The National Collegiate Hockey Conference has begun a national search for its first commissioner.

The search for a commissioner is being spearheaded by the conference’s consultants, The Goldwater Group of Bethesda, Md., and Stafford Sports of Medford, N.J.

“We are looking for an outstanding executive who has the experience, leadership qualities and enthusiasm to work with the participating schools and help make the National Collegiate Hockey Conference the premier league in all of college hockey,” said Colorado College athletic director Ken Ralph, a member of the search committee, in a statement.

The other members of the search committee are Denver senior associate athletic director Ron Grahame and Carl Hirsh, the managing partner of Stafford Sports.

Persons interested in applying for the position should send their information to

The conference hopes to hire a commissioner before the end of the year.

  • Simon

    Gino Gasparini

    • Fan

      That would be ASTOUNDING!

      • I don’t think Gino will end up being the new commish.

        • Sleer65

          Who cares. They left the WCHA hung out to dry! You know how the saying goes, ‘careful what you ask for, you just might get it’.

          • B.D.

            The case can be made that after Minnesota and WIsconsin jumped ship, the WCHA was no longer operative.  THus “Hung out to dry” is a statement without meaning.

  • Syncop8

    I wonder if MacClown will apply. LOL!

  • JamesDee

    They could hire any of the former MTU Huskie head coaches to be Commish.

    Since all the teams bailed MTU Huskies hockey you might as well hire a former MTU  Huskies  coach to run the show. I have a laundry list of coaches who could run the league with the teams that bailed.

     How about Bob Mancini, he played for CC. Bob might want to run the NCHC.

    It would be fitting to have a former MTU hockey coach to run the show.

  • JamesDee

    I heard the CCHA isnt going to have anymore teams in 2013-2014.

    Maybe we can have a WCHA league with a CCHA Commish

    . All I know this league is no National league. They need teams from Boston, New York, Chicago, Alabama and Denver. How about a Boston College, Notre Dame, and Cornell. Steal the best teams from the ECAC and/or Hockey East, then call it a National league.

     If only they could steal the Western from the WCHA.