The field of 11 teams for the 2012 NCAA Division III men’s championship was announced Sunday evening.

Eight conferences have been awarded automatic bids: ECAC East (Norwich), ECAC Northeast (Wentworth), MASCAC (Plymouth State), MCHA (Milwaukee School of Engineering), MIAC (Gustavus Adolphus), NESCAC (Amherst), NCHA (St. Norbert) and SUNYAC (Plattsburgh).

The remaining three teams (Elmira, Oswego, St. Thomas) were selected as at-large teams.

The championship playoff format involves three first-round games and four quarterfinal games that are played on the campuses of the participating schools. The four quarterfinal winners advance to Lake Placid, N.Y., at Herb Brooks Arena for the semifinals and championship game, which will be conducted March 16-17.

The winner of Wentworth-Plymouth State will play defending champion Norwich in the quarterfinals. Other first-round games include St. Norbert against St. Thomas and Gustavus Adolphus battling MSOE, with the winners playing each other.

Two other quarterfinals already set are Oswego and Elmira and Amherst versus Plattsburgh.

  • Mdspwt

    So Plattsburgh beats Oswego on the road to win the SUNYAC and for that effort gets to go on the road to Amherst while Oswego gets a first round bye and then host a quarterfinal v Elmira…..what gives?

    • si3guy

      Oswego won the regular season title, has been ranked higher than Plattsburgh all year, and split for the season (1W. 1L, 1T)…

      • Daveo211

        This indeed earns them an at large bid, but a bye? no.  St. Norbert again gets shafted by having to play a first round game when they won their playoffs, earned autobid, AND are ranked #1 in the west.  But they’ve battled through that before, and quite honestly, if you can’t, you don’t deserve to win.

    • si3guy99

      And Plattsburgh got a bye too…

  • Ajones

    And what about Hobart?  Left out in the cold despite being red hot.

  • Abcd

    how about a little more info and whats up with st norbert scheduled playing two games 

    • Gokule

      Norwich is playing the winner of the Wentworth/Plymouth State game. Not St. Norbert. The artical is wrong.

      • Knightly

        The article also says “will be play defending champion Norwich.”  I had thought the defending champion was St. Norbert.

  • CollegeHockeyFan

    Where is Hobart???

  • Goon

    No Hobart?! Thats a shame

    • islandhockey

      Really, I am a Neumann fan, but hey, Hobart won…so tell me something..why have Playoffs….lousy system….

  • Hank

    The ECAC West needs to up their numbers to qualify for an automatic bid.  There’s no way the champion from a league that’s that competitive should be left out in the cold!

  • Daveo211

    The winner of Wentworth/Plymouth State does not play St. Norbert. They will play Norwich.

  • D3 Hockey

    St Thomas lost to Augsburg and St. Olaf in two of its last 3 games, and gets in. While Hobart beats Elmira, destroys Manhattanville 3 games in row!, then embarrasses Neumann 5-0 to take the ECAC West championship! and doesn’t get in WTF?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!youve got to be kidding me

    • Daveo211

      I agree.  It’s all designed to work the western teams down to one, so they don’t have to pay to fly more than one team.  As a result, many teams get shafted. SNC has to play a first round game, and Hobart doesn’t get in.  Thanks NCAA.  Maybe one of these years you’ll have a true tournament, not just a cost effective one.

    • Aleppen

      it sucks that St. Thomas playes a lesser schedule and is rewarded by the ncaa. two non confrence games and go 1 and 1 does not play one ncha team  

  • Gokule

    ECAC West doesn’t get an automatic bid since there are only 5 teams in the conference. Even though Elmira lost in the semifinal, they were still a stronger team (record wise) than Hobart.

  • Virgin Islands Puckhead

    Don’t forget that Hobart also beat Amherst earlier in the year and narrowly lost to Oswego 2-1 The ECAC West has 5 excellent teams. If Hobart competed in NESCAC or ECAC East they’d win 20 games a year. Great team and strong finish should have earned a lot more respect from selection committee.

  • Scrimson8

    Who writes these articles ??