Western Michigan and St. Cloud State have received invitations to join the National Collegiate Hockey Conference, according to a press release issued Wednesday afternoon.

“After a thorough and deliberate evaluation process, the National Collegiate Hockey Conference is delighted to extend invitations to St. Cloud State and Western Michigan to become members of what we believe will be the premier college hockey conference in the United States,” said Brian Faison, director of athletics at North Dakota and spokesperson for the NCHC athletic directors committee, in the press release. “Both universities fit perfectly with the established goals of our conference membership.”

The Kalamazoo Gazette, citing sources, reported earlier Wednesday that the Broncos and Huskies will bring the NCHC to eight teams when the league begins in the 2013-14 season.

Western Michigan also had an offer to join the WCHA, part of an invitation extended to five CCHA schools in August. Alaska, Ferris State and Lake Superior State accepted that offer; Bowling Green has yet to commit despite a 30-day deadline that ends this week.

Notre Dame, meanwhile, has also not announced its intentions for the 2013-14 season, when the Big Ten and NCHC form.

As it stands, the NCHC will consist of charter members Colorado College, Denver, Miami, Minnesota-Duluth, Nebraska-Omaha and North Dakota, along with Western Michigan and St. Cloud State.

The Big Ten is forming with Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Ohio State, Penn State and Wisconsin. Notre Dame is frequently linked in media reports to a possible move to the Big Ten in all sports, and a shake-up of the Big East Conference, of which the school is a member in many sports (it is an independent in football), has launched that speculation again.

After losing seven members to the new conferences, the WCHA added Northern Michigan from the CCHA, then offered its invitation to five CCHA schools. It appears that the best it can do now is add four, while also losing St. Cloud State. The latter could be interpreted as somewhat unexpected, given that St. Cloud State was part of the WCHA group that banded together in the aftermath of the original changes.

In July, St. Cloud State president Earl H. Potter III told the St. Cloud Times that the school was expecting to be part of the talks in forming the NCHC. “But as we looked at it we intended to say no,” he told the newspaper then.

  • JamesDee

    I predicted that WMU and St Cloud would go to the NCHC.

    If  only the NCHC could take Bowling Green to keep all three MAC teams together. But it is not going to happen and Bowling Green will be going to the WCHA with the 4AHA teams and UAH.

    • anon

      Actually you posted this two weeks ago: WMU Broncos- The NCHC just wont take them. NHL coach-great. Kalmazoo just isnt appealing enough for the big time college hockey citys. Lack of leadership(coach changes). North Dakota and Denver just dont want to visit. 

      • guest

        DU and ND-  Will appreciate the great atmosphere they will be going into.  Lawson Lunatics are one of the top student sections in the country by far.  WMU has a student base of 25,000 graduating every 4 years which is a lot higher than the WCHA teams.  It will definitely will raise the rivalry with Bowling Green because they are in all other sports with us and Miami.
        Here is a preview of what the Lawson Lunatics are like
        1. –  WMU at Joe Louis Arena.  WMU traveled really well at least as many students as a home game without a bus.  After seeing this WMU is planning on sending buses to away games next year.
        2. –  Fallow along with what the atmosphere was against MSU last year when we didn’t really know how good this team was in early November.
        Couple of videos of us beating FSU to get to the Joe

        • Fan Man IS Back

          Looks like a rowdy crowd but it is nothing compared to the student section at UND…  The three~thousand of us would fill that arena and probably make the roof cave in with our noise!  I only wish I was old enough to be a student in the old ralph.  I went to games there when I was younger and believe me it was awesome.  How many seats does that Bronco arena hold anyway?  I look forward to hopefully making a visit there in 13-14…

          • sieve 85

            Lawson only holds about 4,000 with standing room, but the place is loud, a couple of players had said we made it hard for them to hear line changes last year…However WMU is in the planning stage of a new 10,000 seat basketball/hockey arena. But will it fill up without the three great in state rivalries we have, (FSU, MSU, UM) I don’t think so. Michigan has 7? in state hockey programs should have just made a michigan hockey conference

          • Fan Man

            I agree that would have been an ideal situation for all of the Michigan teams…   But with the two that cannot be named (UM and MSU), those big dogs had too much to gain to stick around and play fetch with the so called bottom tier teams.  i.e michigan tech etc….

          • Ken

            Hi Fan Man and others…  U of M is my team, but I attest that WMU has the (2nd) greatest arena experience of all college hockey teams.  You will enjoy taking trips there, though you will not always win.  Go Blue!

      • Gregg

        That looks like a Minnesota High School game. There are more empty seats then fans.


        • anon

          Yeah Gregg I don’t disagree… more or less just pointing out “the predictor” up there has predicted just about every scenario possible :)

        • JamesDee

          Their will be more fans at a Minnesota Pee Wee game then a Denver/ND games at Kalmazoo.

    • Anonymous

      In a year or two there will be more MAC teams with D-1 Hockey. I think UMass is already in the process. Should there just be an open invite for all MAC schools…

      • anon

        There are no other MAC Schools even close to having D1 hockey.  Do you have any reason to think that? or just commenting based on nothing?  UMass may be in the process but they’re not a MAC schools so that has nothing to do with it.  There would be an open invite from a conference with only established hockey schools and more than a dozen national titles to new programs from the MAC??  Because why?

        • Anonymous

          UMass already signed to join the MAC conference last year and begin Football in 2012. They are soon to get out of their commitment to the Atlantic 10 they will move basketball as well. They are the new 14th school.Get your facts straight. Point is no one cares about the MAC and Bowling Green hasn’t been consistently relevant in a long time. 

          • anon

            and which other MAC schools have D1 hockey teams in the works?  Till UMass plays a game you can’t count them.  Well, not in today’s market anyway, they could end up in the Big East before the end of the day, God only knows with all that mess

            If your point was no one cares about MAC schools why would the NCHC invite them?

          • Anonymous

            They didn’t invite them. No one cares about the conference. They invited individual schools. Western and Miami made the cut, Bowling Green just isn’t what there looking for. 

          • anon

            You’re confusing me dude… your post said “In a year or two there will be more MAC teams with D-1 Hockey. I think UMass is already in the process. Should there just be an open invite for all MAC schools…”

            I agree… no one invited them, the MAC has no place in the conversation, and (besides maybe UMass) they have zero schools near D1 in hockey.  I think I am missing what you’re saying here.

          • thebleedenator

            UMASS Amherst is already D1 in Hockey. They play in Hockey East, and open their season against Northeastern this year. Please explain how Umass is “in the process” of being D1 in hockey. Also, don’t they play football in the CAA but everything else in the MAC?

          • JamesDee

            Bowling Green might want to join the AHA. Close to home.

      • BulldogFan

        UMass already has a team in Hockey East?  You you even follow college hockey? 

        • Anonymous

          Yeah I realize they’re in Hockey East, I have season tickets to them. 
          The point is that there are many reasons that Bowling Green should get the invite, but the fact they are a MAC school isn’t one of them. 

      • sieve 85

        UMass is not MAC either

        • Anonymous

          they are joining the MAC next season (although i believe it may be a football only deal, i can’t remember)

  • sieve 85

    Welcome to Hockey’s power conference, sorry Hockey East you’re 2nd, oh and big ten…..just little brother now

    • Anonymous

      don’t tell them though, it’ll just hurt their feelings knowing that only 1 of their teams made the tournament last year

    • Remind me of this in 5 years,when Big Ten hockey is still available on the BTN,while you frantically search the internet to hear an audio feed of a NCHC game. Recruits will probably be aware of this little tidbit,and where do you think they’ll want to play? Enjoy your delusion while it lasts.

      • Ring_of_Fire


        I will not dispute that the Big 10 network currently has tremendous reach.  However, YOU are the deluded one if you’re honestly insinuating that there will be NO live broadcast opportunities for NCHC games in five years. 

        The reality is that, as the reach of “new media” continues to expand, the costs of broadcasting continue to drop.  In five years, basically anything that’s being filmed with a television camera will be instantly available to any home in the United States and Canada that has a broadband connection.  Sure, there will be subscription fees, but that’s no different than today’s landscape, where cable and satellite subscribers have to pay more to get “packs” that include such channels as *gasp* the Big Ten Network.

        Regarding recruits, if you’ll kindly take a gander at the recruiting classes that NCHC members Denver and North Dakota have lined up for the next few years, I think you’ll quickly come to the realization that consistent success on the national stage, AND a track record of developing players to the point where they can succeed at the next level of their hockey careers are both far more important than the network associated with whatever conference we happen to be discussing. 

        • “Regarding recruits, if you’ll kindly take a gander at the recruiting classes that NCHC members Denver and North Dakota have lined up for the next few years…”

          Those recruits were garnered before those schools had even formed a conference,and,in case you hadn’t noticed,have yet to play a single game for their respective schools. Recruits have been known to sometimes change their minds. Having a broadband broadcast is not the same as having your games available coast to coast. I’ll bet Alcorn  State has broadband access to their football games,if you care to watch,but,somehow,Alabama is still able to get the better recruiting classes. Now how do you suppose that happens?

      • sieve 85

        you do realize a good portion of hockey recruits are outside the big ten network coverage area right?

        • JubJub

          Big Ten Network is part of the basic package on DirecTV.
          Versus is not part of the basic package on DirecTV.

          Big Ten Network is available on Shaw Direct and five cable providers in Canada.
          Versus is not available on Shaw Direct or cable providers in Canada.

          I think the BTN coverage is adequate.

          • Jake

            Versus IS part of DirecTV. I know this because I live in Colorado Springs and I have DirecTV. I also have the BIG 10 network which is broadcast by FOX(as fox does all of the camera work). The only way you can watch BIG 10 sports outside of your market is to have the FSN package. If you don’t, you’ll be watching volleyball.

        •  So what?  Are you trying to say that the audience for  NCHC games is equal to the BTN? If I were a up and coming future star from Frozen Toe,Manitoba, looking to get noticed,would I choose a school with a potential national TV audience,or one with a broadband internet access? Hmmmm

          • Mosconml

            I’d probably choose the school with the best competition.

      • Talk2tim

        Do any tv service providers carry the Big Ten Network?  If they do, you will be more likely to see women’s volleyball than hockey.

        •  The BTHC hasn’t even begun playing yet.

      • Anonymous

        recruits will also be aware of the big ten only have 1 at large team going to the tournament, while half the NCHC is in the tournament.

        • Really? I wish I had your gift of seeing into the future.Unfortunately,I don’t even know one team in the tournament. Half the NCHC,you say? Which teams? I want to place my bets early. 

  • Spanky

    So does this mean Notre Dame is going to Hockey East or Independent? I have a hard time believing the NCHC invited SCSU wihtout first being ensured that Notre Dame was not interested in joining the NCHC. So Bolwing Green will either follow ND to Hockey East or join the WCHA making it 9 teams. 9 team WCHA seems odd but I doubt they would invite UAH.

    • Joe C

      Notre Dame does not have to decide anything this year. It has a place to play hockey for two years. It has to keeps its eye on the Football shenanigans. Wherever its hockey program goes, a second program will be found to go with them or an odd-number of teams will be acceptable. For NCHC (likely) and BTHC (only if football gives up independence), playing with 9 or 7 teams short-term is not an issue. For Hockey East, someone will go with them to make 12 teams.

      Notre Dame will not commit until football is resolved or solidified.

  • Spanky

    Also how screwed is Bemidji and Mankato now without SCSU, UMD, or UM in their conference? Good luck recruting any Minnesota kids. Better hope you can find some 22 year old canadian goons to recruit.

    • Mike

      Yes good luck recruiting kids from Canada.  Not like the players from Canada can’t play hockey.  Plenty of good players from Canada and I’m all for them going to Bemidji State.  Go Beavers!

    • JamesDee

      I cant wait till the new WCHA becomes full of 22 year Canadian goons playing in Alaska and UP towns. What a great league it will be when the 22 year old Canadian goons are recruited since nobody else will want to play in the bush league of college hockey.

      • Anonymous

        Will be there be enough room in the rafters of the Sanford Center for all the banners?

        WCHA/BSU hockey – cake eaters need not apply. 

  • sjuguy

    Notre Dame will be in either the Big Ten or the NCHC.  There is a 0% chance of Independent and Hockey East.

    • Anonymous

      the Big Ten won’t let them in unless they join for football. guaranteed.

    • Joe C

      There is 0% chance that Notre Dame will join the Big Ten Hockey Conference unless it decides to give up its football independence and huge television contract with NBC. This only occurs if Pac-12 becomes Pac-16, ACC and SEC go to 16 teams as well and the Big-10 needs to move to 16 teams. Notre Dame will ONLY do this as a result of complete football consolidation/implosion of Big East.

      If Notre Dame joins the ACC in all other sports, the chances increase of it going to Hockey East. Right now, Notre Dame is 75% chance of going to NCHC, 24% chance of going to Hockey East, 1% of being independent or joining WCHA and 0% chance of joining BTHC. If Irish football go to Big Ten, then there is a 100% chance of joining BTHC.

  • This just has a ‘popular clique’ sense to it.  I get the feeling that UD and UND just got tired of traveling to and playing all the little teams.  The WCHA will probably survive only as a marginally better conference than the AHA or ECAC.  This is good news for Alabama, though.

  • UpNorthHockey

    Welcome to the NCHC’s new cellar dwellers.  SCSU and Western won’t see the NCAA tourney again for many years, if ever.  TV or no, it’s tough to keep an enthused fanbase when your team never breaks the top half.

    • ThinkB4Speak

      A rather uninformed response when you consider that SCSU finished in the top half of the WCHA in 6 of the last 12 years (5 of those 6 were top 3) and had 7 NCAA appearances.  Now you basically have the same teams, take away UMn and UW and sub Miami and WMU.  I see SCSU fitting in and competing quite nicely.  With the Gophers getting coverage on BTN that leaves FSN to rotate coverage in the NCHC.

      • Anonymous

        But you do need to consider every conference will shake out into an upper half and lower half.  The natural order of things.  How these teams finished in their previous conferences may not entirely translate how things play out down the road. That’s the risk factor.  They (the NCHC) only get one AQ and not all the rest are getting at-large bids – there’s no guarantee.  Not saying SCSU specifically will be lower half team; they very well could do just fine – but someone will be bringing up the rear – who? 

        UpNorth is right about keeping the fan base enthused. Wins. Hockey, even the pros, is still very a much a “buy a ticket” sport.  Will TV revenue offset fans in the stands or lack thereof in the case of perennial lower half teams who see the casual fans lose interest?  That remains to be seen.

        I’m ready for the season start – it’s been a long summer :>

      • JubJub

        The NCHA is not basically the same teams. This new conference has essentially weeded out the poor performing WCHA teams. So SCSU’s placement in the top half of the WCHA is no indication of their future success in the NCHA.

        Consider this information: of the six WCHA schools heading to the NCHA, the Huskies have placed fifth or sixth seven times in the last 12 WCHA seasons. Actually it’s seven times in the past nine seasons.
        Looking at SCSU’s records against the NCHA teams doesn’t foretell success either. SCSU trails in every series except for Minnesota-Duluth (54-39-7) and Nebraska-Omaha (4-3-1). St. Cloud has yet to play Western Michigan.

        With these facts at hand I do not see St. Cloud State competing quite nicely. Your rosy picture of SCSU success looks more like a Jackson Pollock painting of the Hindenburg.

        • Husky Hockey

          You’re an idiot if you think SCSU was better off in the Wasteland College Hockey Association.  The WCHA is basically division 1AA teams now.

          • JubJub

            I never said they are better off in the WCHA.

            I was arguing against the previous comment that SCSU’s 12-year, um, success in the WCHA equals competitiveness in the NCHC. All signs point to the Huskies being a lower half team with occasional top half finishes.I wouldn’t dare say the Huskies should stay in the WCHA. As a program that needs to recruit and sell out a 5,500-seat arena, SCSU is waaaaay better off in the NCHC. 

        • ThinkB4Speak

          Wasn’t trying to paint a rosy picture and project future success as much as dismiss the assumption SCSU will be an automatic “cellar dwellar” and won’t be competitive.  Honestly, my opinion is they are a strong 5 out of 8 with an occasional 2 or 3 and certainly a 7 or 8, which also coincides with what the past 12 year history tells us.

          I do consider 75% or 6 out of 8 teams to be basically the same.  Plus you are taking away two tradition rich and successful programs (UMN, UW) and replacing them with one school (Miami) that has had recent success and one unknown (WMU) that doesn’t have much history with any of the other teams.  I realize you are “weeding” out poor performing teams, as you call it, and projecting SCSU will be losing out on the chances for wins.  Truth is they performed well vs MTU and UAA and only mediocre vs UMM and BSU.  Unfortunate case of playing up or down to competition, which has prevented the program from being a perennial top half team.

          Your logic of future success also holds true for all programs and doesn’t guarantee teams like UND or DU will be powerhouses or even successful (otherwise teams like UMN and UW would never have down years but we know how that has turned out).  It is fair and common practice to look at past performance to make projections on future success, with no guarantees of course.  SCSU has performed reasonably well against DU, CC, UMD and not so well against UND.  Not enough history vs Miami, UNO, or WMU.

          Just trying to make a reasonable and level-headed assessment without introducing bias or making abstract painting references to college hockey.  Call me a paint by numbers guy, I’m simple.

          • JamesDee

            What happens when Bemdji and Mankato State are invited to the NCHC?

          • Thefightingman

            As a MSU fan, I hope they do not go into the NCHC for two reasons.  One, I enjoy seeing MSU good at all sports, including hockey.  You will notice those in the NCHC had their ‘time in the sun’ in other sports, and now their money will need to go to hockey.  UNO went D-I and dropped football, North Dakota went from a proud D-II championship tradition to a team that cannot compete with the Bison of NDSU.   St. Cloud State was very close last year to losing football for good; this is their death knell most likely.  Two, MSU needs some good years so they can get back into the good play they had early in the 2000s.  Once the economy went south, so did the money for the team and arena, and their performance came with it.  I am not saying their were not competitive, but they were good enough to be near the top part only one out of three or four years (though they have never finished last).  It will be interesting to see where SCSU gets the money to keep this things up to the supposed NCHC ‘standards’ when MNSCU system is desperately hurting for money.  They are going to need a lot of private donors, probably the same people who saved football for this year.

          • JubJub

            Then paint by numbers. You painted by halves.

            The unbiased level-headed assessment of past performance is to look at win-loss numbers of the teams SCSU will be facing, which I did, rather than look at which half they finished in in 2000.

            But then again I don’t consider a strong 5 or 6 in a conference of 8 as competing quite nicely.

          • ThinkB4Speak

            Actually, you painted by halves in your original post there Picasso by stating they will never break the top half.  I pointed out they broke the top half in 6 out of the last 12 years with 7 NCAA tourney appearances coming out of arguably the toughest league.  It was also you who made the statement that past performance is no indication of future success and then in the next sentence brought up past performance.  Your statement of “the Huskies have placed fifth or sixth seven times in the last 12 WCHA seasons. Actually it’s seven times in the past nine seasons” is plain wrong.  The correct answer is 5 in the last 12 seasons and that only paints half the picture since they also had 5 top 3s in that span.  When you take into consideration that typically 2-4 points separates sixth from 3rd place, I call that competing quite nicely in 10 out of 12 years.

            It must be hard to see the facts with your hand in front of your eyes holding up your rose colored glasses because you only have one ear.

  • CIS

    Behind football and basketball, hockey is the 3rd most followed and popular college sport.  WMU may never be above mid-major status in football and basketball, and it has been very obvious that hockey gives Western the best chance to be a national power out of those three sports – which is why the school has chased this conference so fiercely and committed so much money to the program.

    With a big name coach and top level recruits coming in, as long as the money is there, this will give the school the chance to be an elite program in a marquee sport.  As a Denver alum still living in Denver, I look forward to seeing both my schools compete in person.

  • Thunderstruck

    Ah man this conference is gonna be unstoppable now!!!! Maybe they should play in their own form of the NCAA cuz they’ll be just soo awesome! Crrripes.

    • JamesDee

      The NCHC will invite Bemdji and Mankato next and leave UAA and MTU behind the eight ball.

      • HuskyHockey

        No chance that they invite Bemidji and Mankato, if the wanted them they would have kept the WCHA in tact the way it was and invited Miami to come join them. 

        • JamesDee

          First the NCHC invited the middle of the pack St Cloud and WMU.

          Next to get the invite is Bemdji and Mankato to be the bottomdwellers of the league to make 10 teams.

          The WCHA will look like this in 2013-2014(mtu,nmu,lssu,fsu,bgu,robert morris,Cansius,Niagara, Mercyhurst,UAA,Alaska, and UAH.

          • pejz

            so your point is  the rest of the teams that are not going to the bthc will give up the history and name of the wcha  just to let go of mtu and uaa

          • JamesDee

            Yes it is the only way they can get rid of MTU since they are a charter member and own the cup of the WCHA.

            MTU cant and  will not leave on their own. So the rest of the teams will go to the NCHC. It is the sad reallity of constant loosing has ruined the programs credibility.

            Plus the new WCHA will become a bush league with stops in Soo, Marquette, Houghton, Big Rapids, Ankorage, Fairbanks, Bowling Green, Erie,Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and Niagara.

          • Fan Man

            I really dont forsee that happening JamesD. 
            A)  Those schools out east cant afford to travel to alaska like they would need to.
            B)  Hahaha   Alaska cant affort to to travel out east!   Im just joking but it would almost appear that that could easily be the case right….

  • Anonymous

    it’s great news for st. cloud state university and for their men’s college hockey prgram.  i feel bad for the wcha schools that are left behind, but if the oppertunity to improve your athletic program exists you have to take them. 

    “In July, St. Cloud State president Earl H. Potter III told the St. Cloud Times that the school was expecting to be part of the talks in forming the NCHC. “But as we looked at it we intended to say no,” he told the newspaper then.”

     I remember when this was reported in our newspaper in July and i was very disapointed when i heard our president’s veiw.  I am sure coach Bob Motzko and the rest of the athletic department was equally disappointed.  i am glad President Potter has decided to go against his initial veiw.  this simply is the best for the program and the university.


    We’ve got 2 years of trash-talking until the scoreboard shows the results.  By then Notre Dame will want it, unless they go “All-in” with the Big Ten.

  • RamboWildcat

    AH, what a relief!!  The WCHA is so much better off without Western and St. Cloud!  A collective YES just screamed across the Upper Midwest!!  Thank you NCHC!!!!!!

  • Disgusted

    Won’t be long now until Bemidji State is winning WCHA championships…taking the auto bid and messing with the so called “super powers”.  Every one is crazy if they think there is actually that much money floating around in college hockey….its a niche regional sport that I love…but give me a break….this isn’t good…short or long term…unless we are trying to get college hockey to contract…then this is a great start….

  • Thefightingman

    Boy, is SCSU in the driver seat on this one as far as the NACHO goes.  The NACHO figured out that they would have a hard time surviving without a place at least somewhat near the Twin Cities.  I guess it all depends on whether SCSU wants to be a hockey place or if they want to be an all-around sports town at the D-II level.  They cannot have both, which is why I think they have hinted no at this in the past.  If they go to the NACHO, football will be gone for sure this time with no chance of saving, delusions of D-I in all sports will come up again (see UNO, UND) with little chance against Minnesota in the area (see Nebraska at Lincoln, North Dakota State), and the days of competing against their fellow MNSCU schools will be over.  I would say that they need St. Cloud State much more than SCSU needs them.  Hockey players want to play in places they can be seen, especially near the Twin Cities, and the WCHA can still provide this with a better chance of making the NCAA tournament.  It will be interesting what they do.  

    I am sure Minnesota State and Bemidji State are a little torn on this.  The rivalries are great, SCSU travels relatively well, and it if SCSU stays, it shows how well MNSCU schools are bound together with ideas on education and athletics.  However, if SCSU is gone, both schools should be in a good position to do well every year in hockey in the WCHA.   Minnesota players will still go to MSU, BSU, and of course, the U of M, and St. Cloud will be forced to pick up Canadians to keep up with UND and UMD.  Plus, MSU is already in the national tournament almost every year in baskeball, baseball, sometimes football, and two of their main competitors will be gone in St. Cloud and Duluth.  Bemidji should also move up a bunch in these, much like football this year.  Yes, it is D-II, but you can see how North Dakota has went down in attendance in basketball (lower than MSU last year), and they have a small crowd for FCS games.  It is probably better to be competitive than it is to be over your head unless you can shell out the big bucks.

    • Tweisguy

      Buddy what are you talking about this has nothing to do with football or any other sports…. it never has and it never will. Hockey is its own entity! Truthfully its barely part of the ncaa. And why would scsu need to pick up canadians. They’ve always been in the upper tier of not only the wcha but college hockey. They’ll not only.compete in this conference they’ll strive in this conference! There’s a reason they were asked to join and sorry to inform you… it wasn’t the twin cities aspect, its because were consistintly one of the best teams in college hockey!

      • Thefightingman

        If the other NACHO teams thought that originally SCSU was a good fit, they would have been in the original plan.  They were waiting for Notre Dame, which was probably dumb on their part in alienating potential teams.  Football at SCSU was almost gone after last year, and I am afraid it cannot survive if the Huskies are forced, yes forced, to spend more money on hockey.  The NHC is a nice place to watch hockey, much like the MSU and new BSU arena with a thousand more seats right now.  The MNSCU system is struggling for money, and SCSU will be forced to update their arena to keep up with the Joneses with disposable income.  The other sports will either suffer or be forced to go D-I to get more money coming in, and SCSU will not be able to compete at that level for a very long time.  

        I don’t think you can just think that hockey is a different sport, it is still affiliated with the NCAA, even if it is the ‘step-child’ as they tend to see it.  For schools who do not make enough in revenue to support other programs, see D-II and D-III, the hockey team are forced to carry the load, which may be a tough sell at SCSU.  It was probably the right decision for the NACHO though, as I think they underestimated the impact of not having a school close to the hockey bed of the Twin Cities until now.  This is a big deal as they will need to take some Minnesota kids to make this thing work.  It will be sad to see the other sports teams go by the wayside, though as the MSU vs. SCSU rivalry in all the other sports was a fun one to watch.  Will SCSU do well in the conference?  Perhaps, but who will be the new bottom feeder of this conference?  One of these teams will find themselves over their head.  As a note, neither MSU or BSU have ever finished last in the WCHA (sure, BSU only had one year, but it still is true).

  • Theflyingscotsman48

    Bemidji State Beavers will rule the WCHA while St Cloud State will battle Colorado College & Nebraska-Omaha for 3rd place behind North Dakota & Denver …