been pretty ridiculous stat lines had he stayed all 4 years but I’d rather he help out the blues in the playoffs :) 

          • SieveCheese

            I don’t remember Frattin having over a point a game in his college career.  Just sayin’.  No doubt Frattin had a stand out year last year and is a huge physical presence but for an over all prospect you have to take Schwartz.  Jadens PPG was at 1.47.  Frattin’s 0.78.  As far as goal scoring goes Jaden had .53 GPG and Frattin was at .41.  

          • MPLS Sioux

            Well if you don’t remember it, then it definitely didn’t happen….

          • Fan Man

            You cannot compare Shwartz to Frattin and his Senior year…  If you count in the age difference etc.. it is just not very fair!  Who will be better eventually?  I would have to go with schwartz and I DO not like saying that!  It is well documented on here that I am a Sioux fan   I hope time proves me wrong tho

  • MPK

    Good Luck to Jaden and Rylan with the careers. If CC had decent coaching and had a chance to maybe win something they might have stayed.  CC will never win anything with Scott Owens.

  • Siouxbetcha

    Those cats are good.  Good for the NHL and away from the WCHA.  Will be exciting to watch Jaden and T.J light it up together.  Best of luck.

  • Iceref

    The reason CC was so bad was Owens…not one player who has come through the program has any respect for him. Good for Schwartz!

    • MPK

      Well said.  Squat Owens has always taken a good CC team at the beginning of the season and turned them into a mediocre team by the end of the season.

  • SoCalSiouxFan

    Looks like he was ready for the jump.  He needs to adapt to the Blues style of play ASAP.  Much different than CC.  BLUES have only allowed 135 goals and have 4 point lead over EVERYONE in the NHL. 

    From no post-season to #1 Stanley Cup contender in a matter of minutes.  What an opportunity!!!!!!!

  • Anti-NCAA

    Good for these boys.   Even though I hate seeing college players making the jump, I know it’s the inevitable.  CC will have a difficult time finding people with their experience to fill the shoes of the brothers’ Schwartz.     I loved watching them play with UND in Grand Forks.   It will be a different game, next year.