Boston College received all 50 first-place votes this week to remain the top-ranked team in the Division I Men’s Poll.

Ferris State and Minnesota-Duluth trade places this week, with Ferris State jumping to No. 2. Michigan rises two to No. 4 and Minnesota drops one to No. 5.

Boston University falls a pair to No. 6, Massachusetts-Lowell is up one to No. 7, flip-flopping with Union, while Denver stays ninth and Maine is again tenth.

Miami stays 11th, North Dakota rises two to No. 12, Cornell remains the 13th-ranked school, Merrimack falls two to No. 14 and Michigan State holds steady at No. 15.

At No. 16, Western Michigan assumes the same spot as last week, Notre Dame jumps one to No. 17, Colorado College is up one notch to No. 18, Air Force rises one to No. 19 and previously-unranked Lake Superior State comes in at No. 20 this week.

Eight other schools received votes.

The Division I Men’s Poll consists of 50 voters, including 28 coaches from the Division I conferences and 22 beat writers and sports professionals from across the country.

  • UNDNorthStars

    Where is Yale?

    • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      North Dakota. . . Always Classy.

      • Chrisgal

        Yeah. It’s like A Minnesota fan asking “Where’s Holy Cross”? North Dakota is one of the few states I’ve never been to, but just from reading the comments on this site I can imagine the type of knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers that live there….

        • GodsSquadForever


          • Dontcry

            Are you kidding?

          • GodsSquadForever

            Yeah.  I have actually had a moderator post to one of my comments saying that I was offensive and I have never disrespected anyone’s home state….just their sports teams :o).  All in all, yes I was kidding.

          • Justsayin

            That wasn’t a moderator.  It was a cut and paste of the suggested rules from the top of the comment section that follows every article.

          • GodsSquadForever

            dont think so

          • Excuse me… Sir

             What exactly is a knuckle-dragging mouth breather?  I’ve only heard that North Dakotans are the nicest -friendliest people in the United States….   What kind of “knucklehead” are you….

        • GeauxSioux

          I breathe through my mouth sometimes, correct.

      • UNDNorthStars

        Sorry that my sarcasm does not receive a chuckle from you.  I on the other hand don’t call other schools “cake-eaters” or “knuckle-draggers” so in a way it was a classy insult to them staking their claim as to becoming an elite hockey program last year.

  • GodsSquadForever

    I think the poll looks ok this week….MN is a little high (only because of their non-conference losses), Miami is too high and BU is too high.  BU has got a few good wins in there but too many losses against team which aren’t very good (I guess you could say that about Minnesota and Miami too).

    But overall much better than previous weeks.

    • Steelbucs21

      I would fear the Miami RedHawks, if I were you. Finally getting their act together.

      • GodsSquadForever


        • collegehockeyrocks

          So can you guys wear your jerseys? What about womens this coming weekend?

  • confused

    I can never figure out how the voters make their decisions. UML, for example, won the season series from BU, finish ahead of BU in hockey east, sits ahead of them in both the KRACH and PWR, yet they find themselves behind them in this poll. Only thing I can assume is that Jack Parker writes 2 checks each week: one to HEA officials; and another to USCHO voters.  

    • Heights68

      It makes no sense, but BU has been there before and THAT REALLY counts with the alleged experts. I cheer for the school on the other end of Comm. Ave.

  • TheRealLefty

    Typically d-bag Sue comment about Yale.  Distraction from their plunge from last year.  Another year of underachievement by Hakstool’s thugs.  The level of anger in North Dakota is insane.  Loved all of the tweakers posting earlier in the year about Merrimack, then Ferris State. Get over yourselves.  Despite a ton of talent, the team always underachieves

    • GeauxSioux

      That comment renders you irrelevant. Ferris Sate and Merrimack stumbled and Yale   is an afterthought. We don’t get over ourselves. No point. See you in Tampa.

    • FightingSioux4ever

      They lost 6 of their top 7 scorers from last year.  They have 2 seniors.  This was going to be a re-building year, yet here we are, playing good hockey at the right time of year.  Last year was underachievemant, this year is a pleasant surprise.  I also like how NOBODY has mentioned the Sioux in the last month in WCHA recaps and blogs.  That says something when the rest of the college hockey world comes to expect UND to be hot come playoff time. Pretty sure Michigan would take any other first round opponent.