Seven teams received first-place votes in Monday’s Division I Men’s Poll, but Notre Dame tallied the most votes and starts the season ranked No. 1 in the nation.

Notre Dame earned 11 No. 1 votes, while No. 2 Miami registered 12 first-place votes.

North Dakota finished third and had five first-place votes, Denver comes in at No. 4, while Boston College, with two No. 1 votes, starts the year at No. 5.

Michigan garnered the sixth spot, Colorado College gets No. 7, defending national champion Minnesota-Duluth sits in the eighth rank with 10 first-place votes, Yale took one first-place vote and is No. 9 and Boston University rounds out the top 10 with two first-place nods from the voters.

Union, New Hampshire, Western Michigan, Nebraska-Omaha and Merrimack start the second ten in that respective order, while 16-20 consists of Maine, Wisconsin, Rensselaer, Minnesota and Cornell.

After the top 20, 15 other teams also received votes.

  • Suture

    Eastern bias!  Central bias.  Strength of Schedule.  7 titles.  Why isn’t North Dakota first?  This is more important than anything else in the world.  This is the greatest injustice since us North Dakotans stole the Black Hills

    • Alex

      Because they lost a lot of good players? And had some of their blue-chip recruits go Major Junior…

      • I see someone can’t identify sarcasm

        • Fan Man

          Let the Sioux domination begin!

    • BD

      Hey can someone remind me, what was the score of the Michigan UND game?  Good ol UND fans, used to pre-season hype.  Where will they be when they lose again, and make it about 11 or so years without a title? 

      • Guest of BD

        It is tough being good every year isnt it….  I should switch and be a gopher fan right BD?  That way I could root for the gopher football team that lost to NDSU and maybe even turn into a viking fan and where a Mcnabb jersey…  Nah I think Id rather where a Favre one.  More traitor like, ud appreciate that i could see

        • BD

          Naw, if I read this guy, whom I call “Homeboy” right he is actually from Grand Forks and is motivated by jealousy regarding the Sioux Hockey program.  In the past he has shown WAY too much knowledge of items of interest to only those from Grand Forks.

          I assume at some point a UND hockey player stole Homeboys girlfriend, or he did not measure up in comparison in some way.

          Only a local could hate the UND program as much as Homeboy does where his entire identity is keyed to this motivation.

      • BD

        It is sad that homeboy seeks validation by masquerading as me.  I guess he does not have enough pride to maintain his own screen name and identity, but rather seeks to use other – more impressive personas than his own.

        Did it make you feel important Homeboy?

  • NewSeasonSameWhinersinND

    Uh oh.  Yale got a first place vote.  Let the North Dakota whining commence!!

    • Joe C

      Has it stopped yet? You think they would be happy with their 60th straight NCAA title……..

    • BD

      How little you know us.  Good on Notre Dame for leading at the beginning of the season.  Wanna bet they will NOT be leading is six weeks time?

  • Anonymous

    Maine has NO business being ranked in the Top 20…and I am a Blackbear fan…Tim Whitehead foils the season AGAIN in 2011-12 Season.

    • Anonymous

      My suffering is endless with this retard driving the UMO program into the ground.  I have two words for you:  Jim Montgomery.  First year head coach of Dubuque – Clark Cup Champs.  Better bring him back to UMO before he goes elsewhere…

      • Anonymous

        You are SO RIGHT,I am also on the Montgomery boat if it should ever happen…and happen,I’m hoping by the end of another horror season,this March or April. Alot of people feel the same way.

        Subject: [uscho] Re: Notre Dame starts season at No. 1 in men’s poll

    • trueblue

      you are no fan of maine, move to new hampshire!

      • JA

        I think he is, he has recognized the fact that with a better quality coach, Maine could easily be back to the Shawn Walsh days.  As long as Timmy is there, it won’t happen.

        • Anonymous

          I am and Thanks for putting it in common sense words.

          • Stefan Rowe5

            I couldn’t agree more, I have been born and raised a Umaine fan go to every home game, when possible. They do have the talent to score just like always, the defense besides O’connor, and O’neil is very weak, and without a fully established goalie, and a very weak coach, I see 5th in hockey east and out in the first round of the hockey east tournament, With a real coach who could get the d to work together, and get the goalies to were UMaine goalies are use to being this team could be National champs, but Whitehead showed us last year even with a team that should have run over everyone in the world haha he just can’t coach them. 

          • J108710

            It really is that simple, and I am a UNH fan.  I would rather see a strong Maine team every year though.

      • Anonymous

        Oh come on…will ya…the truth hurts,Coaching has been a big part of why Maine has nose dived the last 5-6 seasons…I hate the thought of a bad season,it just comnes down to Change…until then you’ll get the weekly excuses and what could have been.

  • SiouxAlumDenver

    Gotta love the first poll of the year. You’d think it was tournament time by how seriously some rubes take it.  Not too sure what they see in Wisconsin and Minnesota that warrents a top 20 ranking right off the bat.

    • WCHA forever!

      only reason MN gets in the top 20 is just because its MN. There is no reason behind it. I dont think who ever votes actually looks at these teams and who is on them, who left, who came in.

  • sieve 85

    All future NCHC Frozen Four, its coming

    • Joe C

      Doesn’t that depend upon where Notre Dame ends up?

  • the anti-gopher

    Way to go Fighting Irish-can we say that or is it hostile and abusive now too?

  • OldWCHAfan

    Wow. The future Whata Craptacular Hockey Association doesn’t even have a “member” in the top 20… feel bad for the WCHA of the future

    • WCHA forever!

       We can all thank the ridiculous big ten conference for ruining a great conference. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the WCHA

      • Cranky Curmudgeon

        No, we can thank the ridiculous and pretentious and stupidly-named NCHC for ruining a great conference. If those schools had stayed put, the WCHA and CCHA could have regrouped.

        • Anonymous

          I’m going to continue blaming Terry Pegula and Penn State’s oil-fracking funded hockey program.  Every time they score Terry shoots another park full of chemicals, which probably explains the state of Pennsylvania.

      • BD

        Agreed that there was nothing wrong with the WCHA, but when they (Mn, Wisc)  jumped ship, the boat tipped over and now everyone is in the water….

  • College Hockey Oracle

    Michigan loses 4 of their top 5 scorers……….and gets ranked 6th?
    You’ve go to be kidding me.

    Western has 10 of their top 11 scorers back and gets ranked 13th. Right.

    People just mail-in these rankings without reading-up.

  • CollegeHockey

    Anyone else feel like BC should be ranked lower than fifth after losing the goalie who has started the vast majority of their games for the past four years as well as 4 of its top 5 scorers. Not to mention the embarrassment that was their final game last year.   Also, I believe Denver’s starting (lights out) goalie is out for the year, doesn’t that drop them just a little? Notre Dame and Miami are clear 1-2 favorites and Western Michigan, UNO, and Cornell all might surprise people. 

    • OldeTimneHOckey

      Yes, BC will be strong and competitive and as all York teams play well post season.  The surprise is Yale, the wont even win the ECAC this year, welcome back to post season play…BIG GREEN.  Yup Dartmouth making their case this year, and will likely make appearance, the next three years

      • J108710

        Dartmouth?  Seriously?  They have an excellent goaltender, but I don’t see them ahead of Union or Yale, probably not Cornell either.  I would love to see the Big Green do well, but they are not there yet.

    • Joe C

      As a Boston U alum and fan, Boston College being in the top ten in the 2000s is neither surprising nor unjustified. Coach York has done a tremendous job of recruiting and developing talent. They have won three NCAA titles and been very successful, facts which BC alum are more than happy to share with you.

      Boston College gets a high pre-season ranking because it has performed over the past decade. I am just happy the Terriers are in the Top 10, but they have had several disappointing seasons even when highly ranked. I do not think the Eagles should be punished for an NCAA flameout. Hopefully, the punishment will begin in the Beanpot.

  • Eventually Ranked #1 Sioux

    How about the power of the WCHA as a current league….. SEVEN of 12 teams in the top 20 rankings.   What other league has a percentage over 50% in the top 20?? Z E R O

    • Joe C

      I am shaken to my core that Hockey East ONLY has 50% of its members in the top 20. BC, BU, UHN, Merrimack and Maine.

      Retype your sentence to say what other league has a percentage equal or greater than 50% and the answer is Hockey East.

      Northeastern, UMass and Providence (!) have received votes. UVM and UMass-Lowell get no love at all.

      Then again, it is all about conferences and not individual teams. The NCAA committee gives 50% weighting to the initial poll of coaches when it selects the at-large bids for the tournament. BU fans like me “cheer” when BC wins NCAA championships for Hockey East. Our chant ends “Hockey East Rocks!” Oh, wait….

      • j108710

        Joe C, we have to understand, when it comes to UND, NOBODY else matters.  They won’t even take the time to consider other conferences, because as HE fans (like us) know, WCHA rules… errrrr, maybe UND rules… NOBODY else matters!!!

        • BD

          We just know hockey and are enthusiastic.

          Something to observe is the NUMBER of fans who correspond on this site from the various teams. 

           It is telling that it is a rare article that does not have several UND fans posting on it, usually having the highest number of posts per team.  Compare that to most other teams.  Hell, there are many teams in HE and AH that I have NEVER seen a posting from a fan on.  Their teams enthusiasm level is pretty low.

  • 1239

    North Dakota could be ranked #1 all year and still not win it all.  Every school has traditions.  UND’s is postseason failure.

    • Guest

      really with the second most national titles in the county their tradition is postseason failure?