College Hockey America announced today that Lindenwood University has officially submitted an application to the CHA for admission for the 2012-2013 season.

“The directors have accepted the application of Lindenwood University for admission into the CHA,” CHA commissioner Bob DeGregorio said in a press release. “We will begin the process for admission, which will include a campus visit as soon as possible. This is a great time for the CHA.”

With the addition of Penn State earlier this offseason, the league currently is at five members for the 2012-2013 season.

“We are excited about our transition to the NCAA and honored to have the opportunity to be part of a strong women’s ice hockey organization like the CHA,” added Lindenwood director of athletics John Creer. “We believe that Lindenwood will be a good fit academically and athletically. It will be a challenge moving from the CCWHA to the CHA, but it is one we are up to and excited about.”

In February 2010, Lindenwood began the application process to elevate all of its athletic programs from the NAIA level to NCAA Division II level with one of the exceptions being its women’s ice hockey program, which will be elevated to the Division I level. The Lady Lions have won four ACHA national championships over the last six seasons.

  • VermontfaninNY


  • BIG CONGRATS Lindenwood University JOINED TO CHA.  The CHA will be 6th teams
    (Mercyhurst, Niagara, Roberta Morris, Syrcause, Lindenwood and Penn State,  What
    about RIT? Will RIT join to CHA?  All total teams will be 7.  I am
    looking forward one more team from WCHA is OHIO STATE would be good for
    CHA.  OHIO STATE is from Columbus, Ohio.
    OS is closer to Robert Morris from Pittsburgh about 3 1/2 hrs.
    OS to Mercyhurst in Erie, PA in 4 hrs,
    OS to Niagara in Niagara Falls, NY in 6 hrs.
    OS to Syrcause (NY) in 8 hrs.
    OS to Penn State in 6 hrs.
    OS to be future – RIT in 7 hrs.
    OS to Linddenwood Universsity from St.Charles, MO in 7.5hrs
    About 74 hrs round trip from CHA’s teams
    WCHA’s teams Wiscousin U. at Madison, WS in 9 hrs,
    OS to Minnesota U. at Minneapolis, MN in 13 hrs,
    OS to North Datoka Fargo, ND in 17hrs,
    OS to Bemijdi State, (MN) in 17 hrs,
    OS to University of Minn-Duluh, (MN) in 14 hrs. 
    OS to St.Cloud University (MN) in 16 hrs.
    About 172 hrs round trip from Columbus to WCHA’s teams

    travel a lot with WCHA’s teams in about 172 hrs. round trip compare to
    CHA’s teams in about 74 hrs round trip. Double hrs. The CHA’s teams is
    closer for OS. OS is TOO far teams from WCHA. Bad expense travels, long trip, too tired and etc. for
    Ohio State?? Ohio State is the best geography with CHA. Let’s Ohio State
    boards are thinking about move to CHA in near the future (soon as
    Possible). WE love Ohio State team to CHA near the future. Ohio State
    and Penn State are in Big 10 families.Good Luck with Llindenwood University next year!

    • 45


    • 45

      Sorry for the previous comment, I accidentally hit post. I just wanted to clarify that the University of North Dakota is located in Grand Forks, North Dakota, not Fargo, which would make Ohio State’s trip a little over 18 hours.

      • Frank

        Dear 45

        Thanks for helping me out about University North Dakota was in Fargo, ND I thought it. Now UND is from Grand Forks, ND.  Have a good day!  Frank

  • NAIAstrong

    Sorry but Lindenwood is not elevating its programs.  At best, the move to DII is a lateral move from the NAIA. 

    A little suprised the USCHO would dis the NAIA, when its the NCAA that is killing college hockey, while the NAIA is primed for expansion of the sport.

    • Trey

      Uh … NAIA doesn’t sponsor hockey. Not since 1984.